Bar reviews, yeah I know most people don’t like them since it only give one persons opinion of the bar on that given night. We all know that from night to night the atmosphere of the bar can change a lot. So with that in mind I try to make my reviews with a open mind and just give you the overall feel for the place, then leave it up to you to visit and make your own opinion. But at least you will have some idea of the entertainment, layout, the management and the staff.

Old reviews from 2011

Wet Spot Jan 2011

I was in Wet Zone on my last visit back in January 2011 and meet the old Manager Brett and had a blast there then so go back to the bar was something I was looking forward too. So as we walk in all of Bob friends are seated right by door and he is spotted right off so I head over to the table to get our seats. Jerry the owner, great guy and made me feel right at home which is always a good thing! Drummer and Simba and I talked for while about web sites and made plans to hook up again before I leave. Nitty didn't know I was the man be hide the site at Warren's Singapore so was happy to meet me. All of the guys were in a party mood and great to meet all of them.

As far as the club goes, all I can say if you want to party this for me is one the best places to go, always high energy and great looking girls to party with. I got Jerry and the guys at his table a round of drinks which Bob paid without me knowing but that is just the way Bob is! Bob was in the bar hopping mode and wanted to move on so I told him I would catch up to him later, or so I thought. At about 10:30pm Bob move on and I stuck around to watch the girls dance and just hang out for while.

So there I am in the bar with my girl and she sees one of her friends who joins us then another and another, what a great time! So to Bernadette, Celia, Elaine, Milk, Mary Grace, Nanalyn and one other I forgot here name thanks a lot for making it a great evening. Jerry was surprised to see me still there each time he came by the table and was a big hand it me getting so messed up, Thanks a lot I owe you for that!


Hot Zone Jan 2011

This was another first for me and one I told Bob I wanted to check out which he was happy with. When we get in we get a seat that overlooks the stage and settle in to enjoy the show.

The first group of girls dancing numbers about 8 or 9 and most were pretty good looking but the best one by far was this small little spinner in white shorts and top with long hair. She was surely the pick of group if you wanted to take a girl out of there.

The second group was about the same with a few hotties in the group that would also make for fun outside the bar.

This clubs gives you the feeling that the name “Hot Zone” is for a reason I was there early in the evening but I'm sure that as the night goes on it gets pretty wild there. Besides the dance stage there is a pole dance area too so you can have a show close by if seated in the right area. Pole dances from what I have seen are also very sexy and we all knows what that can lead too, right?


Club 1 July 2011

Another first for me, nice club, good looking girls dancing (12) not much happening but music was good and I could see this could be a good place to party. It was early when I arrive so need to me a late night visit to see it in full swing.

By the set up not much room for may people to have a seat which could hurt the club in long run. If you can pack the guys into the place they could losing out. But again it was early when I was there 8pm and a weekday so have to give another visit on a Friday/Saturday or late at night.

One thing I have learned about clubs is just cause it is slow one night it may be happening on another so always give them a few visits.




Well this being my first bar review, I had to do it on the bar where I have spend the most amount of time so far.

Midnight Rambler

Midnight Rambler Sept 2012

Date written - Sept 2012

Owner – Joe

Managers – Joann and Rikki

Staff size – 25 to 30

Hours - open 24 hours

Location - National Highway, Barrio Barritto

 I started going to Midnight Rambler back in January of 2010 and right from the start I loved the place. I loved the set up, the location, the patio by the bay and everything else. Also Midnight Rambler is one of the oldest bar in the area going back to the 1980’s if not the old now since several others have closed.

Being open for 24 hours it is one place you can always go and play some pool or darts or just kick back and relax while catching some TV on one the 2 sets they have or sitting outside on the large patio and just watch the day go my as you over look the bay and the girls on the beach.


During Friday and Saturday nights live music from local banks play from 8 to midnight and really can bring the bar live with everyone having a great time dancing and singing along.

Pool tournament are held on Fridays for anyone wishing to join and win the prize money, over the past few weeks the numbers have been getting larger and the skill level is on the rise.

