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January 2013

Well started this year off great by attending my first SOB party at Rum Jungle with a friend of Canada who was in town for a few days. What a great time I had there. Well run and everyone who attends gets a prize. If you are in Subic Bay on a Friday these SOBís are one thing you will want to attend.

I had planned to attend the next SOB at Voo Doo but the event was canceled at the last minute as a day of respect after the fire that was in one of the hotels where several people died. A friend from the States and I when but then bar hopped after we left Voo Doo which made for a drunk night for both of us after we visited Bar Barretto, 20/20, Salty dog and then Wet Spot. With 2 bars closed due to the fire 2 of the bars (Wet Spot and Buccaneers) have twice as many girls so things are pretty interesting in them.

Party party party 13 Jan Ė house party with friends. I surprised my girl by having a BBQ at the house. Turned out great too, had some good food and lots of beers for everyone. Good to see her smile so much and having a great time.

Day time bar hops Ė out shooting pool at Midnight Rambler and Moby Dicks at the Wild Orchid hotel with friends. Wild Orchid opens at 3pm and closes at 12am. A really nice bar with GROís, sorry guys they can leave before the bar closes but after that if you are lucky you may get a date.

SOB @ Bar Barretto  18 Jan Ė decided to do it right this time a paid to be a judge that gives me a front row seat right by the stage so I was able to get some great pictures and videos.  While I was there ran in a guy I knew which was a surprise to me when I see him sitting next me so some times the little surprises we get are the best so another great night in Bar Barretto having a great time with friends in the bar. After that I head to Salty Dog bar to see a few friends there and party a bit more.

Itís been a great start to the new year so I look forward to the rest of the year here in the Philippines!

Living in the Philippines in a budget

I added this for those who like me wanted to live in the Philippines but donít have much money!

A lot of guys talk about moving to the Philippines but very few of them do, many make trips here to live the good life for a week or maybe even a few months but when it comes to moving here the numbers drop off quickly. This is for several reasons the main reason being money of course. At home in their native country they have everything they need, a house, car, family and friends plus they know how everything works. So these factors make it hard to just up and move to a different country where things are a lot different.

If they decide to make the move over they want to arrive with enough saving to support their new lives. So they will think about what they spend on vacation and try to match that for the rest of how ling they think they will be around or to match the life they had back home. Well that can get very costly, 150,000p a month would be a good figure to start with which is not unreal if you go clubbing a lot and know a lot of girls, have a nice house and car.

Many of the guys make the move after they retire so they can count on the retirement pay plus saving to support them which is a great ideal if you want to wait that long.

Well I didnít want to wait about 11 years to move over so with my last pay cheque from work and my military retirement pay and I made the move even though I support my mom back home each month I knew I could make a go it in Subic Bay. It would be not be a great life with a lot of toys or nights in the bars but for me that was ok. I have been in South East Asia and the Pacific since 1978, been to more bars then I could begin to count and had way too much fun with the girls I have meet. So bar hopping was not high on my list of things to do all the time.

The 11 years I spent in Singapore I didnít drive at all so learned I can live without it, hell I will just travel like the locals do, no problem for me. I know for others the idea of walking all the time and taking a Jeepney is not all that appealing but for me I can no problem. Maybe I have just lived outside of states long enough not to have the same mind set as others from back home.

Ok so how much of I live on each month? Without adding in buying items for the house I rent,  trips to the bars and eating out, which I do about 3 to 5 times a month under 50,000pesos if you take away cigarettes and beer for home 45,000p. Now I live a very simple life here but it is not a boring life at all, I eat well but donít do much in the way of travel but again I have done my share of traveling so not high on my list but can travel if I wish to. So you could manage well 75,000p a month if you wanted to. It is all about knowing yourself and what you want to do while you live in the Philippines this is what will set your monthly budget and if you are able to move, live and stay in the Philippines!

One thing to keep in my is that while it is cheap to live in the Philippines items you get in the states could cost you 3 times as much here like a cooler or BBQ grill so something you have at home you may want to ship over to save yourself the cost of buying them here. My advice is this; you have you now at home have it shipped it over if you can you will be happy you did!

Jan 23, 2013 - Moving Day

I had planned to move to a bigger plan in time since I only had a 1 bedroom house and knew in time I would want at least 2 bedrooms.  Several months before I talked to the owner of some houses that are close to where I lived and told her if anything came open to let me know first, well that happen! She had a 2 bedroom place fully furnished for 16,000pesos in Baloy beach. It was a bit close to the main road but still it would ok noise wise since there would be a lot more trikes passing by but over all I felt it would be ok.

So I go by to see the house and it is really nice since it had just been freshly painted inside and out and was well furnished. I explained to her that I would have to pay the deposit over several months which replied ďjust pay what you can!Ē wow thatís great! Added to that she knocked off 1,000pesos of the price for me, maybe cause when I would go by her sari sari store I was always saying hi and talking to  her and her family, either was a vary lady to do it for mo and was totally unexpected.

So the plan was to move in on the first of Feb but I decided to move in the next day, after all no point waiting, right? So go see the owner and she again she is like ďno problem just pay the extra days when you canĒ.

I donít know if all owners are like she is or maybe I just got really lucky but I fell really happy I was able to get a real easy going and good landlord again.

I called up my friend to see if he could help us move and he was more than happy to drop by along with 1 other close friend so we moved everything about 45 minutes sine it was only about 150 feet from our old house. Next we started to set up the new place with the items I had gotten like 2 dressers, 1 cabinet and food rack so everything was easy to carry since most of it was plastic, yeah it looks cheap but it is light so when it comes time to move it is a breeze which is what I love!


So now I have to have a BBQ to use up some food I had in my old freezer that will not fit in my new freezer which is not a problem at all since I love having BBQís.

Later in the evening I some visitors drop by to say hi and to see my new place, a pleasant surprise which is always welcome.

26 Jan 2013 - Life is a little different in the Philippines

Living on the beach is great and everyone dreams of it and nice it would be. When I first returned to Subic Bay I knew I would be living in the Baloy Beach area I just loved it. On the down side the road is not fully paved and floods when it rains. But over all I felt these were not that much of a big deal for me.

Well like any place that you move into over time you start to learn and see things differently. Here in Baloy Beach the houses, hotels and apartments were built over time so there was no plan to the building. Water is delivered my house by the use of Ĺ inch blue plastic pipe that in some places is only a few inches under the ground and in some place is openly exposed. Drainage, well since the road is not paved there is none. The water from my sinks empties out right behind the house and the water from the toilet goes, well Iím not sure where it goes? There is not sewer line here, I do see a septic truck in the area from time to time but not sure if it is for my area or just the apartment building where it always stops at.

Electrical power line; what a mess that is each building as it was build got it own line so over time it is just a bunch of wires going everywhere so you meter for your house maybe 100 feet away hanging on a pole somewhere.


30 Jan 2012 Ė The Birthday Party

I received a birthday invitation from the owner of the Sari-Sari store for her god daughter who was having her first birthday so since she is really nice lady I was happy to go. Being a Wednesday I didnít think there would be much of crowd but I forgot I was in the Philippines!

So the morning of the 30th about 8am I hear the birthday song being played I check my invitation thinking maybe I miss read it since it said 4pm and yep it says 4pm but people are start to gather already.

As time gets closer to 4pm (normal time) I head over at 4:30pm which is ok being Filipino time. The roads are packed with people and trike driver stopping by to say hi to Patsy and drop of gifts. Wow I was not expecting all this added to that I only knew a few people there so felt a bit out of place but what the hell just sit back and enjoy it!

As I sat there watching everything that was going on I thought to myself, ďthis is really great, here it is a Wednesday and everyone is here having a great time, wouldnít see this in the states or Singapore!Ē



I love the life here in the Philippines and that is all that I can say!



Ok I have had a few beers

A great way to spend the weekend in Subic Bay, Philippines

All along the beaches in the Philippines you can find Nipa Hunts, Bungalows and small houses you can rent for a day, a week or however long you wish. This are great places to have family gatherings or parties with your friends


Prices run as low as a few hundred pesos for nice big Nipa hunt to about 1500p for house in the Baloy Beach area which is a 2 bedroom place. With the number of Sari-Sari stores in the area most of what you my run short of can be found only a few yards away if not right where you are staying.

Like when you have a picnic or go camping you bring everything with you like the food, beer, ice, sodas, plates, cups, beer, swim suits, a change of clothes and did I say beer? Well donít forget the beer and the bottle opener if not 2 since 1 always gets lost!

You can bring you own BBQ grill if you want the extra area for cooking but a grill should be close by for your use if you need it.

Being that you will most likely have some of your Filipino friends joining you, you can rent a Karaoke Machine and sing all night long while playing Tonkkit and doing shots of the local Brandy, after all what is a party here in the Philippines without singing?

So letís say you are planning a day/weekend at the beach but like me you donít have car and you guest are coming from mile away where they live, ok. So how to get everything and everything to your party location, easy, rent a Jeepney! It will run you about 250p to 300p only and the best part is the driver will come back and pick when you ask them to return. So no need to worry about having enough run you haul everyone and all the stuff there, works great! No worries about how much you or others drink and then having to get home if you are just doing a daytime trip and not spending the night, hell party on and have a great time.


6 Feb 2013 - Time to Relax

My last big night out on the town was the 25 of Jan when I attended my 3rd S.O.B. party of the year at Buccaneers Bar and had a great time, well some might say I had way to much fun that night!



So I decided to take a break from the night life and chill at home for while and just relax and enjoy what I have at home. Now donít get me wrong, ok, I did not stop enjoying my San Miguel Beer (SMBís) every day I just drank at home having 5 or 6 and doing my nightly BBQís.

I really love my new place, it is bigger, cooler and the porch area is great but what the house needed was a sound system. Normally I use my laptop for music but that wasnít cutting it when I had company over since it wasnít ever loud. So I went into Olongapo City and got me 2 speaker and a DVD/Karaoke player for 2,800p not the greatest setup but good enough for now until I get my killer stereo from Singapore. So now I have tunes playing and life is so much better now since I have over 15,000 songs on my port-a-drive that I can now listen to not including over 1,300 music videos so as you can see I have plenty to keep me busy at home for while.

