ATMís in Barrio Barretto (Subic Bay)

As all travelers know getting your money while on vacation or living overseas is very important. Most of us use the ATMís to pull cash out of our accounts from ours home country but sometimes that can be a hassle if you donít know or canít find an ATM where you are. Most big cities have ATMís all over the place and are easy to find unlike in the smaller towns or back-woods area which you may find yourself in some time.

For me I have a Visa/Debit card from my Credit Union back in the states so I can use it to charge items or to pull cash of the ATM and it is taken right out of my account. I like this because I donít get charged interest on what I charge and the exchange on charged items is the same as the going exchange rate for the U.S.Dollar which I check daily online at a site called " OANDA " which I have found pretty good to what I really pull from the ATM, there maybe a few Peso different but no big deal.

The best ATM in the area to use if you want to get 20,000p are the 2 BPIís ATM's, the other ATMís will only give 10,000p a pull with all the ATMís charge 200p per transaction.

I have only had 1 problem at an ATM so far; I want to take out 10,000p and the machine was taking a long time to process the transaction, after about a minute and sign came on the screen saying slow internet connection and the transaction was cancelled, my card was returned and no receipt given. So I when to another ATM and tried to pull my 10,000p two times and on the second try it said I had reached my daily limit. When I got home I got on line and checked my account which showed the first try to get the 10,000p was taken out, WFT? I contacted my bank with the information but I never got it back, which really sucks.

If you should have your card taken by the ATM most banks can get it back to you the same day or the next day by calling the bank office number that is listed or by going to business where the machine is located and you should be able to get help right away if it is during business hours anyway. When it comes to your ATM card I have always made a point to grab it as soon as it come out because, not often but sometimes, the machine will pull your card back in and will not give it back.

I always try to get my cash during the daytime hours, it is just safer that way but if you have to get some money late at night it is worth the Trike ride to one in a well lit area or one where security is close by for your own safety. I never heard of someone being robbed in the area but anything can happen if you give the bad guys a chance and walking around drunk off your ass and going to the ATM and taking out 10 or 20k could lead to a bad night for you, better safe than sorry right?

The map shows the location of the 7 ATMís (marked in red) in the Baloy and Barretto area that takes international ATM cards.

A new BDO ATM has been installed in Barrio Barretto. The ATM is available 24 hours, and is located in a purpose built cubicle in the car park of the Arizona Beach Resort. The ATM in a safe and secure environment.

Best of all, the BDO ATM lets you draw up to 20,000 PESOS per transaction, with a maximum daily limit of 50,000 pesos in three transactions but this will also depend your banks daily limit also. My Credit Union will only let me take out 600USD a day or about 25,000Peso.

Up date on the ATM's - The Atm that was located in Sheaven's Hotel has been moved to the new 7/11 on the corner of Nation Highway and Baloy Long Beach Road


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