Food is provided my London Underground which move in a few months back plus the normal Midnight Rambler menu giving you a nice mix of food to chose from at different times of the day or night. So far everything I have ordered has been really good and the prices were right on the mark for what I received so I feel a good value for your money with the kitchen closing at 2am. My favorite dish is the set of 3 pork kabobs of all the food there!

Pork Kabobs @ Midnight Rambler

Being and open bar there are no go-go dancers in the bar only guest relation officers (GRO’s) for you to sit with and enjoy your time or play pool with. For some this may not be what they are seeking so they don’t stick around long, also added is that the GRO’s don’t start work until 6pm so before that the bar is a bit empty and are then the girls are off at 2am normally unless entertaining costumers.

Happy hours are from 6am to 7pm so a SMB/SML will cost you only 45p.

The GRO’s – everyone has their feeling on the girls so will let you decide for yourself and since I am there all the time and know most of the girls well my opinion will be one sided I know.


If you are looking for a large bar to chill out at in the day time this could be your spot. In the evening when the girls arrive you can really have a great time and find the girls not pushy for drinks. Great place to make friendships be it long term or short time. The staff members are very helpful and handle any problems that you may have no matter how small.

Like any other bar, “The fun you have is the fun you make!”


Bar Barretto

Bar Barretto

Date written – 18 Sept 2012

Owner – Jim

Hours – 6pm to 2am

Staff size – 18 to 25

Location - National Highway, Barrio Barretto

I have been in Bar Barretto for a long time and it is one of my favorite bars too.  What I like most about the bar is the overall feel of the place and yes of course the staff there. Jim run the bar like is a party at his home, it just has that feeling, Jim takes the time to meet just about everyone and is always more than happy to help out with any questions the customers have.

Behind the bar you will find a good selection of drinks and beer to order as well as food to enjoy while there. The bar accepts the Pi@night discount card so if you are a member you have that to look forward too.

Bar Barretto as a great line of dancers and waitresses to serve you and the service is really good, I never had to wait to find someone to serve me and most of the time the girls just happened to come by when my beer was about done.

Seating is divided in to 4 section with 2 being close to the dance stage, 1 between the bathroom where you can watch the dancers or the pool games and of course at the bar. The great part is from all the seats the dance area is clearly in your view.

Music and music videos are mostly 80’s and 90’s rock with a live band playing later in the evenings (sorry I forgot to see just wants nights they play L.

I have yet to go into Bar Barretto and find a large crowd there so Jim must be doing really right in the place. Highly recommended to visit when you are in Subic Bay it is one bar you will surely have a great time in!

(pictures coming soon of the inside)


Alley Cats

Date written – 18 Sept 2012

Hours – 9am to 12am

Staff size – 10

Location – Off National Highway in Barrio Barretto - between Rosie’s and Catwalk

Alley Cats is your “Hole in the wall” kind of bar to just go have some drinks and talk with the girls there. If you want anything fancy this is not your place but if you want to relax in a low pressure bar this is just want you are looking for, the girl working there are really down to earth and easy to talk with. I have been in Alley Cats a few times now and each time I had a good time there just hanging out and talking with everyone.

Alley Cat is a small bar with seating for about 20 people I would guess. Drinks are cheap even without the happy hours time from 5 to 7pm.

Opening so early for those that want to start the party well before noon then this is your place. While Alley Cats is not for everyone is has something to offer the well traveled man the way I see it. Small friendly bar that opens early and makes for a great hideout if you need to just get away for a while.



23 Sept 2012

This is just a short rundown of a few of the bars in the Barrio area. Over time I will add more information on the bar as well as adding more bars to the list.


sweethearts bar

A new bar in the area with dancers . Dancers start early in the afternoon 3pm I think and they have a pretty nice line up of girls too from what I saw.

The bar has a pool table if you want to give that a go with your friends while enjoying your beer.

I don't remember what I paid for the drinks so I will post that after my next visit there, sorry!