Do I miss the bars, sure in the day time I have to a few bars I visit but nothing special just mostly meeting up with friends to play some pool (which I still suck at after all this time) and have a few beers.

Midnight Rabmler

For me, I have gotten use to not doing many things, I have found that sometimes it is really nice just doing nothing. I know many canít do that and need to keep busy which is ok for them.

The secret is finding what you want out of life and making yourself happy! Retirement for me came at 54 years old, still young but you know what, Iím enjoying it. I could have worked longer if I wanted to but moving to the Philippines was for me more important so I could sit back enjoy life here which I am.

My final words Ė If God made anything better then a San Miguel Beer or Filipina woman he kept it for himself!

9 Feb 2013 Ė Day out with the guys

It is always nice to meet up with one your friends that have not seen for a long time and that is what happen this weekend. I guy I knew from when I was stationed in San Diego CA came into town. The last time we saw each other was back in December of 2001 right before I retired. We use to hang out in the bars all night long just having a good time with the girls there. Oh and so you know the girls there were all Filipinas too, ďGo figureĒ!

He had come over to my house the night before where we drank until 11pm or 12, canít really remember now. But anyway, I had made plans to meet up with a guy from Sweden to pool at 2pm at Midnight Rambler for while the following day which I told my Navy friend about. So that evening while drinking I tell my friend about getting his visa extension and how easy it was in Olongapo vice Manila so we were going to the office in the morning.

Gary and Warren

So the next morning I reach his hotel at 10am and we start walking to the main road to catch Jeepeny a as we are walking up the street and only years from getting ride in to town I think to myself ďyeah it is the weekend and the traffic so heavy todayĒ just then I stop in my steps, look at my friend and say, ďfuck today is Saturday the office is closedĒ! Well that is not what he wanted to hear but we both laughed it off and headed back to my place for some beer. The night before I bought 12 beers as well as my friend but when we got to the house we only had 3 left so after those are gone we head to Rambler to eat and drink. Reaching there just before 1pm I text my other friend to let him know we are at the bar and right away I get a text back and that he is on the way. I guess he really wanted to get out of there badly.

Midnight Rambler, Subic Bay  Midnight Rambler, Subic Bay  Midnight Rambler, Subic Bay

Once everyone is together in the bar we start playing pool with the girls who always kick our asses but it is all fun just the same. The beers for going down fast the lady drinks are showing up. But after 5 hours it was time to move on. So I take the guys over to Sweethearts bar so we can watch some dancers.

Sweetheartís is open at 2pm and has the girls on stage so it is a great place to start your day early if you want. We got a great table by the stage and I start taking pictures and videoís of the girls on stage. Well as you may or may now that will always attraction to you as the girls pose and dance for you, now of course they all want to see their pictures and get that special pose they like the most which in a way is kind of funny since chances are they will never see the picture again but what the hell it is all in good fun anyway, right?

Sweethearts bar dancers  Sweethearts bar dancers

My 2 friends hit it off great and the guy from Sweden had us both laughing our asses off with the phases he uses while telling his stories, everyone is having a great time with more beer and more ladies drinks. I think it was about 9pm when we head out of Sweethearts, again not really sure!

Next stop was going to Bar Barretto but we only made it about 300 feet to Dust Till Dawn bar, never being in there we think what will be a 1 beer stop, ha ha that wasnít happening and we all knew it pretty quick. Great little bar with dancers and the manager ďJohnĒ was keeping the music going never missing a beat. I run into a old friend I meet on my first trip and was surprised her in the bar since before was over at Wet Spot bar before.

Dust Till Dawn Bar, Subic Bay  Dust Till Dawn Bar, Subic Bay - John and Warren  Dust Till Dawn Bar, Subic Bay - Dancers  Dust Till Dawn Bar, Subic Bay - Warren  Dust Till Dawn Bar, Subic Bay - Kris and Gary

Dusk Till Dawn opens at 8pm and closes at 5am so a great place to end your night.

More pictures and 1 video and it is getting to the point to where I need to head home. 12 hours of drinking was taking its toll on me, I donít know about the others but I was pretty well off, I could have made it to the next bar but why? So my Navy friend and I head home in a Trike at 11:30pm.

Needless to say it was a very good night just hanging out with the guys, I guess this week when my other Navy friend returns from Leyte and the 4 of us hook up there will be hell to pay the day after the bar hop! More to come on the that adventure soon.

17 February 2013 Ė What a month so far!

Having good friends around always brings out the good times when just sitting back and enjoying their company. Sine I have live here I have meet a number of guys in the bars but only a few of them do I really keep in touch with and even then it is a hit or miss deal because I tend to get a bit lazy and just want to relax at home.

BBQís at the house are fun with the all the beer and food we have there for everyone so they end up being a all night event. And when we meet up out in the bars the good times are the best of times.

I donít go out much because I am on a set income but when I go out I have a great time with everyone around me. Everyone is really cool on picking up the tabs on drinks which we all do, I donít like it when others pay for drinks I have gotten so I grad the time from time to with the others saying ďNo need I go itĒ! What can I say, good friends!

Since they are only here for a short time and on vacation like many guys on vacation they want to relax and drink and since I am live here, well that makes me the guide to places to go and that leads to a lot of drinking. Like when the guys come by the house most of the time they bring at least 18 beers with them, so you add that to what I have in the house already and it adds up to a lot of beer each day.

The sad part is next month everyone will be gone and I will be back to my normal life and not going out as much which really could be a good thing and if anything my girlfriend will be happier with me home just about all the time all before.

17 Feb 2013 Ė Bar Barretto and the new Hot Zone Location

I had planned to go to Sweethearts for the fashion show they were having which started at 7pm but got a late start and couldnít make there for the start so my friend and I head to Bar Barretto to start our night of drinking.

Reaching Bar Barretto about 7:30pm the bar was already about 75% full so we had a seat at the bar, put our names up for the pool table and sat back and had started to have a good time. After a while I see the owner Jim and as always he give me a great greeting, Jim is just that kind of guy which is one reason he has the best voted bar in Subic Bay for 2012.

At 8pm my Swedish friend arrives and joins the party.

Bar Barretto, Kris, Dell and Warren

With the limited number of bar in Subic Bay in time you start to make friends with the guys that you meet and of course you will make friends with some of the workers in the bar too. Since I was on the pool team that Bar Barretto has I spent a lot of time there so know a few of the long time workers there. It is always good to have someone in the bar that looks out of you and takes care of you while when you drop in. Plus it is easier and more comfortable for someone when you return to the bar since you have already broken the ice and everyone knows what is going on.

What I think is the reason so many like Bar Barretto is the low pressure of the staff so that always makes the stay there so much more enjoyable and relaxing not to mention the great music, band and the girls!

Our next stop was the new location of Hot Zone which opened just a few days before my visit. I had been in the old Hot Zone only a few times but always had a good time there so was looking forward to the visiting the new location. The one part so far is open is a lot smaller then old bar but the building is not yet fully completed but by the looks of it I think was I saw is what it will be.

The dance for is lower than the main floor with chairs at the railing, the bar is bright but not blinding and has good color with the hot zone flames on some of the walls. I can say all the seats have a great view of the stage which shows good planning on the design on the layout.

Hot Zone Dancers, Subic Bay  Hot Zone Dancers, Subic Bay  Hot Zone Dancers, Subic Bay

Simba the owner who I finally got to meet come over to the table when I was taking pictures to help us get a better picture while I was at the table. If I have learned anything while here in Subic it is to meet the owner and managers if you can. Sometimes it is hard to find them unless you ask but well worth doing. They are a wealth of information and can always help you out answering your questions about the area or the bar.

Hot Zone Bar - Warren and Simba

Most guys that night were bar hopping so would drink in have a drink then move on to the next bar, now the bad part of this is that the dancers donít really have time to warm up the crowd and get crazy on the stage. But over all what I saw was pretty good when the girls where dancing even if the stage is a bit small for the number of girl they have.

25 Feb 2013

Like the end of most months I have lived here the funds are running low so I am not out much and spend most of the time at home enjoying my beers there. I donít mind so much staying home just chilling with the girlfriend now that I have finally got my DVD player and some speaker. Listening to music over the laptop was ok but needed the volume to really enjoy it since most of the time I sit out on the porch.

Sad news is back on the 21st of the month my neighbor who was from Sweden had a heart attack and passed away. It was in the early afternoon and his girl was at the store when it happens. When she returns she found him laying the shower and let out a scream like I have never heard in my life! Everyone in the area could hear her and came running since no one knew what was happening but you knew it wasnít good. When we got in the bathroom at first the others tried to pick him up and move him out of the room while I was clearing his mouth from foam which I soon realized was shaving cream. Next I checked for a pulse but didnít feel one so know he was already gone and the guy was only 64 years old which is sad.

So from the aftermath of the happening my girlfriend leaves a light on in the kitchen at night when we go to bed, I donít know shy, maybe she feels safer with it on now but I figure if it helps her deal with it then no problem. Also every little cough I have or pain I feel she is really over protective and asking if I am ok? Now I am only 55 years old, never been to the doctor for anything major, I donít drink nearly as much as I use to and my smoking is cut in half each day unless I am out drinking in the bars then I can suck down a pack that night. But over all I am doing fine I think.

Sine I have been here, (June 2012) 3 expats have died that I know about! That I like 1 every 3 months, WTF? It kind of makes you think to a point, well some it would anyway! The only way it has affected me is to make sure all my items are in order so if something should happen no worries for those I leave behind.

In a few days a new month starts so letís see what March has in store for me.


MARCH 2013

SOB Event at Hot Zone a great way to start the month off

March 22, 2013

General stuff to talk about

With summer time here now the weather has been great, there were a few days when I rained but only for an hour or so and then it moved on. Along that same line this summer has seen some all time highs in the temperature, ok? Now most rental houses only 1 air-conditioner in the master bedroom which is a small unit. So in the rest of the house you need to rely on fans to do your cooling which can vary in number depending on where your house is located and how much of  breeze it gets.

