raking up the rocks at the new house

My 3rd year of living in the Philippines 2015

Hard to believe it will soon been 3 years that I have I live here but time flies so quickly, well at least at my age it does, ha ha!

Since March 2014 I have been paying for 2 places, the first is where we lived (15k a month) and our new home 17,600p so money was really short and I didnít have the chance to get out in the bars, go the S.O.B events on Fridays like I didnít before and as a matter of fact I was pretty much trapped at home the whole time which sucked but what could I do, we had a baby so I canít go running around like I was single, right?

I met some guys here and there but wasnít able to really get to know them since I couldnít afford to go out and meet up with them. But those I did get know each had a story to tell like this guy named Lo (Iím sure that is the wrong spelling) but he is an retired from the Air Force and always has a good story to tell about his times in the PI while in the service.

So letís start with my crazy American guy, John Hass. He was hooked up with a girl who just drove he crazy, she smokes Sheboo a product of cocaine all the time so her head was never really screwed to tight anyway, but John thought he could help her and she took he each month for all she could and h let her do it knowing she was only using him. But you have to understand John had so serious issues of own being a old Vietnam veteran. I would tell him over and over a again ďlet he go man she is only using you for you moneyĒ but he would never listed.

One night about 3 in the morning he comes over and his arm is bleeding from where she cut him with a butcher knife. Now if that isnít a sign that you need to move on I donít know what the hell is? He was paying for kids to go to school, buying then food for the house and load for the hand-phones but he never wanted to except what was really going on.

His girl would text him to let him know who she was fucking that night just to piss him off and she fucked a lot a guys all the time working as a freelancer but this is the kind of shit she would do him.

From time to time he would pick up girls off the street and take them home but since he was always drunk the girls would rob him blind while he was passed out and I mean they would even steal his food.

Some times (after payday) he would barfine 3, 4 or even 10 girls to take home from a bar but being totally drunk most of the girls would have sex with him and he would get pissed off and all hell would break looses so because of that where he rented they didnít want him to stay there because of all the trouble he was making, oh yeah he lived in Baloy Beach too.

John moved out of Baloy and moved to the area where the bars are between Barrio Barretto and Subic Town but after a few weeks the guys in the area told him to leave or else so he left the next day I found all this out when I happen to see him John walking down the road in Barretto one day. Now he lives some place up north when there are no bars and many of the people speak little English but I have to say he looked a lot better and I may have been a good move for him even if she is an over-stayer by about 3 years now.

The next guy is Eagle he got married to long time girlfriend and all he does is bitch about her now. He put put her kids thought school and college, supported her family when ever then asked for help and a lot of other stuff. Now it seems like he sees no end it ti all. He bought a house in Baloy I think for 3m where they live now and all he can say is ďif she keep up her shit I will bow the fucking house upĒ. I would se him at 11am and h is totally drunk heading as he walks up the road. Now I have to ask, how bad are things at home when you are totally shit faced at 11am? Doesnít sound like a happy home to me!

Another guy, the owner of the Harleyís hotel in Baloy, his wife is leaving him after I donít how many years so he had to move into a small apartment since she kicked him out and of course she is trying to get everything she can from him. Another guy that took care of the entire families need and is getting fucked over. Now of course I donít know all the details but it sound like the same old song of dance, ď I got all I can and need from you and now I am gone!Ē this is the down side of older men marrying much younger women in the Philippines.

I know not all Filipinas (at least I hope not all) are like this but it always has to be in the back of your mind if you get in a relationship with one.

Around town

There have been new places opening and places changing names / Management. Prices have gone up on drinks, not by much but enough to make a difference. Some bars have got rid of the ďEarly Work ReleaseĒ (barfine) payment for the girls so now you need to negotiate the payment with her which is many case is a lot higher than the normal 1,500p it was before.

Club 1 and Shooter have been taken over by the Dryers Group (Dave Fisher)

Sheavens Hotel in Baloy now is a Disco that opens at 6pm and from what I understand is being run by Jim the old owner of Bar Barretto which was voted the best bar in Barrio Barretto for 3 years straight.

Wild Island as expanded in size,

20/20 Disco is run by the owner of General Command Post

New ATM at Arizona Resort, you can take out 20k at once.

Sit-n-Bull has second place on National Highway

Mask-N-Feather changed names again to Pussy Cat

Club 1 and Shooters is now part of the Dryden Group of bars, Shooters is now a after hour disco and Club 1 has been renamed.

A several new places to eat in Barretto as well 2 new hotel, I-cove on National Highway and Mangroves in Baloy Beach plus  2 more being Built in Barrio Barretto.

Stuff about me and my life

In March 2015 we moved into our house at last J so that is taking every last Peso I have to get it to where we want it to be.

For me, well I am home just about all the time now. I had to quit my pool team because I just canít afford it anymore, too much to do here at home and that takes money so being on a limited income I had no choice. I want to get the landscaping done which will cost me about 100,000P I figure plus my Nipa hut I want to get so I can sit outside and just watch the days go by.

Having screens in stalled Ė 15,000P

Cabinet build in kitchen - 8,000P Est

Patio area covered Ė 8,000P Est

Personal stuff

My baby turned 2 on 31 March so she is where I spend my days playing with her and watching her grow up. Being home all the time and seeing the daily changes in her is really a joy for me and words canít explain it. I am just really happy here at home, what else can I say?

My GF is still worried about me which is too bad but that is just the way it is so I deal with it the best I can. I know in time, who knows how much time, everything will be fine again and that is the day I look forward to. I donít like or need drama in my life that is uncalled for as anyone would feel the same way. All I want is a happy home with the family.

Living in Subic Town

Where we moved (Subic Ė Mangan Vaca) they are still building a lot of the house so we donít many of the normal services you would expect like telephone line connection, cable TV and Internet connection so life kind of sucks here for now but I hope in a few months we will have everything installed and we can get back to normal way of life with the things we need and want.

The hardest part about living here is the Trike Drives, before it was only 30P from the Pubic Market to our place now they want 40P to the gate and another 20P to the house (60P total), WFT! I understand we are on a steep hill and some Trikes canít make it up the hill our place but damn, 20P just for that? Keep in mind that the Trike are only 125 to 150CC bikes)

We have 2 Trikes Drivers who we use and they treat us good when we can reach them but I pay them good for a round trip since they have to wait for us while we do our shopping and may make 2 or 3 stops. After all it is only to pay them for the waiting time, right?

Trike drivers here in Subic Town I guess make good money because they will turn down a ride if they feel it is too far or out of their way, a big change from the living in Barretto!

Thoughts of buying a car

Since we moved I have been thinking of getting a car it would be really handy to have but the cost for me is just a bit too much to handle right now plus if I did get a car it would have to be an older Mustang (69 to 73), yeah I am a die-hard Mustang driver but I know the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Well I guess that takes care of all I have to Say about living here for 3 years now.

In closing

1 last point just so you know if you should find the site off line after the 20th of the month my payment was last and the site will be back on line by the 2nd of the following month.

I hope what I post helps those planning to visit or move over to the Philippines to give you some incite to how things are here at least from my limited point of view.

There are many out there that have much more time and experience here in Philippines than me, if they have web sites is the question. Like the news you need to watch several channels to get a clear view the situation in the location from different points of view.

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