EMU bar

This is a story place inside and the only one in Subic Bay.

More info will be added as I spend more time in each of them over the months come.

Dancers and GRO's

The night I was in the girls where average looking with a few hot ones that were already taken so didn't get to see them dance or anything else.

It looks like a place where you could have a good time if you wanted and were lucky enough to get one of better looking girls if looks are important to you.

Worth checking out to see if it is your kind of place.


Taff (Closed April 2013)

  Taff Bar

A small bar with a few girls hanging out to talk with and have drinks. Not much happening when I was there, maybe a bad day for the girls but then again with no dancers what do you expect to happening?

Open in the afternoon so it make for another place to scout out and try your luck with the ladies or just some place to get out of the rain or heat which is why I stopped in.

I will give it another go later since in its own way it is a nice place inside and after all some places just need to grow on you!


Rosie Tavern

Rosies Tavern

Small Bar with some hot looking dancer.  I have been in the bar a few times and each time I had a good time which is why I keep going back. Friendly girls and playful and the staff is pretty helpful most of the time.

The only down side I see to the place is if you want to play pool you will find the room bit too small and crowed making some shots more of challenge for you .


Score Bar

Score Sport Bar

Located at the Arizona Hotel this bars now opens at noon time with the girls already there. Come summer time the Arizona Floating bar will be in operation which is a big hit with everyone in the area and one place you do not want to miss if in the area.  

Great place where you can have a lot fun, well worth checking it out where everyone is the bar is friendly  and easy to get to know.   

Gavin who runs the places is great guy and big help if you have any problems or a question.


Flash Rat

Flash Rat

This small bar is rocking with good music and great looking dancers who are happy to join you and make sure you have a get time.

Well worth a visit to have a great time. Not a big place at all but a lot of fun for sure


Bunny Ranch

Bunny Ranch @ Magnos

Another bar I have been in a few time and had a time at. Like most of the bars it has mostly average looking dancers with a few gems mixed in. I have never been in the bar when it has been crowed and wonder if it does draw in a crowd at all.

Prices are in the same range as other bar so I would say the Bunny Ranch is a hit or miss kind of place meaning either you will like it or you will not return again.


Hooray Bay

Just a place to hang out, play pool and drink. Nothing fancy about this place but it has its one feel. The music is older and you may be surprised by some of the songs you here while in the bar.


7 October 2012

Moby Dicks Mermaid Tavern

Moby Dicks Mermaid Tavern @ Wild Orchid Hotel

Location – Wild Orchid Hotel, Baloy Beach

Moby Dicks opens at 3pm everyday and like other bars in the hotel has no happy hours so your beers (SMB) will always cost you 60 pesos. Nice bar as you would expect for a high class hotel in any larger city. The bar is well laid out with 2 TV’s and a pool table, plenty of space to move around between the tables even when a crown is present.

The girls working in the bar provide you good service but at time you may have to flag one down to get your drink refilled. One other problem I had the night I was there is that they never let the songs play completely though, I don’t know why they are changed half way but over time it gets on your nerves when it is a song your really like to hear.

On the up side, the pool table there is fantastic, I say that because I was able to make bank shots on it and the way I play if I can do that on a table it must be pretty good. Beware of the girls working if you get engaged in pool game, like other girls working where pool tables are these girls are good.


Great place to go if you want a nice bar to relax with your friends or that one special person in your life / night!


T Rose Beach Club (Closed April 2013)

T rose bar in Barrio Barretto

2 Nov 2012

I was pretty blasted when I stopped into T Rose (The Beach Bar) so forgive my lack of recall of lack the details about the bar.

First off the Manager is a great guy as I have said in my Life report on my day bar hop and I really wish I could recall his name. When you drop into the bar make sure to meet him.

T Rose is not a big place but it’s size gives is a nice comfortable fell. Nothing fancy in this bar just a great time, everyone I have meet there on all my visits going back to July 2010 have be outstanding and always felt welcome in the bar by the staff  there.