From December to May the wind mostly blows from the west to the east while in the rainy season the wind changed from east to west bring the rain to the Luzon region.

The beach in Baloy never seems to be really crowed even on the weekends when local families come in to vacation which make it really nice if you live in the area. I have spent some evenings sitting on the beach in Baloy only to see a few people walking past me if any at all. The water is fairly warm too incase you wanted to know J


From mid-March to Mid-April is the hottest month with the average temperature being about 93 in the day and 74 in the evenings so yes it is hot with about 50% humidity.

Bar info

T-Rose as been closed by the owner but no one is sure if this a total closure of just a temporary one like before.

The old Hot Zone bar has a For Rent sign on it now so maybe the guy of Angeles City is not making the move to the Subic area.

Sweethearts and Route 69 are said to be for sale but I think it is just talk for now.

Soon the floating bar will be lifting anchor to be towed away for the rainy season, no set dates yet for the 3 of them but it is coming soon and to think so far I havenít made it to any of them so far. Guess I will have to hit all 3 in day before the head in the port!

Friends depart in the first half of the month

My 3 friends all departed 1 week a part from each other 2 of them I was able to party with before the left. Sad to see them all go since I donít really have many friends to play pool and party with in the day time but it was fun while it lasted.

I know my girl is happy now that they are gone and she has me all to herself like it was before they came which is cool with me. I know anytime I want or need to have a break and I can head out for the day which is what I am a custom to anyway.

Being really happy here in Subic Bay

One afternoon my girl and I head down to the beach to walk around and just enjoy the day together like we often do. As I was sitting there I thought about the days when I was in the Navy and how I loved being in the Philippines.

Since 1995 it was my dream to move here and live out my life here but as life is things happens sometimes our dreams seen like they will never happen. To start with I served 6 years more in the Navy that planned after that I ended up in Singapore and was fairly happy there but coming back to the Philippines was always on my mind and I talked of moving out of Singapore often. Once thing reached the point to I had couldnít take living there anymore I started making trips to Subic Bay.

Not having any savings the thought of moving and leaving most of what I had behind was not an appealing idea but when the time came and I felt it is right I made the move, after all I have started over before so why not start over again?

As I over the bay on that summer day and look around at the beach and ocean and I think of what I have now, I think of how I have few worries and I think of life here, so I smile and say to myself, ďthis is truly happiness and this is what I wanted my entire lifeĒ.

Not being rich or even well off financially I am still a happy man and for me that is all that matters.

Is it just me?

I donít know if I am just lucky because I had the chance to visit so many places overseas and stay there for a long time and get to learn the ways of local people or if it was because I am from Los Angeles where you donít trust anyone you run into but when I hear about people bitching about what happens here in the Philippines I find it kind of funny. It is like what did you expect to happen? Here you are from another country on vacation loaded with money and pissing it all away on drinking, buying ladies drinks, ringing the bell in the bar and bar fines yet they bitch about some trike driver ripping them off of a few Pesos on their ride home.

Damn I mean come one look at where you are at and how the people are living here, ok! What some guys blow in one night the localsí worker may be lucky to make in a month. Now I not saying taking advantage of anyone is right, but at the same time I can understand why it happens at the same time.

Having come common street smarts about the where ever you go in the world will really save your ass in the long run. To start with realizing you are not back in your home country and the Philippines is not your country you need to keep your head about you. I have said this before but at the same time canít stress how important it is to remember this small fact.

ďTreat others as you want to be treatedĒ is something I learned at a very young age and I think it has really paid off over of years of travel. I never had a problem with the locals except in Guam but there the guys had nothing better to do then the mess with the military guy but in Spain, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Okinawa, Malaysia, Saipan and Cuba I never had a problem as well as other states I visited for training.

Some things are so simple to understand but people make life so hard on everyone. The information is out there on anything you want to know about any place you place to visit. Do you homework so you have some clue about the area and the people and know what to look out for.

But I guess that is asking too much isnít it?

Being here 10 months now I still donít know a lot about the area to be honest, but people I do know that is sure. I have meet a few guys here on vacation while hanging out in the bars in day time and have seen some truly funny shit by the way they are in the bars, but I understand they are here on vacation and just want to have a good time. We all party differently, that is a true so what one finds fun the other may not. It is all about understanding that and not judging them by your standards, but again this is just the way I see it. As long as the person doesnít start trouble Iím cool, once I see them heading in the direction Iím out of there.

I donít need trouble and donít want trouble but if I find myself in spot where I need I take care of business it will be quick and fast.

What I learned about bar life

My girl always worries about me when I go out bar hopping even if I tell her nothing to worry about and that I am hers.

Here in Subic Bay you have girls working from the age of 18 and up, ok some of the girls have fake birth certificates and could be 16 or 17 but the is just the way life is here since the family need to eat the girls go to work in the bars using a sister birth certificate to get the job.

The 3 un-written rules of bar girls:

  1. Donít tell the guys girlfriend he bar fined you.
  2. If the guy enter the bar with his girlfriend act as if you donít him unless you met his girl before, but donít get to close to him while she is there.
  3. Donít text him until his texts you saying it is ok to text back.

When I go out I always take pictures to post on the site which everyone know but sometimes I may run into a girl that my girlfriend knows and then all hell breaks loose at home when she see the pictures since I am always holding them close to me for the picture. So as you can imagine these builds so many questions in her head about what happen while I was out it is just too overwhelming to understand.  Incident pictures turn in to WW3, but what to do?

A lot of the bar girls I meet are, yes, on my Facebook! I donít worry about it since I didnít date any of them but at the same time it raises questions which I know could be avoided but it at the same time is that really being honest? True I could hide them away but why should I? I mean nothing happen and I never hide my photos from my girl I have nothing to hide after all when it comes to my Facebook Friends. But yeah we are talking about a Filipina which I have found to be some of the most suspicious women in the world. But you know can I really blame her? 

When you walking into a bar you know every girl in there can you can have for a price. You can do short time or long time and know nothing will be said about it to her. So the temptation is there always when you see that sexy girl on stage and you feel the burning desire to bang her just one.

When I was younger hell, yeah I would do her but now I like to think I have a lot more control and am able not to make the same mistakes, if you want to call it, that which I made before.

Filipina Girls that made it and girls that are still looking

Some girls have meet guys and became couples and the guys take very good care of them while they are away working or back home while other girls are still looking for that special man in their lives.

My girlfriend worked in a bar and when I was gone I didnít / couldnít worry about what she was doing or who she was with, that is ďjust workĒ or her job is the way I saw it even if I was still supporting her. If I worried about it I would have gone crazy. Understanding the job of a bar girl is not easy and to relate it to your relationship with her is even harder.

So for the girls that have the money coming in each month they are pretty much set up with all their needs you would think. We all or most of us know the saying, ďYou can take the girl out of the but you cannot take bar out of the girl!Ē if she want sometime extra to but she knows how to get the money to buy it.

Freelancer in the Olongapo / Subic are charge around 3000p which is double the bar fine prices of the bar for a long time and for the 3000p it may just be a one shot deal. So you can see how the girls can earn a lot more doing freelancing when they can do 2, 3 or 4 guys a night.

So if she wants that new I-phone 5 easy to get and no one knows. But yeah it is just life here so get use to it. I love Filipinas if I didnít I wouldnít have moved here but at the same time I understand them and how "some" shit works.

Sex here for the most part is just a business, a way to earn income it has nothing to do love or anything like that. So unless you are living here with her then she will make the partner you have always wanted and will be there by your side always. Nothing is for sure, so sad to say you never know what kind of woman you have and you can only hope for the best out of your relationship and prey she is a good women after she has left her bar life.

Wow this is fuck upped

So you meet the love of you life in a bar and decided she is the one for you but you are only on vacation here for a few weeks so instead of paying bar fines each night you decide to do a steady bar fine which basically says when you come into the bar you can just take her all the time since you paid about 25,000p. She can still work if she want to but here in the Subic area it seems the girls stop working and move in with the guy who will them support then and the family which is great deal for those girls.

The funny part is that some of these girls that get steady bar fines are married or have Filipino boyfriends. So the guy is not only supporting her but her family (husband, children and mom and dad) and everyone else that will jump on the band wagon of the rich boyfriend, but this is life in the Philippines get use to it.

We use to have a saying when I was in the Navy about Filipinas which was, ďBelieve nothing of what you hear and half of what you see and you may be alright!Ē See what Iím saying? I hope so!

Sometimes I feel really sad for the girls that work in the bars, they meet a guy and decide to stay with them even without a steady bar fine and the guy set all these rules on them, what the fuck is that all about? If you donít trust the girl move on and get another one that you do trust. Or take her home with you if your wife will not mind too much.

Everyone needs to wise the hell up the way I see it, the guys and the girls, but how, that is the question, right?


APRIL 2013

Easter weekend in Baloy Beach, Philippines 2013

30 March 3013

Tonight we stopped by Lagoon Resort to see the band there. Not many people but the band was great and we had a great time there. I requested a song ďhow do I live without youĒ which she female singer sang great so naturally my girl was very happy about that my choice of song I requested.

31 March 2013

Easter Sunday, with that in mind I thought it would be a nice touch to have my girlís family down so they could go swimming and we could have a good time before she gave birth on or around the 8th of April. Well about 12 noon my girl started feeling pains but thought nothing of them at the time but come 2:30pm we are heading out and going to the doctors. So we walked to the corner and got a Trike, I wanted one driver that I know well be he was busy helping out in the store so we had to take another one. The cost of the ride was 200p

At first we had planned to have the baby at the hospital in Barrio Barretto which would have cost about 25,000p if all went well. We had been seeing a doctor there for 3 months but then my girl heard about another doctor that delivered babies in her clinic if you want to all it that, it is more like her extra house that she has set up as a clinic.

