Subic Bay is like any other place that has a lot of bars in a small area what is easy to move to and from.  So with all the bars with girls dancing on one street the guys move from place to place until they can't continue on and head home in the early hours of the morning and some with a smile on their face a girl under their arm.

Bar sign in the Beach Club / T Rose in Barrio Barretto, Philippines

A few things I really like about the Barrio Barretto (Subic) area is you will find many different bars in the way of set up and size. If you just want a place to relax and have a few beer you have the resort hotel and several small bars to visit. Added to that is that the whole area has a really relaxed feel to it which makes you stay more enjoyable. The managers of the bars that I meet have all been very helpful and more then friendly. With all these things added together how could you not have a great time?

Jim and I at Bar Barretto

Are you the type that likes to hit the go-go clubs early in the afternoon, no problem there are several of them that open around 1pm and have dancers starting shortly afterwards. Maybe you are a late night person, 4am sounds like a good time to head home. Can't sleep, no problem you can grab a drinking at one of the 24 hours places on National Highway or in Baloy Beach and have a great meal at the same time. Into sports, swing in the Baloy Beach area and there is a bar there that has shows shorts all the time for your enjoyment and yes a pool tables too! Pool parties and weekly dance contest, oh yeah we have them also.

Toucan Bar girls in Barrio Barretto, Philippines

From Arizona Hotel on National Highway to the Baloy Long Beach Road it will take you about 15 to 20 minutes depending on how slow you stroll down the street. (see the Scenic movie section for 2 clips of walking along the street)

With each different club you really have to drop in have a drink or 2 and check the place out, never just look at the outside and think what it is like on the inside. For me some of the smaller bars with or without dancers in them are where I had the most fun with the girls but that is just me!

Over all my trips to the area I never really found any bar so packed I couldn't get a seat which is a good thing. It’s nice not having to fight your way thought a crowed to find a seat plus it means most of the time there are more girls then guys so the pickings are pretty good of you are looking for some company. If you spot a little honey and she is busy, just sit tight chances are the guy she is with could be just bar hopping and will be heading out soon so you have the opportunity to check her a bit closer.

Now that I am living in Barrio Barretto I will have the chance to add a lot more information on the bar life over the many nights to come!

One reason I do this is because the bigger and well know clubs that have a web site so I tend to cover the smaller places which can be a lot of fun too but on a different level. I mean after all there is enough information about what is happening in the well know places, right? So why cover the little hole in the wall? With and small number of bars in the area I will be in all of them over time and do my write ups and take my pictures on all of them over time.

The smaller bars should have their chance to get exposure too. That is just me!

List of bars in Barrio Barretto and Baloy Beach [ Here ] Updated August 2016

Note: If you are a club owner or see a place missing form the list please Email me the information and I will be happen to add you the list.

Update 12 Aug 2012

Several new bars have open in the area, the main ones being Buccaneers' and Lollipops both having dancers along with several others smaller places.

Some places have closed or moved to new location so all those maps of the bars you see out there may be out dated now. Here is where the small size of the clubbing area helps because you can easily find all the bars with a little walking.


Feb 3 2013

Short Update on the bars in town;

Escape Bar moved across the street and is now called Salty Dog, a much nicer place then the old bar with a stage in the middle so the girls can be viewed up close and from all angles.

Hot Zone closed on the First of February but is moving to a the location where Escape Bar was when the building is completed sometime in March 2013 so the girls moved to other bars in the area for now.

Rum Jungle and Lollipop are closed due to a fire that happen but should be open soon everyone hopes since the damage was not that bad to both places. The fire also included the closure of the Dryden Hotel.


UPDATE MAY 2015 - Day time bars with dancers are – Scores bar, Seaman, Dusk Till Dawn, T Rose (the beach bar) and Sweethearts.

Other day time bars are –  Hooyah, VFW, General Outpost, Dynamite Dicks, Alley Cat, Allies and Midnight Rambler.

All three floating bars, Arizona, Blue Rock and Treasure Island are still in operation for while more.


Updated Area information:

The DRYDEN GROUP has recently completed gathering the details of 78 local establishments.


These businesses are located between the "164" area on National Highway to the end of Baloy Beach Road and reflect all of the key places that you might want to visit for a "Cold One".


The list includes the following:


29 - Entertainment Bars

14 - Day-Time Bars

20 - Hotels/Resorts

15 - Restaurants


25 May 2013


The Office Bar will be closed on Tuesdays Starting 28 May.

So this is making every other night full mandatory attendance every girl will be present Wednesday to Monday offering a full selection of sexy dancers so no shortage of girls



Bar information up date: July 4, 2013

The bars owned by the Dryden Group are Anglewitch, Buccaneer, Dusk till Dawn, Lollipop, Rum Jungle and Wet Spot.

So within the same building we will have Lollipop and next door to that will be Wet Spot, around the corner will be Buccaneer, Angelwitch and Rum Jungle and up stairs will be Rapscallions. So once your inside of Wet Spot, you can visit all the bars just a few steps away.


The new bar coming into town from Angeles City will be Alaska and it will occupy the old Wet Spot location. While not owned by the Drydens Group the Alaska bar and Rapscallions will be included in their functions and promo programs.