At T Rose you can sit along the road side or the enjoy the dancers inside the bar so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Being a small bar the choice of girls is naturally limited but still fairly good in my opinion you may find it different but then again maybe not?

Opening early in the day time with dancers it make for a great day time place to visit added that T Rose is one of the old bar in all of Barrio Barretto it rates a visit just on that fact alone.

Another good part about is T Rose is that if by chase you need a room they have them in the back.


May 2013 – Update

The new Hot Zone (Jan 2013)

Smaller than the old location but the set up is pretty good , when I was there they still had some work to do to finish the bar so in time I will return and get some pictures of the completed bar but Hot Zone is still a hot bar to visit and to have a great time.


Salty Dog

This is the owned by the same owner of the old Escape Bar, they moved across the street and the new place is much nicer with the dance stage in the middle of the bar so seating is on 3 sides now. The seats along the walls are elevated so you have a clear view of the dancers. Many of the staff from the old bar still working there so if you had a favorite girl she may still be there. The Escape bar was one of my favorite places to drop in and I always had a great there and it still continues at Salty Dog. While this bar will not be for everyone it is still a fun place to party with the girls and have a great time.


Toucan Bar

This bar had undergone some changes since it open, the sad part is that they got rid of the dance stage in the back half bar and moved it to the front then but it was much smaller then they removed it completely. I stopped in when they still had dancers with a friend and we had a blast there with the girls, but when I returned after the dancers were gone it was a bit different so didn’t stick around too long. Still a good bar to visit I have to say and the pool tables there are really in good shape if you enjoy playing.


Wet Spot

This bar is always happening; I have never gone in there and found it nothing less than total fun. They have 2 set of dancers so there are plenty of girls to go around not adding the GRO’s

Rosie’s Tavern

Part 2 - A small bar with a nice line up of dancers and pool table in the back of the bar. Very friendly staff so having a good time there is easy to do. You can sit at the stage or along the wall in seats that give you a good view of the dancer.

Dusk Till Dawn

Another small bar but a lot of fun:  I stopping in night and had a total blast there. They have a small dance floor in the back of the bar but with the size of the bar it is more than enough. Great staff to party with and have a good time. They open later in the evening but stay open later in the night like the name says.  Well worth a visit, you will be happy you did!


Route 69

Located about Dusk till dawn this day time bar gives you a great place to party in the day time and to watch the people passing by on the street below. They have a very friendly staff and you always feel very welcome there. With seating both inside and out it offer you the choice of locations to party at with the staff. Besides offering friend staff they also have food and daily specials of drinks and food is available. In my book this is one of the best day time bars in the Barrio Barretto area to visit. Will the owner is good guy and the manager is a fun loving guy that always does his best to keep the party going.




A small bar visited mostly by local Expats. They have a pool table and Dart board to pass the time while you are there. Cheap drink price make it a good place to drop in and get the day started. If you are retired military this is one place you may run into an old friend of yours.

July 18, 2014

Midnight Rambler – change in operation

I stopped into the bar about 4pm to start my night off, seeing how it was always one of my favorite bars what better place to start off it since it had been over a year since I was in the bars at night. On a side now my drinking had gone way down since home all the time with our new born so after a six pack of beer I was feeling pretty good already unlike the 12 or more it use to take.

So there I am sitting at the bar talking to the only employee I know and catching up on what has been going on there. Well as it turns out 95% of the old GRO’s working there were cut loose and both daytime waitress along with that the manager who has been there for years she was also dismissed.

Ok I can see a change in the bar staff wise and wondered what else was new when I the manager I know came in and he and I started talking about the bar and the changes. He tells me that the owner sold him the bar and shortly after that he decided to make some major changes. More or less “out with the old and in with the new!”. One change that stuck me rather strange was to get rid of the GRO’s completely and just have the bar as a normal bar only. He goes on to tell me that with the Bar Fines / EWR’s that girls brought in wasn’t that much to support keeping them around. At one point the bar had about 20 girls working each night so it was cost effective to let them go to make some income for the bar and get it in the black again.