For painless delivery the cost would be 10,000p if there were no problems of course, so a savings of 15,000p but at the same time when I first saw the place I had my questions. Being from the states where the delivery room is a lot different I was a bit worried but then I thought, WTF, this is the Philippines and girls have babies here all the time and in a lot worst places too. So I put my trust in the doctor. What else could I do after all?

On 31 March 2013 at 5:45pm our baby was born, 7 pound girl we named Shennel Magno Carter

My girl had her bag packed with her items I stuff for the baby but I didnít know I would be spending the night so for it was a bit harder for me since I had nothing with me. Then added to the factor I am not driving and the location of the clinic made it just about impossible to get out to get something to eat but as luck had it her cousin was in Barrio Barretto and was kind enough to get us some food and drinks for the night.

Come morning time the assistant nurse told us that at 8:30am the doctor would be giving us a ride home which I thought was very nice of her. I had planned to call a taxi so was happy that wasnít needed.

Time to pay up: it was a good thing I had received my pay on the 30th vice the first so I had the cash on me for a change but instead of the 10,000p it was only 7,000p the reason being my girlfriend didnít do the painless route. On the down side the mediation for my girl friend came to over 3,800p

Now check this out:

A girl whom lives close to us had her baby at the hospital in Barrio Barretto and the cost was 80,000p, the only word I got was that she needed blood since she had lost a lot and her labor was over 12 hours long.

Another girl had he baby at Gordon Hospital in Olongapo and the cost was 6,500p but there any medication you need you n have to buy at one of the stores close by. On the good side if the couples are voters in the Olongapo they can request help of the Mayorís office and can get 80% of the bill paid for if approved.

Being on a set income and having a baby surely changes life:

As I have said before you can try to live life like you were back home or you can learn to live like the locals. Naturally all parents want the very best for their children so finding that balance in life when it comes to your spending takes some adjustment in your life style and thinking. Now what that means to you will vary on what your monthly income is.

The last thing most men moving to the Philippines think about or even consider is having babies since most are over 55 and already have had children so starting over again is not that appealing plus it is not the reason they moved here.

6 April 2013 another sad day in Subic Bay (see the news section for details)

Life here in the Philippines if pretty cheap meaning for a very small amount of money killers can hire and then you are a gonner.

With the shooting of the manager from Blue Rock Resort to happen in the resort during the evening with everyone there eating hit me as a bit strange! Why there, why not on the road on even at his home where there would be less people to witness the shooting and a greater chance to get away without being spotted. But to walk into the resort, walk up to the man and shoot him in the head to me seems not only a killing but someone wanted to make a statement with the killing happening in the resort.

No one will ever know why he was killed and chances are no one will ever be charged, that is just life here. Killings happen all the time not so much here in Subic Bay but in Angeles City and Manila it happens a lot more.

Sometimes Expats are the targets for several reasons;

  • Business conflicts
  • Robbery
  • Jealous girlfriends / girls that feel they were done wrong by the other person
  • The girl had a boyfriend or is married
  • Disputes with a local / fighting / bad mouthing / disrespecting them or their families

So as you can see these reasons are pretty common no matter you live on the planet but the difference is here in the Philippines where every day most people donít live, ďthey surviveĒ they do what has to be done. Cultural differences and understanding the people and life here is vital I feel if you plan to live here.

With all that said one thing to keep in mind that many Expats have lived in the Philippines for a long time and never had any problems. So donít think that just because you are an Expat that you are a target because chances are you not. It is really pretty simple; watch your peas and queís, keep your head about you, respect the Filipino people and their ways and you should be ok for the most part.


7 April 2013

Bits and Pieces:

A few things about living in Baloy Beach you should know.

Being one of many Expats living in the areas there are plenty of people around you that you make friends from and seek information and help if you need or want it. Everyone I have met for the most part are pretty friendly. The Filipinos in the area pretty much keep to themselves with a few asking who you are and where you live if they donít know already. I will as a percussion only give so much personal information to someone I donít know so if they start to ask to many question I get a bit Leary about them, better save then sorry, right?

Being a nice person I always say hi or good morning to everyone, the bad part of this is if some of the Filipinos need something (money) they will come over to you and ask for a loan. I guess the locals figure all expats are loaded with cash and have lots of it to pass out. I had one lady when I first arrive back in June 2012 and wanted me to hold her phone until she paid me back so I figured ok why not? Well to make a long story short, ďI still have the phone LĒ.

Living on a side street there is not much traffic or people walking but again the Filipinos will seek you out and come by your place asking if you can donate to this and that. Over all I guess I have had 15 people stop at my place, sometimes 2 or 3 groups asking for the same thing over a 2 or 3 day period. Of all these visitor only 1 had the paper work showing what the donation was for from a government office and all original, not so cheap copy plus the person had their ID from the agency. The basketball team has been by 3 times so far so I just tell them I gave already, each time it was a 2 or 3 guys asking. Now I donít know where the guys from or where they play if there is even a Baloy teen Team?

At my place I donít have a gate so people can walk up to my front door and knock but more of them stop at the porch and call inside so I always go out to see what they want for several reason but the main reason is I donít want strangers seeing what I have inside my house, again better safe than sorry!

Baloy during summer:

Starting Fridays the vacationer head into town for the weekends so all the rentals are full and the road is packed with cars, trikes and people walking so the dust can get pretty heavy at time and you really need the drivers since most donít seem to know where they are going and donít watch where they are going to closely. On the good side the eyeball liberty is outstanding with all the girls heading to beach. During the weekdays life is pretty much normal as any other time of year with the exception being the visitors who are in town from overseas.

But then again with the days being so hot most of them are only out at night when most of the bars open. There were 9 or 10 bars that open in the day time and a few of them had dancers or GROís but  few have closed like T Rose which had dancers and Taff Bar which only had Groís and Lollipop which open at 2pm before the fire happen now opens at 5pm.


10 April 2013 babies first shot

Visit to the Health Center in Barrio Barretto happen this morning at 8:30am so we could get the baby her first shot. Now understand you can also go the a private doctor and have the shots done for a cost be here in the Philippines if you go the health centers the babies shots are free with only a donation being given for the shot. There is a 10p cost for the paperwork (shot card) for you first visit.

We took a Trike from Baloy to the Health center and before we reached the main road, National Highway, our baby falls asleep.

So when we arrived there was already about 10 mothers and their babies there waiting to see the doctor. The waiting area is a small un-air-conditioned area with a scale for weighing the babies and one scale for bigger kids and adult.

One thing you learn quickly with it being summer time and having a baby you always carry a fan of some kind with you to keep your baby and yourself cool since by 9am it is already reaching 80 to 85 degrees. They have some fans that are round and about 12inches in diameter when open and when folded it is only 3 inches so it is easy to carry around with you.

So there we are, naturally I am the only Expat there or even in the area for that fact but many think I am Filipino, maybe cause I am in my old desert camies pants and singlet shit and most think I am just mixed blood with Black and Filipino. So as I sit there what do I see, yeah a 3 inch long Cock Roach and all I can thing is, ďWelcome to the Philippines!Ē and think nothing else of it and it runs around the floor till one lady smashed it under her foot and it ran there to hide, poor devil!

Right across the drive way from the center is where owner of dogs go, I am not sure for shots or registration but you have these strange dogs out there barking and fighting and just going crazy so if you are seated buy the windows you can have a good show there.

One there I did take not while there is that it seems that women here lose their baby tummies pretty fast. I was 4 or 5 young girls that I would say was between 19 and 23 with babies that were maybe a month old and no sign they have just given birth. Later when we got home I was questioned about looking at one of the girl a bit too closely but hell how not to look, right?


The whole time we are waiting our baby is still asleep, she goes to get her shot in the arm and sleeps thought that, we go home and baby is still sleeping! Now that I like after seeing all the other babies coming out from the doctor crying, guess we are just lucky?

In conclusion:

When we first starting to the doctor in the private hospital in Barrio Barretto now that was a climate which I was use to being from the states, the visits cost me from 450p to 5000p. My girl is the greatest and I have to give her credit for doing all she can to save us money in any area we can. This is why she told me she was changing doctors and location to have the baby so instead of paying 25,000p we paid only 7,000p.

The second thing is getting use to live here on their level and the way things are done by the locals. If you have the funds to spend to keep your girl in a life style that you are use to she will be more than happy to live at that level you provide her. We all want the best for those we love that is only normal. For those of us that are not loaded with cash (like me) well we do the best we can with what we have. So to have a girl that still appreciates what you have together and is happy with you, even shit ass broke you have to call yourself one lucky man to have her by your side!

Medical here in the Philippines can be a lot different than from our home counties so it takes getting use to.

 Iím sure most guys here donít have the same worries I do since they are retired and getting a pension plus social security plus whatever other monies they have in saving. Donít get me wrong I have nothing against those that had better plans when moving here unlike me, but for anyone that should move here like me just know you can make a go of it here and not be rich.

Part 2

On 31 March 2013 my girlfriend had our baby, it was a girl that we names Shennel Mango Carter, her weight was 7 pounds and was born at 5:45pm so needless to say my life has changed now that I we have a baby to care for. It is something how when you have a baby life takes a whole different outlook and you priorities change so much.

Since we had the baby I have only been out of the house 3 times and that was go buy diapers. But that is ok, I donít really mind that much. Yeah I miss going to the bar and having a good time but she, Shennel is much more important. I know in time I will be have my nights out again and I also know they will not be as often as before but being at home with my girl and our baby suits me find right now.

As I have said before when I moved here it was not just for the party life that the Philippines offered, been there, done that! Yeah it is a great way to life I will never deny that fact. It is just me and what I wanted when I moved here.

But sometimes that is hard to make others understand with all the girls in the area people think that that guys are always looking for someone else and that is not always the case. But when you are dealing with a Filipina it is something you have to get use to. Even if you havenít done anything you will be accused of wanting other girls that is just the way it is. I think if I lived in an area away from the bars and all the girls walking around that would go away but I donít so I have to put up with the charges that have not basics to them. It all goes back to understanding Filipinas as girl friends.