I hope to stop in soon and get some pictures of the new places and the layout so everyone can see how it looks now.






For each personal drink that you have from the 7 different locations, you will receive a Bar Passport Stamp. Collect 10 stamps, and when you redeem the card, your first local drink will be free. In addition, the card will entitle you to receive 50% off all of your personal drinks at all 6 participating locations!


The SUBIC DRINK PASSPORT stamps will be available at:


   *** WET SPOT






   *** DUSK till DAWN






Subic, Just Got EVEN BETTER with the introduction of The DRYDEN GROUP’S SUBIC DRINK PASSPORT PROGRAM!  Make your plans now to collect your Passport Stamps!


18 Sept 2013 update:

Since I have not been out to the bar all I can do now is tell you what have open and reopen.

First is T Rose (the Beach Club) it has re-open again on the first of September who know for how long this time. Being a day time bar it is open from 12 noon to 8pm from my understanding and it has dancers like before.

After that is the Alaska Bar which opened up in the old Wet spot location.


I hope to get out and visit the new bars soon but with the baby well it makes it kind of hard to go party now.

Hot Zone is now open at 3pm ( this is an old picture)




30 Nov 2013

Count Nikolas Bar the newest bar in Subic


Count Nikolas is located opposite Voodoo and Angels bars on National Highway so it is east to find. Small bar just so you know so easy to get to know everyone.


There are about 15-18 girls working so having some company is not a problem. 


Wild Island Bar

Opens at 4pm and has dancers, I have yet to be in this new bar along with all the other new ones.


Flash Rats

CHOOK Raffle Night

Flash Rats holds Free Chook Raffles every Thursday night. From 7pm until 10pm every drink purchase earns you one entry into the Chook Raffle. The raffles are drawn every half hour, starting at 7:30pm until about 10:30pm.


The Chooks are prepared by the Blue Rock Resort and are ‘ready to eat”, stuffed birds. 

Flash Rats, a great option for your Thursday night Fun!


Dec 2013

The biggest news on the bars in Barrio Barretto is that starting this month the Drydens group of clubs has removed the need to pay the bar to take the girl out while she is still working. All the details are not fully know as the management wishes to keep that part quiet but now all that is required for the girl to leave work with you is that you sign a paper stating that she is leaving on her own free will and nothing was paid to the bar for her to depart. No one knows how this will work out in the long run but one thing is for sure and that is that it clears the bars of and signs of wrong doing. Once the girl leaves what happens after that is all on them.


Coco Lips took over Bar Barretto after some remodeling was done.

Coco Lips Bars in Barrio Barritto, Subic Bay, Philippines

Coco Lips Bars in Barrio Barritto, Subic Bay, Philippines, pool competaition


A few new bars in the area as of Nov 2014




Drydens Bars Expand

Next step; holes in the wall connecting to the Paradise and Hideout Complexes.




Two new place to visit - Subic Cafe is the old Mask n Feather bar 


17 March 2015 Update

1. Subic Cafe has changed again, guess no one can make a go of the bar since it keeps changing names all the time


Aug 2015 - 1020 club closed and renamed Paradise, the new bar opens at 2pm has a pool table and GRO's


Bar for rent as of 21 November 2015

Rapscallion. It's basically a turnkey operation. Everything is there; furniture, air conditioning, fans, lighting, sound system, music computer, CCTV, etc. Those remain our property. The only thing the tenant needs is staff and stock.

The fine print:

Rent P76,000 a month (utilities not included). 2 months rent and 2 months security in advance. Rental payments will be monthly after that.

If desired, we will handle credit card purchases.

The tenant will have to rename it.

At his option, the bar can remain part of SOB.

We have space available at our stay-in.

Email address if interested -  drydensubic@gmail.com


Dec 2015

Bar news

Bars that have changed named, not sure if under new management or not

Rosie Tavern is now called Tropical Rose

Seaman's bar is now called The Bell bar (June 2016 now called Twocan bar)

Angles is now called Crazy Horse

Hooyah is now called Velvet Touch

1020 bar is now called paradise (old news but wanted to add it here anyway)

New bar open Spinners located under Cheap Charlie's or Charlie's bars as it is called now.

New Bar opening soon is Cow Girls located under Dust Till Dawn

Griffs is now closed.

Jan 2016

Mask n Feather is closed and reopen under another name which I will get soon for you.

Pussy Cats is closed and renamed Break Thur

March 2016

Bar News

Allies as Changed name to Rabbit Warren

4 of the Paradise Group clubs have bands playing 1 night a week

Midnight Rambler only has bands on Friday night now

Alley Cats has a new owner (My friend John) and the pool table is gone now so they only have Darts now

Wild Island is closed but word has it that it will reopen soon, so we hope.

Lava Lounge has been renamed to Thunder Struck, no dancers for now for now but 20 waitresses to keep you company.

The Dive Inn - a new bar located next to Arizona Resort it is down the alley.

Frosty Mug Bar And Grill -  A new little bar and grill opened on Del Pilar Street just down the street from Rico's and the Paradise Group of bars. It is an open air bar with no stage or dancers.


Aug 2016 List of bar in Barrio Barretto [Here]




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