Since the bar didn’t have dancers and only a band on Fridays and Saturdays during the rest of the week the place was pretty empty added to that they were open 24 hours cost will be a factor in the operations of the bar.

What I wonder is how he plans to keep the bar afloat in the long run? They do have their Sunday golf event which seems to be going well but how long will that last and with the rainy season here now how often can they hold the contest? With the two pool tables and a dart board they may start holding torments on a regular basic that would bring in some people also.

I guess it is just hard for me to picture the Midnight Rambler without the GRO’s there at night since I had such a great there with the girls.

Second stop for the night – Allies


Same as always, 4 girls working and darts, it’s a fun place to drop into and just hang out for a while like most of the small bars. But the time I reached there I was pretty well gone after 5 beers at home then the 4 in Rambler bit I still had 2 beers there while I got my butt kicked at 2 games of darts.

Last stop – Rascals


I walked in about 6:30 to 7pm to find I was the only guy there with 2 girls on stage just moving around not really dancing but who can blame them? Rascal’s has a nice layout and some good looking girls from what I remember.  I had 1 or 2 beers here for before I decided to head home.

Worth returning to again on another night to see more when not so drunk!

Aug 2014 updates

Here are some updates on places I stopped in, sorry the list is not longer but I don’t have much time to bar hop anymore.

Midnight Rambler

Major change here is that the bar was sold and the new owner got rid of the GRO’s so now it is just a bar. They still have the band on Friday and Saturday’s.  On Sundays at 4pm there have a golf hole in one contest that cost 100p for 5 balls, so far as of 30 Aug 2014 there is 80,000p up for grabs to the lucky putter.

The question everyone has is can the bar make it without the girls? While some of the girls that did work there as GRO’s could be said to be past their prime it was still fun with them there and many repeat customers retuning to see those they have known for years.

The London Underground fish-n-chip is also gone from the location


One of the smallest bars in the area is still the same. New girls which is to be expected but now much else has change.

Wild Island

One of the new bars located where Taff’s bar use to be. The back area is more open with 2 dance stages for the girls. Not a bar set up or line up and is worth checking out if you like the smaller bars. (Update 17 March 2015 - The bar as expanded and is now much larger)

Coco lips

This is the old Bar Barretto night club run by Jim which was by far the best bar in the area. Stopped in on a Sunday evening and the place was dead unlike before when it was always packed full. If I recall right there was me and 3 other guys. The set up is nice which I must say but the crowd just isn’t there yet from what I could see, but at the same time maybe it was just an off night which happens.


One of the oldest bars in the area has had a face lift, yes they have remodeled the place and it looks great in inside now. If you haven’t been there before the work done you will not think it is the same place. Really good job on the work! A few of the girls from VooDoo work there now which are under the same manager, just so you know.


My first in this bar (Aug 2014) this is the old Midnight Rambler bar before the moved across the street. I was there on a Thursdays playing pool with my team, there was only one other  guy who didn’t stick around long, I think he was looking for the old days when it was a happening place he was a bit older.

Not a bad place if you want some place to just kick back and have a few beers with friends or your date.

Alley Cats

Another places I dropped into since it had been a long time since I was there over a year ago. Well they have remodeled also and added a pool table. I love the place now, it is brighter and looks bigger too. They did a great job on the bar. Prices are cheap, 45p for SMB  if I call right. Well worth a visit I my book.

Jan 2016

Velvet Touch

One of the new bars that opened at the end of last year, for those of you that use to go to Hooyah's where VT is located now you will not recognized the place, the look is great and the bar has a different feel then before but it is a good confortable feeling.

What they have in the bar is a pool table, 3 large TV's with music videos and sports and a stage for a band, there is plenty of seating throughout the bar, drink cards when you buy 5 and get 1 free, and something really nice which is lower drink prices for regular customers.

So drop in and check it out next time you are in Barrio Barretto.

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