When you life is place where sex can be had so easily you have to understand your girl friend worries and I do. I know I have my bad habits too. I like making new friends and the bad part for me is 99% of them are women. Itís not that I want to take them out I just find them easier to talk to. I tell everyone I have a girl friend and show her pictures that on my phone so I am not hiding her at all, I want everyone to know.

A person tried to do the best they can and that is all they can do which is why I have been close to home because it is where I felt I needed to be. I am trying to be a better man than I was before I moved here so al I can do is keep trying harder each day and hope it pays off.

But at the same time I am 55 now I am to some point set in my ways there are some things I feel I have earned the right to do and expect from those around me:

  1. If I want to have a beer leave me a lone
  2. If I want to stay up all night it ok
  3. Donít accuse me of things I am doing unless you have full proof evidence
  4. Talk to me and respect me like I talk and show respect to them
  5. Just because I go out to a bar doesnít mean I am look for a short time

Facebook: FB

Damn what a fucking headache.

I like Facebook, I have made a lot of friends there from all over the world. I joined Facebook back in 2009 I think it was and for me it was a great way to meet new people and get to know that to some point. I have never been a pick up kind of kind, too shy in the clubs if you can believe that? Girly bars are a different story but in a normal bar I am just ďshit-out-of-luckĒ. 

So being on FB yeah I be-friend people but is only to meet others around the world. The sad part is that not everyone sees it that way and the problems start but as I said I am who I am. It that wrong, maybe? Should I restrict myself from who I am or should others try to better understand me, will naturally I think the later but I am sure many will think this is this wrong way to be thinking and acting!

In concussion:

So where is all of this going? Well it is simple, living here in the Philippines and having a Filipina girlfriend is different than the girlfriend you had/have in your home country.

Be sure of what you want is most import, have a plan for you life in the Philippines. If you want to just have a great time during the night life donít have any girl friends but if you want to find a great woman to be by side understand her and where you plan to live with her. Me I chose to live in the Philippines while many decide to take her to where they live which for the guy is easier in many case because of age, his working and having the guys family close by makes life easier for the guy.

For the Filipina she is happy to live anywhere because life will be so much nicer for her in many cases in another country plus added to the fact that the man will be taking total care of her and her kids if she has any her life is pretty much set.


I had one guy on a forum site tell me about living in the Philippines:

ďseems like you have no clue!Ē

I responded with:

Yeah you are right i have only been coming here since 1979.

I am clueless and have no idea what i am talking about just like everyone else that lives here.

I guess with it being so fucked up everyone will start moving back their home countries.

But what ever you can have your opinion of me it's ok.


I donít talk much and I donít talk out my ass either as a matter of fact I listen more then I speak so when I say I something I know what am talking about 98% of the time. There are times when I may have gotten bad information and passed it on but if that happens I will admit to the error.


Next month:

During May I hope to be adding more info on the area as I hope to be out a bit more so stay tuned and watch for the updates.


Thanks for the support.


May 2013

May 2013 Life in Subic Bay

Since the Baby has arrived it doesnít give me much time to go out and hit the bars which is really ok with me for now. My girl doesnít mind me going out if I want to it is just at this point I want to stay close to home for a while.

From time to time weíll have some visitors or family drop by but that is pretty much all of the outside interactions we having with other people.

With the school vacation period ending soon my girlís brother shows up with friends and other cousins to go swimming, since we live so close to the beach they can leave their items at our house while they go swimming and donít have to worry about someone walking off with their phones and other items. The only thing I wished is that people would text us first before coming over but at the same time it is not that big of deal so I Donít say anything about it.

Everyone knows that when they come over to make yourself at home and most do too. I want people to feel relaxed at our place so I do what I can to make that happen.

On the 13th was election so on the 12th my girl and our baby headed to her home to visit the family. This was my first time being in the house alone for a few days and all I did was stay at home cleaning, watching movies and napping as well was sending a lot of text messages to my girl. I thought about going out for the night and visiting a few bars to see what was happening but I lost interest so just stayed home.

May 15 Shennel got her second shot with this one being in her leg and hurt her pretty good too. We had already gotten the medicine for when she got sick from the shot so that made it a bit easier for her but not much since it lasted about 2 days. That same day, the 15th, we had planned to attend a wedding but since the baby was not feeling good and my girl didnít want to go I too stayed home even thou she told me to go with one other girl we knew. This kind of took me by surprise that my girl said to go with her but I am sure she fully trusts her friend from work and felt she had nothing to worry about happening while we were gone. I know my girl loves me but at the same time not sure how much she trust me!

One afternoon I made it out to a few bars like Midnight Rambler, Alley Cat, Allies, Command Post and Toucan. I wanted to stop by the new bar which is called, ďBunker BarĒ but ran out of time and needed to get home to fix dinner so I will save that for my next time out whenever that will be?

Problem with internet connection:

On the 17th of May my internet went out for about 3 hours then on the 20th it was out for 13 hours. When I checked the providers information on the TV it said they we having a ďGateway problemĒ! this is the first time I have ever heard of that kind problem from a provider and for so long too, W.T.F?


The winds are starting to change direction and rain is starting to come now, which is a nice change since it is much cooler now and with the rainy season coming the floating bars are starting to be leave our shore also with Arizonaís bar being the first to depart on the 20th of May. So soon after the remaining 2 will also be gone.


June 2013

My night in Anglewitch Bar

Well I am sure many are thinking why I havenít been out in the bars taking pictures and videos and adding now write-ups on the bars and other activities around Subic Bay.

So to make everyone know why I have I had a low profile lately is because my girlfriend gave birth to our baby on 31 March, so as you can understand my time is spent at home 99% of the time now because this is where I need to be for a while for several reasons.

Side note:

When I had my site covering Singapore I always wanted my site to me up to date and honest, if you say or do something be man enough to own up to it. So with that say I will share this with you.


If you have a girl here in the Philippines that you really are in love with keep true to the love first and foremost. If you are like me and found that one special lady that is honest, loving, caring and devoted to you and you alone donít cheat on her. No matter where you live or how slick you think you are in time you will be busted and stand the change of losing the best thing in your life.

The temptation of life and the girls in the Philippines is a powerful force to deal with. Everything is so easy to get here if you want it, and that is the challenge if you are in a serious relationship.  Being and Expat the girl make themselves available to you very easily. Iím not just talking about the bar girls but it seems it apply to 80% of any girl you happen to meet no matter where.

I got lucky with my girl, she gave me another chance after I messed up one night while out in town. Trying to explain why shit happen like it did I canít, I was just stupid and that is all I can say!


Some of the girls we meet here are keepers, some are good for while, some are good for a week and some are good for a night.

I know a guy and he never goes to the bars here in Subic, he meets girls on the street or thought other girls and has his fun that way, but the bad part I have found from talking to him is that each time the girls leaves he finds all kind of items missing from his apartment like food, knives his watch and DVD player, some small change and other items. Some of the girl are really nice women but still married and their husbands have move on with a nothing woman so she need to get a divorce to continue but with a cost of 200k to get it done he had to let her go!

Finding a good woman in the Philippines as always been hard for many guys, from what I have been thought with Filipina many are with you just to get as much cash from you as they can to support their kids, family or their lifestyle that they have come accustomed too . Family here is always number one in most cases and that is something to understand about the Filipinas. I was lucky I found a good woman, she never asked for anything and her family is the same way too. Oh yeah there have time when they needed help but it was not very much that that needed. When I say not very much, I am saying the amount is fewer than 5k. Since my girl was supporting the family and was the only one working when I asked her to move in with me the family became my responsibility to support but with what I give them each month some spend in a night out in the bar easily.


You have it and they want it!

Ok so here letís forget about bar girls, we all know why they are working in the bar, ok? But if you have not been here lets cover a bit of bar girl life.

First off they make a commission of the drinks you buy them. Some girl are known as drink whore meaning they will drinking all night with you but will not go out of the bar with you or meet you later at you hotel or home.

Second is the Early Work Release (EWR) or better known as the Bar Fine, this is what you pay to take the girl out of the bar to go bar hopping and maybe more if she wants to spend the night with you. Here in Subic the EWR runs 1,500P plus the tip if you feel she has earned it but it is always a good idea to give her  few extra Peso so when she returned to the bar you are not know as a cheap skate.

Short time EWR: Normally run about 3 hours in Subic and runs about 1000p

Third item is paying her Share: What happens here is you can take the girl out of the bar and al you need to pay is the portion of the EWR that the bar would get minus her cut. If the girl should mention this to you chances are she like you and wants to spend with you but still stays connected to the bar, so it is it kind of like a paid vacation for her. She is saving you a lot of money and the 2 of you have the chance to spend some quality time together for a long time. I did this once and for 3 weeks it is cost me 12,500p.

Next is the Permanente Bar Fine (PBF), from when I know these cost you 25k Peso. Depending on where you are living in the Philippines the BFR can mean different thing in how they are applied. In many places it simples mean when you go to the bar where the girl works she can leave with you anything you like, but here in Subic Bay from what I have seen the girl stops working and now you have a live in a partner with all the responsibilities that go along with it like family and giving her spending money each month for herself.

The way I see PBF is if the girl really like you and wants to be your girlfriend she will just stop working, right, that is what my girl did! By taking the PBF she gets a porting of that fine so again it all boils down to money and supporting herself and her family which will always be number one since she may be the only one in the family working.

So what happens when you pay the PBF and you have to leave the Philippines? Well that will depend on her and how she is as a person and you relationship with her? Many girls with boyfriends still work in the bars while the guys are gone or they work freelance to earn extra cash for special things they want or maybe because they just like meeting new people and or just  have sex while making a few extra Pesos at the same time. Donít get me wrong not all girls do this but it is something to be aware of while you are out of country.

Business is business and that is all there is to it!

Silly question but one that needs to be asked, why do the girls work the bar or sell themselves well letís see?

