Life with a Filipina

On the 13 of January 2015 my girl will have been together for 4 years and living together for 2 Ĺ years, we are buying a house or rather I am buying a house for her and our baby only because I want my baby girl to have a good home to grow up in when she gets older and I am long gone.

I am now 57 and my girl is 30, so there is a lager gap between us, we have had our problems as any relationship here in the Philippines will have. Being an Expat girls come easy if you want them and most guys want to sample as many as they can. When I say most that is about 99% only because most guys moving here are looking for the adult play ground that the Philippines is known for, but once you get in a relationship things should change. But with the number of bars and girls available it is somewhat east to go out for still have a good time without anyone knowing, or so you hope!

Depending on where you life in the Philippines will make a big different when it comes to clubbing. Here in Barretto (Subic Bay) most of the girls know each other in some form be it co-workers,  or they are related or even school friends. It is a tight circle here with the girls due to the size of the area and limited number of bars.

So you have a girlfriend that you have asked to move in with you, ok fine, good for you. A few things you need to keep in mind always about many of the Filipina

  1. Filipina are super jealous Ė if you look at another girl to long she may go crazy and ask you all kinds of question about her and what you are thinking about her. Do you have a crush on her and stuff like that.
  2. Very suspicious of everything you do and say Ė coming home not as drunk as she things you should be, she will think you took a girl for a short time and never for it rather you did or didnít. Any change in your behavior can set off a fight with her even if you havenít done anything wrong.
  3. If you should get caught doing something wrong (cheating) they will never forget is and will always being in up in the next argument or when she is just pissed at you for any reason.
  4. Some can get very violet when in and argument with you, they may be small in size but can put up one hell of a fight.
  5. Because you are living in their country they think they know everything and you are donít know shit no matter how traveled you are around the world or your age. In their eyes you are always wrong about most things.

Not of course this does not apply to all girls but it is just good information to keep in mind. Some Filipina never say anything bad to their men and just keep it inside which of course can lead to other problems like her looking for another many or have another boyfriend on the side. At the same time while they know you are taking care of her she may just hide it out with you to have the life she knows you are going o give her, but you I have known girls here that had guys taking really good care of them and they ended up messing it up and being with a Filipino boyfriend and not having shit in their lives and barely getting by each month and still having to work in the bars or doing freelance sex to make money to feed the family but hey that is just life here in the Philippines for some of the girls.

Anything thing to take in to account is your relationship with her. What ground rules for the to of you where set in place when you asked her to move it? We all know the men and women think differently on just about everything and so asking her to move in with you means to her in most case that she is the only one you will have sex with, while to the guy it just means we live together but I can still have my fun with others but will always come home to you. Well while that sounds good to the guy most of the time it will not to the girl even with an agreement between the 2 of you, over time it will just not work.

Women here in the Philippines are not different and women anywhere in the world when you get right down to it. So donít think you can move here, get and girl and she will be unlike girls from your home country.


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