How do you really know 

How do you really know?

This will talk about dating, girlfriends and live-in partners and how things change over time as you move from one stage to another.

Disclaimer: like all articles I write they are my own thoughts and never should be applied to everyone (all girls) the article talks about but should be looked at as a guide to give you signs to look out for.

In most relationships outside of Asia you are pretty sure most of the time of what your girls intentions are and feelings about the relationship, but here in the Asia it gets a bit trickier and here in the Philippines it can get down right crazy trying to figure out if she is a good woman or just full of shit.

I have never meet a man who hasnít falling for a Filipina and then got messed over by her down the road, it has happen to us all at least once if not several times, yeah some of us are hard learners I know.

Now it doesnít have to be some girl from a bar but it can be from anyone you meet anywhere and that is the problem we face. But again it is hard to see thought the screen that is put by the girls you meet be it in person or over the web. If you think for one minute that she is only chatting you and saying you are the only one and she is doing cam shows for you then, well my friend you get what you deserve in the long run and trust me it will be a very pretty scene at all.

I wrote about the girl that took me for 135,000p in 8 months while I was out of coutry, a nice girl it seemed when we chatted but when I came here to visit here it was a different story and then after I leave from one visit I get reports that she is pregnant and then I find out she got married to local which was something she said she would didnít want to do. Itís like everything she told me was all bullshit and just a way to suck money out of me. so I think she is worst than the girls in the bar because at least with the bar girls you have some idea of the shit that goes on, while with a girl with a normal job you wonít expect it and that is where they get you. So my friends keep a keen eye out and over you ass all the time.

As guys we fall in love so easily here in the Philippines, why, easy the girls are great and treat you like you are the only man for them, no matter what your age is, how you look or how sick you are and that makes it really hard not to fall for them. But at the same time understand, if you are in Subic or Angeles City, you can be dealing with a 3rd generation bar girl. so they know the games, they know tricks the Hodeida could even figure out how to do and you think you can bet them at their own game, ha ha!

When you meet that girl and start dating you have to keep your wits about you about what is going on around you and within the relationship, sure all guys want to spoil our girls and with it being so cheap here it is easy to spend like money doesnít matter but to her it does. The Philippines for the most post is still a very poor country when you talk about the average Filipino and for the Filipinas (Girls) where is the money to support the family and her kids, thatís right, from some sucker that live overseas, namely YOU!

So you visit your girl when you can get vacation thatís great but while you gone what happen, did she go back to work in the bar even if she told you she wouldnít or move back home like she said she would. Is she chatting to others that you never know about, like she would tell you in the first place?

But letís forget all that and look at the bright side, she stopped working and moved back home like she said she would, great, but now itís the I need this and I need that, can you send more money to me my family really needs your help my love! Being a great guy you send all she needs plus a little extra because you love her.

Then you make the big move to the Philippines to be with you lovely little angel, you rent a house, buy all kinds things to put in it and everything is good. You party a lot and have great to together, you take her trips to different places around the Philippines and she loves you even more. Hell she even lets you go bar hopping if you want to without her, how great can one girl be?

Well not to bust you bubble but she may be married or at least have Filipino boyfriend she is seeing on the side when you are out and support they or him when you think the money is for her family, oh yeah, her ďfamilyĒ, may be her kids and husband and not mom and dad like you thought!

The best thing I would I tell any guy planning  to moving here is donít look for a girlfriend let her find you, give it time, finding a girl for you will not be easy that will stay with you for the long term and that will truly make you happy.

Never forget the money issue, does she love you for what you can give her over the years or does she love you for who you are no matter now messed up are you?

 Always remember these girl are looking to secure their future for themselves and their kids so if that means loving you to get that done they will but the issue there is, is it a true love or a love of conventions which many of the girls will settle for here in the Philippines.

So how do you really know, itís a crap shot my friends and all you can do is hope for the best and if you see things going south know when it is time to get out and move on.

Part 2

What the bar girls spend money on

  • Cloths
  • Make-up
  • Shoes
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Rent
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Gagits
  • Gifts for friends and family
  • Outings with the girls

So lets look where this money come from, ok?

  • At a good bar she will make 300p a day and that is a really good bar = 7800p
  • Ladies drinks Ė let us say 75p a drink, let us say 5 drinks A night she earns = 9000p
  • Early work release Ė 1500p and up in Subic Bay, if she is hot 4 times a week = 24,000p

That equals 40,800p a month

Now that is a lot of cash, so when you take her as you GF most of what she was getting for herself now you are giving her. If you life here all the time no problem but if you donít then it is easy to see how she can go back to the bar job while you are gone for the extra cash and spending power she will have.

So how do you know?

Girls donít look at working in a bar and going out with customers as a form of prostitution, to that a prostitute is a girl on the street or something like that. So having sex for money when in a bar is ok, it not personal it is just part of the job and any girl working in a bar will in time ending up in bed with someone because the money is just too hard to pass up.

You a young girl having an older man as a BF, donít you have to wonder why? Here in the Philippines it means a much better life for her and her family because of the money he has. So yeah itís all about the money to a point and you have to face that fact. You will know if the love is real for you, most of the time that is but it is still hard to know for sure but that is where you heart leads you and stop listening to your head and seeing what is right in front of you and how things really are between you and your love.

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