  1. Many donít skills that can get them employed in companies or have the money to pay for the health checks, police checks and or have the education levels need to get the job.
  2. The families are dirty poor and needs to be taken care so the girls work in bars to earn good money.
  3. Age and looks, many companies want young, attractive women to work in their companies, it is a sad fact but one that is true in many cases. When you go in the stores in Olongapo and see the girls working there you will understand what I am saying.
  4. The girl is underage but still needs to work to support her family. Yes underage girls work in the bars. While the bars in Subic do all they can to prevent underage girls from working in the bars it still happens and many times it is hard to catch them since the girl use a Birth Certificate of an older sister so how is anyone to know?
  5. Some parents offer they teenage daughter to Expats because they know guys are will to pay top dollar for them or encourage them to go working the bars to help support the family.

When you live I a poor county sex is often the only way to make living for many girls so there is no other choice for then, it is sad but a fact of life in the Philippines or any other poor country.


Girls you meet on the street, in a normal bar or anywhere else.

Depending on where you meet her, how long you are in town and what she is looking for the price can run as cheap as 500p for a short time to 3000p for overnight or maybe even one shot!

Freelancerís verses bar girls:

  1. Freelancers donít have heath checks so you have no idea if has any VD, while bar girls are checked each week by city Health.
  2. If you have a problem with a Freelancer you have no-where to go to complain unlike a girl you got from the bar.
  3. If you take a freelancer to your home you may find items missing in the morning when you wake up if she departed before you woke up because you were too drunk the night before.

Age gap:

For me this is never been an issue as long as she is of legal age. When I lived in Singapore where the legal age is 16 here in the Philippines is 18 all that matter is that the girl is ok with it because of my age so we could be friends or more, it was up to her and that is all I will say about that!

For the Filipina age means nothing between her and man as long as he shows her the love and devotion she shows him. Family members also have no problem with their 20 year daughter dating a man that could very well be older then her father but is that is just the way things are here!


JULY 2013

Baloy Beach, Philippines at the end of June 2013

How time flies, I have now been here for 13 months and it doesnít seem like it has been that long. The month started with a 10 hour black out and as of today 4 July we had 6 more. Most only last for a few minutes to a half hour so having a flashlight handy and a few candles just in-case your batteries go dead.

If you happen to live in Baloy Beach you will be getting you electricity from Subic City while those in Barrio Barretto get their power from Olongapo. So if you are home chances are good the power will still be on along Nation Highway where the bars are located.

Along the beach all the floating bars have been taken into post for rain season and many of the Nipa huts have been moved off the beach since the floor of weekend visitors has just about all but stopped now due to the weather change, along with that you see sandbags being filled and placed in key spots in Baloy Beach for the flooding that is bound to happen when a big storms hit the area.


Normal practice for locals is to overcharge the Expats if they can, to give you an example; I buy paint thinner to fire up my BBQ grill which I was getting from one store for 30p a bottle, I go to a different store and the first time they charge me 40p which was ok. I go back a second time to the same store and they charge me 60p. I go back again and there is a young girl behind the counter and not knowing the price she takes the bottle to the side and yells to some guy asking the price as she hold it up to show him. Since I was out of site he didnít know who was buying it and the price is back to 40p.

Whenever I want to get something for the house I have learned the best way to do it is just to give my girl the money and send her on her way while I stay home. If I am seen with her she cannot get a good deal on the items.

Everyday life in a small place:

I meet an American that lives close to me so from time to time he will drop by to killing some time and talk. He doesnít have a girl friend but always seems to have a girl or two around him. On night he stops by about 5am (thank god I was already up) to get some tools so he can get into his house since he lost his key. With him was a girl standing in the road who saw me and said hi like she knew me!

The next day when he returned the tools I got a better look at the girl and it ended up being someone I had taken out of a bar a few years ago. She was surprised that I knew him for some reason.

In time most of the Trike drivers know you by site, where you live and who your girl is as well as girls in the bars and with the way some the girls move around from bar to bar so know you never know who you will run into.

The thing with the girls in the bars is the way they look in the bar and in many cases is looking totally different when you see them in the day time unexpectedly unless you have spent a lot of time with her and know her looks well.

Going back to my American friend that I talked about last month and how he has had trouble with some of the girls he meet well things are still happening with him so I told him to try the girls in the bars because if anything should happen he has some place to go and complain so he has started doing that but on the down side if you are not wise to how things work in the bar with the girls and planning on taking them out it can be a learn experience for you which he is going thought now.



15 months in Country now and 2 months since I last hit the bars so at the beginning of the month we stopped in 1 bar (General Command Post) during the day time and had a few beers while my girl and I visited one of the workers there that we both knew from Midnight Rambler. It was fun being out with my girl since it had been about a year since the last time due to her being pregnant and not drinking.

Rainy season, typhoon coming all the time and with that power outages and for the first time a water outage that lasted for 2 days. It seems that the pump that supplies water to the Baloy Beach area broke and they had to replace it. So being a weekend it would take some time of course. One thing you learn here in the Philippines is always to have some containers around to keep water in. while most of the places where Expats live they have water tanks which will keep them in water for a about a week the locals and others not living so high on the hug are not so lucky, so drums, buckets, soda bottles and pails have to do the job.

During August it must have rained for about 20 of the 30 days so going out can be a bit hard unless you have a car to get around in and since I donít have a car, well I just stay at home and drink which has itís own draw backs also. In my case I was drinking 5 to 6 cases of beer a months. While this is cheaper than drinking in the bars it can cause some tension at home when your partner is not drinking. Nothing is worst that a sober person around when you are drunk and they hold you to everything that happen or was said while were drinking.

One night I had a number of beers, if I recall right it was around the 7th of the month and after that I for the rest of the month I didnít have any beers I donít know why I guess I just felt like I needed to dry out for a while. Well within a few I feel very sick, like I had the flu. I fought it for 5 or 6 days but it got so bad I had to go see a doctor.

First hospital I visited was Ridonís St Jude Medical Center in Olongapo City which is a private hospital. Not crowed, and service came pretty quick for me to see the doctor since it was within 15 minutes. I had a blood test and give some urine Ė cost 750P, second trip, more blood given Ė cost 390P, medication cost 2,632P. Well after the second visit I was not feeling much better, I was suppose to go back for a third visit and more test but said fuck that.

So I visit the private hospital in Barrio Barretto.

Most blood test Ė 316P

X-ray Ė 190P

Lab test 1 - 920P

Lab test 2 Ė 450P

Medication 1 - 1257.30P

Medication 2 Ė 711P

Doctor fee Ė 900P

Total for second hospital Ė 4744Peso

My visit to the second doctor worked out a lot better and within a few days I was feeling a lot better. After looking at the X-ray the doctor told me I had to stop smoking and I needed to start eating better too.

I donít know why but the stop smoking came pretty easy for me. Eating wise, well that is pretty easy too by just adding some veggies to my meals, yeah I was a meat only guy at dinner time 80% of the time. I added fruits in the morning and salads to get more greens in my system and taking extra vitamins each morning so over all I am feeling a bit healthier.


Here in Baloy Beach there is Mangroves Resort Hotel being built which is just about finished it is located next to Harleyís hotel

On National Highway in Barrio Barretto there is a new hotel being build next to the old Hot Zone Bar

Over by Sit-n-Bull yet another hotel is coming up not to mention the Dryden Hotel is being rebuild after the fire and should be open in a few months.

(Bar information is on my Bar page)


One morning I went to the ATM to get my rent money, most of the time the ATMís are pretty fast but sometimes due to slow internet connection you will get a time out on the machine and the transaction will be canceled, I have had this happen to me a few time since I have lived here. Well this particular morning when I got the ďTime outĒ notices on the ATM on 164 (Razil ave) I still stood there for a while to make sure nothing happen, no cash was given out and no receipt given. Ok Iím cool I move on to another ATM by the 7/11 and pull my 10k. I go to pull another 10k and the ATM says canít dispense cash. Ok no problem I go to ATM by Shevens and there it tells me I canít because I will be over my daily limit, WTF? So I go home and check my bank and it shows that the first 10k was taken L oh no this sucks someone got my 10k for free.

I emailed my bank right away and way told them what happen so from start time finish could not have been more than 20 minutes and they would look into it but it could take up to 90 days to find out what happen but chances are the cash is gone for good. So if you have one of this ďTime OutsĒ happen to you stick around for a while to make sure the cash doesnít pop out while you are not there.

Being a dad at 55yo

Being home with my girl and our baby each day has been a great experience for me. When I was married in the states we had 4 girls and I didnít see my girls grow up since I was in the Navy and gone all the time. I missed them crawling, taking their first steps, saying their first words and so many other things in their lives.

With Shennel I donít miss a thing, I am there all the time and each day I see the change in her life.

But on the down side kids take a lot of energy even if there are 2 of you watching the baby. While my girl does most of taking care of Shennel there are times when I do my part too. It is just different because when works to calm the baby for mom is different for what works for me.

Shennel is not taking milk from the bottle so always needs mom for feeding but now she is starting to take juice and eating normal food that we can mush up for her to eat.

Over all I canít complain to much. Life is good and Iím a happy man!



Baloy Beach road washe out in Sept 2013

Baloy Beach flood:

23rd Ė it has been raining quite a bit the past few day as the storm passes thought the area. I am up playing games and surfing the net until 4am when the power goes out. so off to bed I go. The next morning we have no power or water, ok this is normal so no big deal! But over time I notice that there are no cars or trikes going by. Later that day I find out that the river overflowed and flooded part of Baloy Beach like last year this time it washed out the road in 2 spot so no one can use the road.

Power stays off for 2 days as well as the water but the road is still unusable for another 3 day. Unlike last year when it just flooded the area and did minor damage this year the flooding showed its full power with several rental house being destroyed, Nipa huts being washed away and erosion in many places where the water washed out the seas thought the houses on the beach side.

Places like Treasure Island Resort (TI), and Wild Orchid Hotel had to deal with different problems. At Treasure Island the lot next door was completely washed way to a depth of about 5 or 6 feet, this caused the fence at TI to fall away and on the corner by the beach to break off as is it fell on the beach below.

