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The Expats that live in Subic Bay, Philippines

20 September 2015

Living here almost 4 years now I have come to notice a few things about the guys the move here and how life for them works out.

To start with most of the guys from America are priory military that were stationed here during they tour of duty. These guys know all the games the girl play and they understand life here very well.

The men from other countries came here on vacation and just fell in love with the Philippines and decided when they could they would move here to live and or move here open a business.

So letís talk about the life here for the 3 type of men living in Subic Bay.

The first type of man is the guy that came here on vacation because he heard about from his friends and decided to check it out for himself after he retired or had enough cash saved up to move here.

A lot of these guys hit the bars hard and party all the time. It takes them a while (sometimes) before they get a girlfriend to move in with them because they are happy bar hopping and just taking girls out of the bar for a overnight stay or even a few days to have fun with if they really get along well since this is easier and there is no drama with the girls since there is not permanent attachment happening.

Sometimes this can lead to problems because the man is still in the land of plenty and once you get a girlfriend it always seems that other girls want to give themselves to you just to see what you are like. So what is a guy to do? Well if you are not that serious about your girlfriend you take the other girl out of the bar and have some fun with or if she is not bar girl you try to creep around with her your girlfriend will not find out but in time she will, trust me on that!

So these guys will go thought a few girlfriends, spend way too much money in the bars buying drinks and taking girls out and in time will have a burnout period from the bar life. Now this could take a few months or even a few years before they burnout but in time it will happen.

They will also see a lot of drama from the girls because everyone here knows each other and all the girls talk to each other so hiding your movements is out of the question. Plus when you add in that none of the girls use their real name or where they are from you could have just slept her friend, ex-coworker, cousin or even her sister!

The next type of men is the ones that were stationed here or visited while in the military. Being a young man as many of us were we ran wild and had a great time but at the same time we learned a lot about the girls and bar life here. We had and ups and downs, our good times and many bad times. So when we decided to move to the Philippines we had a damn good idea what to expect and how we were going to live our lives here.

One could say we knew to pace ourselves here! Most of us got a girlfriend shortly after we arrive and stayed with the same girl for a long time if not even getting married and having a kid or 2, so our move over saw truly a move to a new home where we planed to stay forever. So we joined sports teams, got involved in the activities in the area and made lots of friends both foreign and local.

And the last type sad to say are those that moved here because they had some illness and and wanted to live out their life and go out with a bang, party to the end. For some it took years for others not so long but they were happy to be in the Philippines and that is all that mattered to them.

Like most Asian countries where a guy who is up in age can have a hot looking young girl on his arm will always be an attraction to men. So if you are going to live out your days you may as will get the most out of it and enjoy your time, right?

The Stages of live in Subic Bay

  1. Bar hopping all the time, taking girls for short time fun or over night

  2. Calming yourself down and pacing yourself with the girls and making friends both male and female

  3. Getting a girlfriend and in time having her move in with you

  4. Getting caught by girlfriend because you took out a girl from the bar and then dealing with all the all bullshit, but hey it's your fault anyway you just got caught so deal with it.

  5. Having a baby Ė most likely her idea but you went along with it

  6. Buying a house

  7. Getting married or at least having a permanent live in partner

  8. Having to deal with your girlfriend jealous nature and always being accused of having female chat mates, girlfriends or short-timing girls from the bar

  9. Last and always at the end death in the Philippines, but you know what I would rather die here than any other place because when I go I know I will have a big smile on my face


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