Wild Orchid had their parking lot flooded so any cars there were covered with water about 3 to 4 feet deep and the pool filled with mud from the river.





Barrio Barretto Flood:

The river north of Barrio Barretto overflowed which caused the flooding in Baloy Beach and at the same time the river over flowed the bridge making it impassable for while. Normally the river is about 10 feet below the bridge but during the storm it was 5 feet over the bridge it its peak.

Olongapo City Flood:

For a long as I can remember Olongapo as flooded during the rainy season with water waist deep is nothing new to see with the mud covering everything.

Subic City Flood:

My friend who lives up the road to the north in Subic City sent me a text saying, ďWe have water asshole deep to a Graffiti here!Ē So you know how bad it was there.

28 September

My 16 months was ending soon it was time to make my visa run out of the country for a few day. So on the 25th I gather up my Passport and a by chance which I donít know why but I took my package of passport pictures with me and I head into Olongapo city and stop in at the Immigration office to get my exit visa. When I reach the office they have extension forms drying on the seats, looks like the flood hit them to. At the window where I get the form to fill out the man asked me if I had a picture and I tell him I do and head to table to fill out if the form. From there over the cashier window to turn in everything and there I am asked for 3 pictures, good thing I had them. So after everything is handed in and like all my other trips there I was in and out within 15 minutes after paying the 500p charge.

Trip to Bangkok, Thailand

With it being so long since I had been to the airport in Angeles I was wondering if it had been completed yet. Well sad to say they are still working on it but at least the new terminal is almost complete and is usable to some degree. You still have to walk to the plane or take the shuttle bus if it is raining but overall it is looking really good.

The exit fee is 550p I think it is cheaper now at I recall it being 600p.

Flight was 3 Ĺ hours and we landed at 7:30pm, this being my first time to Bangkok I had no clue how big the airport was but once we land I found out, the sucker is big! From our exit gate to the Immigration check point took about 10 minutes to walk to and when I reach there I was one of the last since I was seated at the back of the plane and line looks so long too. But luck for my one of the guards tell me to go to the next post which is empty so I head there which is about 3 minutes away and when I reach there he was correct complexly empty so breeze though there in a flash. Next it customs, and there is a sign saying nothing to declare this way, well I had was my back pack I head that way and find myself out side! Wow that was easy.  I exchange so money so I have a few Bhat (Thai money) on me

My hotel told me the driver would be at gate 3 waiting for me, so I guessed the gate would be close to where out plane landed so I look around at the other drivers waiting with their signs and so see and one so I head back in the direction to where the crowed post was and there I donít see anyone holding my sign. I head to the information post and ask if this is gate 3?  She points to the exit door and says this is gate 10, WTF! So off I go on a long walk to gate 3. When I get there right away I see my driver and off we go.

30 minutes we arrive at the hotel and the time is about 8:50pm and all of the money exchanger are closed so I can canít pay my room charges so they put it on my credit card and will be settled when I check out. I pay my driver the 900bhat for the ride and head to the room.

I ask for a deluxe room in the second building which is located in the back for 1800 Bhat I felt it was a pretty good for the size of the room. My only complaint was that the room didnít have a bath tub.


The next morning (Sunday) I head out to find a money exchanger but find that the ones that are open donít exchange the Pilipino Peso so my only choice is one exchange at the Bank of Thailand. When I checked on line the exchange rate was .71 to the Bhat but they only gave me .51 so I lost out on about 4000B which really sucked but I had no other option. It meant that I would not be able to see all I wanted while in Bangkok but at least I had some money in my pocket now.

All around my hotel there are bars, most are just places to hang out at and watch the people walking by and meet the locals and party and other places like Nana Plaza have girls dancing. Over on the main road there are shopping malls, street vender, and places to eat. A meal at Burger King or MacDonald will run you about 150B on average so eating it really cheap.

In the bars a San Miguel Lite beer will run from 90B to 140B. Local beers are cheaper of course and other beers will cost you more so it easy to run up a high bill if you donít watch it.



On the first of October I had my return flight to back to the Philippines, I didnít have a flight ticket out of the Philippines but while I was sitting in my hotel room I was thinking I should get my flight ticket out of the Philippines since some times the people at the airline counters will ask but I decided to take the chance and hopefully save a few dollars that I needed for back home since my next trip would by in another 16 months.

So I arrive at the airport early and go to check in and sure enough I am asked for my ticket out of the Philippines, oh shit! So I ask the girl if I can show her a ticked on my laptop if that will be ok and she says yes it would be but I only had 45 minutes to check in otherwise I would miss my flight. My next question is where I can get on line at and she tells me there is coffee shop or something on the lower floor so off I head to look for the place. But when I get there I canít fine anyplace that had an internet connection. I am told about another place which I tried to find and also was a bust.

Getting frustrated I asked a security office and he told me that there is an internet shop at the end of the check-in counter, (when you walk into the terminal it would be on your right, wall all the way down and turn left)

So I get on line and book me a ticket but by now I only had about 10 minutes left to check in so off I go in a flash and 10,000peso less L

I get to the counter with minutes to spare and the same girl is waiting for me to check in. She tells me I just made it in time and quickly checks me in.

One thing I will have to say is that everyone meet in the Thailand was very friendly and helpful and it just me remember why it is called ďThe land of smiles!Ē

My whole time in Thailand while short was a pleasant trip. My last time in Thailand was back in the early 80ís when I was in the Navy and it had changed a lot but some things were still the same.

So back to me leaving; I get to the get and no one is there so I know I have plenty of time, Wrong answer! I head to the Burger King to get something to eat since my flight was at 7:30pm and with all the running around I had to in the airport I had no time to eat like I had planned. While walking back I see this guy I know from Subic that I I think I know, Nitty is that you I say, sure enough it is J so we have a few word and he introduces me to his 2 friend so off I go to get my food, eat and head back to the gate but I donít see any there! This is not right I think to myself and hurry to the gate to be the last one to check in but at least I made the flight and then to find out Nitty and I are seated side by side.

Back in Subic life has a rough start.

Having a girlfriend here and going to Thailand naturally she will think her man was there messing around. I can understand her feeling and her way of thinking after all it is it only normal for a guy going to Thailand to really enjoy all the place has to offer in the way of a good time there. But for once I my life I was a good man to my woman! I know many if not all my male friends will find that hard to believe and to be honest it is even hard for me to believe too.

Over time things got back to normal with my girl and me, it took some work but it happen and that is all that matter to me.

My daily routine:

Wake up between 5:30 to 6am

Watch some TV with sound very low so not to wake up baby and girlfriend

6am: do laundry if needed

7 to 8am: sweep house and do dishes from last night, watch baseball, or NASCAR J do a shopping for veggies and fresh fish.

8 to 9am: Baby wakes up so I play with her while on Facebook playing Farmville which is my game and everyone calls me Mr Farmville, ha ha!

9 to 11am: girlfriend wakes up, I walk on the beach with baby sometimes or start cooking our breakfast.

11 to 12: eat

12:30pm to 11pm: girlfriend watching Filipino TV and I play with baby

2 to 3pm: baby and GF take a nap, my time for TV and back to Facebook

7 to 8pm: dinner time, 80% of the time BBQ, have a few beers, watch some movies

9 to11pm: I go to bed

12 to 2am: GF goes to bed.

So as you can see I live a pretty simple life here but that is what I wanted after all.

Being a lucky man:

Since I have been here I have heard and seen a lot happen between the guys and girls here when it comes to relationships. Since most of the girls here work in the bars and meet guys that are on vacation the time spent together is short but a lot of fun due to the cash the guys are spending on them.

Some of these relations last the time of the vacation and others last after the guy leaves but long distance relationships are hard everyone and some donít last long. One problem is after a while the guys get tired of support the girl, her baby if she had one and her family.

Trust is another big issue for both parties also which goes for any relationship be it long distance or not. The guys wonder if after they leave if the girl has returned to working in the bar or maybe doing freelance now to have extra cash to buy those nice toys and new outfits, has she returned home like she said she would or is the money he is sending her really going to all that she said would? So many games are played here by both the boys and girls and the funny part of it all is that all good as the boy think they are at the games the girls are way ahead of them. Some of the stories I had heard from the girls about the guys they were with even made my head spin with disbelief.

Everyone you meet in a bar is single, right? Well over time that myth falls apart too, you find out she has a boyfriend or live in partner and yes you may even find out she is married too. Yes married women are working in the bars too but would you know it by the way she acts in the bar, hell no!

Finding a girl that you can trust completely can be happen but I think it is only by chance that it happens. Who knows what a person it really like and can only be found out overtime. So taking a chance is the name of the game but it is really any different of any other place with any other person, I think not but at the same time when you are dealing with a bar girl from any country you are playing a totally different game than when dating the girl of the office where you work!

Me, I got lucky! When I first met my girl I was with someone else but something about my GF now really attracted me her so when I came back on my second trip I made a point to stop by her bar and see her again. On my third trip we spent all the time together, she took the 3 weeks off from work and we had a great time together. She never asked for anything and wouldnít take anything I offered to get her.

When I moved to Subic my GF still never asked for anything no matter how small, we went shopping for food in Olongapo at SM Mall she would never pick up anything for herself even when I told her it was ok and that I wanted her to have food she like to eat. She is always shy to ask for things and most of the time I would have to force her to tell me what she wanted. She won 1600p a few time betting on a Basketball game and each time she gave me the money she had won, now of that is not un-heard of from a Filipina, I donít know what is! We both donít need much but I try to give her nice things from time to time just so she know how I feel about. They donít have to be costly items just things to show my feeling for her and she is always happy with what I get her.

I know I have one of the good girls and feel lucky to have her in my life and Iím sure there are many more out there for others to find if they are given a chance. I feel it all depends on how you treat her, what she is really like and how she sees herself and is looking from her man. We all have had dealing with or heard about that girl that was only interested in the guys money and how much she could suck out of him before she moved on to the next drunk, horny ATM who had more money.



One thing I have never done was set rules for my girlfriend, she can have visitor over anytime she want and when they just show up it is no big deal. In the past we had both friends and family show up without notice and each time I treated that as welcome guest like I would any of my friends if they just showed but my friends (guys I have meet here) never come over, ha ha, but that is ok too.

Visitors to my home:

This month I have had a lot more visitors coming over which in a way is great because it is always nice to have to visitors some time. Filipinas donít call or text (or at least the ones we know) to let you know they are coming, that is just the way they people here are.

I never told my girl that people canít visit her I think doing that is really wrong for any guy to do to his girl friend. I can understand why many expat guys do it but if you have a great girl then what is the problem? Keeping her locked up and away from her friends in time will only cause problems I think. But then again having a girlfriend you really love and what to have a life with and a girlfriend that is just there for you to fuck is two different things, right?

One thing you learn when visitors come over is that when they come over they will be eating, again this is a normal in the Filipino couture to server food or to have then come over and cook something you have in the house. Now with me being on a limited income sometime it is hard to see the food we have being eaten but I never say anything and just let it go, after all I have never ran out of food to feed my family even if we donít eat like most Expats and have learned to make a few Filipino Dishes which taste great, donít cost much to make and are healthy to eat.

Family life:

So my time with the family is my life right now, my baby girl started crawling at the first of the month and is getting so big now. Each day she learns something new and she is laughing more and more at all the funny thing her mom and I do to make her laugh.

I got our baby a walker on the 11th and she is now all over the place J she really loves the freedom  of being able to move to where she wants to me and in many ways it reminds me of me when I was young.  It is funny how fast a baby will learn stuff, after she got the walker she wants to stay standing on her own and on the 20th she did just that. Now walking for her is not far away.

Around Barrio Barretto Town:

3 new hotels are being built, 2 new bars opened along with the restaurant Sit-n-bull open another branch on the main road.


Here in Baloy Beach after the storm things are getting back to normal, the beach looks great, repairs to the road are done, Treasure Island Resort is doing some major work to protect the property, the houses that got damaged in the storm are being rebuild and all the Floating bars (Arizona, Blue Rock and Treasure Island) are in place with Arizona being the first to open this year with the other close behind.  Last year I never made it out to any of the Floating bars and pretty sure this year will be pretty much the same too but life is that when you have a baby on board.

Food cost in Barrio Barritto:

Depending on where you buy you meet will vary in cost. The largest shopping area in Barrio Barretto is a street known as 164 which is across of Arizona Resort. There you will find anything you need in the way of port, fish, vegetables, fruit, rice and house hold needs all for good prices. Fish will run you about 100 to 150p per kilo, rice from 28 to 45p depending on the grade of it which you can chose, fruit can be costly as well as potatoes but overall the cost is low. I get my meet from a store called ďFresh OptionsĒ, all the meet is kept in Refrigerators plus they will deliver to your house. Prices are a bit higher than at 164 but at least you know 10,000 flies havenít been landing on your meet unlike the fresh air markets.

For beef I go to Subic Meats, it is a bit more costly but worth it, they also supply meet for many of the hotels in Barrio Barretto and Baloy Beach. While the meat comes from Australia it doesnít have the same taste as U.S. beef but it is still good just taste a bit different to me, I love U.S. Grade beef!

My weekly meat cost from Fresh Option: Total average 1,300p

1.5kg chicken leg/thigh

1.5kg chicken wings

1.5kg pork steak

1kg chicken gizzards

1kg chicken liver

Package of port tenderloin

Weekly Fish / veggies from 164 market area: 160p for 6 large Tilapia about 1.5kg / 1large Milk fish 120p / Veggies Ė 300p

Grocery shopping at SM Mall in Olongapo City:

Once each month I do my major shopping in the city to get items you cannot find in the Barrio Barretto. Before we had the baby I would spend about 7,000p now it is about 10,000p. For a taxi back to Baloy Beach will cost 350p.

Other places to shop are located on SMBA which include Freeport Exchange, Pure Gold and Royal which offer a wide range of food and other items from the states that will come in handy if you are planning to live here for a while. Having these stores in the area is great if you have a car or money for a taxi on SBMA, of not the stores in SM Mall at the Main Gate will do just fine.

Weather in Subic Bay:

Here it is the 19th and the weather is great with plenty of cloudless days and warm weather which is really normal for here anyway.  Soon the winds will change for a Western direction to an Eastern and then the weather is really beautiful here with no worries of storms but there is still the occasional rain that happens for a few hours if that long.

Being thankful I live in Subic Bay:

The Super Storm (Yolanda) that hit the Philippines was tracking to come right over my area but dipped south and did its damage there. I hate to think if it would have come my way because having a family here anyone would not want their loved ones put in danger.  The thought of losing those we love is unimaginable and after seeing the damage and lose of life in the south I am so happy it didnít come my way.

I feel sorry for those that died and those now homeless and lost their loved ones and I will leave it at that. Life is always just a change, things happen to some and not to others, I am not a man of any faith just so you know, so what happens in all about where you are when shit happens.



Well another year is coming to and end and I have lived here for 19 months now, a short time really and with the birth of our baby 99% of my time is now spent at home. I really donít mind it that much but there are times when it would be nice to go out at night and see the bars and all the events that are happening around the area but what to do? With a small child in the house my attention is focused on her and her well being. The bars will always be there after all.

For those that know me and read my read my site you know how I love hitting the bar and having a good time while I am out on the town so I am sure most of if not all of you wonder how I made such a change in my life and have keep out of the bars all this time.  Well to tell you it wasnít all that hard really! I have a great girlfriend and she really take cares of me and cares for me so much and that goes a long way. My baby Shennel means the world to me and the thought of not having her in my life is something I canít deal with. I missed so much with my other 4 daughters I donít want to miss anything with Shennel so this time I am trying to do thing right.

With that in mind my little Shennel is getting so spoiled, when she wakes up she sees mommy and daddy, we play with her all day long and give her all the attention she wants. She is our heart and we love her so very much but how could you not love your child with all your heart?

We have started taking Shennel to the beach to play in the ocean and when we get to the beach and as soon as se the water she runs right into the water with no fear but she knows we have her and nothing bad will happen so we have started to her to show her how to swim which she loves


Here at home:

Life is every simple for us that is for sure. We donít have a anything we donít need, meaning no toy or things we just wanted all we have is what we need but being on a set income buying extra stuff is really out of the question, so that is that!

From time to time I take my girl out of a special meal just to show I love her and to give her a treat which is needed I feel. We canít just sit around the house and eat at home all the time after all. It is the little things that make a difference in a relationship.

Me, I eat very simple meals and can eat the same thing day after day while my girl canít. So keeping her happy food wise is also important to me since I know how she loves eating different foods I buy anything I know what she likes which always brings a smile to her face.

Here in Baloy Beach:

With the weather getting nicer and not as much rain the tourist and locals have started to show up more and more in the area so now is the time for the people that have houses, cottages and Nipa huts on the beach to start making their money for the season. A 1 bedroom house can run for 2000p a day and up. Some bigger places I have seen for 5000p and up. From December to March each weekend the area will be packed each weekend with the Filipinas coming here to spend time with their families by the beach and have a good time relaxing.

The new Mangrove Hotel opened at the end of the month but is still have some construction going on. The hotel is located next to Harleyís hotel and it has a Swimming pool on the third floor and offers a great view of the bay, more to come on the hotel later once it is done.

Over at Treasure Island it looked like they are where building some retaining walls to hold the sand in place encase of another flood but looking at it over the past few weeks I think there could be bigger plans in the making so again more to come on that in time.

Christmas time:

One thing you need to get use to this time of year is the group kids coming around singing Christmas songs and expecting a few Pesos. I donít know go every house but it seems that many of the Expats house are targeted which makes sense to me, after all they think we are loaded and have plenty to give. While I donít have much to give I still a few Pesos to hand out after all it is Christmas and it is a time of giving, right? I know some people that have gotten really nasty with the kids so they will not bother them anymore and I feel sad about that. If you are going to have a girlfriend or live in the Philippines you need to understand the country, the people and the way life is here for them so giving a few Pesos should not be a big deal the way I see it.

Unexpected parties:

I pretty much have an open door policy on visitors so I never know when people will show up and with it being Christmas we have had several show up from early in the morning to late at night. Itís nice to have visitors so my girl can talk with her friends and catch up on everything that is happening around the area and have a good laugh joking around.



Christmas Eve:

We made a trip the Night Market on SBMA (the old base) to get our baby a few presents and so the girls could go on a few rides. We go there early about 6pm so the ride area was pretty empty. Prices ranged for 20p to 50p for more wild rides.


New Years Eve:

We had the family over for the night since last year we went to her place in Bataan but now with the baby coming home from there was out of the question, you see Jeepneys donít run very often after midnight coming from where she lives.

I spent the 30th doing a good cleaning to the house which took me just about the whole day including doing the laundry, I hate waiting till the last minute to do thing.

The plan was for my girl to meet up with all of her family in Olongapo City at 2pm to help carry back all the food and supplies for the party. Well at 10am her parents show up at the house, ok fine, we had just finished up some last minute cleaning so no problem. I head out t but the meet, get the beer and cooler, ice, and charcoal. First and really the only major problem is finding ice. Across the street from me is a guy who sells ice at 5p a bag which is about 16 ounces in size well having 30 beers I will need a lot more than the 6 bags he sole me. So I find a trike and ask if the know where I can get a lot of cube ice which they did. I get 5 bags which were about 10 each at only 30p, great to know where to get ice for my next party and even better they will deliver J.

Family shows up around 3:300pm and there are 10 of them, the girls start prepping the food, many head for the beach and I stay home and wait for the beer to get ice cold.

Later that night my neighbor Tino and Tess) come over to party and have some food which we had plenty of and even took some home.


Everyone heads for the beach to watch the fireworks which was a great show lasting about 20 minutes. (Video coming)

Over all it was a great day for everyone and my girl and I get to bed about 1:45am.

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