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January 2014

Spending all me time at home I donít have anything to say the night life in the area but being at home all the time has given me a different outlook on life here in Subic Bay. 99.99% of the people I know are my friends of my girl so when they come over I can only sit and listen to a language I donít understand still. I donít really mind it and am use to it really, after all it is easier for them to speak in their own language to each other so why should make them speak English while in the house? This is just me and the way I treat my guest to the house. As I have stated before I want everyone to feel at home while visiting my place.

Over and over again I have guest tell me that they are happy I allow my girl to have visitors since most Expats donít. donít get me wrong I am in no way saying I am a better person but letting them visit her here in the house but rather that it is just me way. Doing this has it draw backs I have to admit which may by what others donít allow it which I will talk about later.

The Philippines is not home as we as Expats know it so never expect it to be like your home country because it never will. In the 19 months I have lived here several expats have been killed, thrown in jail, pick pockets, robbed or just dropped dead and I find this weird being in a place I call paradise. But you have to know where you are, the life of the people around and what you have. When you have more them others they want it so always keep that in mind if you plan to visit or move here.

Some girls you meet on line or some girl you meet in the Mall which is worst? Well that is I good question for sure. Never let you guard down that is for sure! Some girls are great no matter where you met them it just finding that diamond in a pile of rocks. Whenever you are dating a person for a county where most of the poor you have to be on your guard for those that are just trying to make a living anyway they can and having an Expat as a boyfriend is a great way for these girls to a better live for themselves and their families.

Internet girl Ė If you think you are the only one sending them cash think again! A few years back (2009) I meet this girl on line she always asked for cash for this at. She told me had a job doing so coding stuff on line but the work was not steady. So to help her out I got her internet in her so she would not have to go to the cafť to do her work plus so we could chat, cost 1500p. This happen a few time but at the time I was making good money so it was no big deal to me. when I made my first trip to Subic I texted her so we could meet but she declined to do so giving my so bullshit reason but we keep chatting and she keep asking for help from time to time. Well as it turned out she was also chatting to a friend of mind, small world isnít it? Well she saw doing the same thing to him also I found out when he visited Subic and he also never meet her but he did see her one day and she acted like she didnít know him.

I always wonder how a mother of 3 kids could support them and her family when she would tell me she has no work for 3 or 4 months. Well I am sure you can connect the dots and know why, internet supporters and visitors to the area that she did hookup with!

Bar girls Ė while a different bread of girls in some ways I have found them more honest than other girls off the street. I guess because when you meet then in the bar everyone knows what is said in the bar is all bull shit from both the guys and the girls. So when that special connection is made between them then things really start coming out and that start to know each other better. I know several girls from my favorite bar that have hooked up with guys and are to this day very happy, some are not living overseas with their man and other are on the way to them men. So it can happen if you find the right girl which of course can take time.

I wish I could give more advice on how to find a great girl in the bar that will not ripe you off but I can because it is always a, ďHit or miss kindĒ of deal since some of the girl have Filipino boyfriends if not married already. A few tips I can give are these:

  1. Will she take you to her home
  2. Will she let you meet the family
  3. Does she tell you after a night on the town she to go home for some strange reason
  4. Or, she cannot stay out pass a certain time
  5. She will not let you see incoming text or calls and always leaves her hand-phone on and close to her, when you take a girl out tell her you want her to turn off her hand-phone and see what kind of reaction you get even if it is just for a few house you will be together.

Other girls you meet Ė always remember you are the visitor to the country and the girls you see you some one that is loaded with cash which you are. So if you wonder why the pretty little 18 year old is willing to party with your old ass well check your wallet and you will the reason.  The problem with some of these girls is they may give you a fake name and where they live and when you go to sleep they rip you off big time and you nowhere to go to find her. So you are leave high and dry with nowhere to go for help.

As I always say everything I write doesnít apply to everyone this is just to give you an idea of what to watch out for!

Being a marked man Ė there are 3 different kinds of men, those that have live-in partners and everyone know it, those are donít have girlfriends and hit the bar often and are not looking for a girlfriend and those that had a few girlfriends and then dumped them.

So let us talk about the last or the marked man as I call them. Subic is a small area with a limited number of bars and girls and many of these girls know each other of not related to each other so word spreads pretty quickly around town and about someone and if the girl feels she has been done wrong by the guy she will surely tell others of what happen in full details and who it happen with it. So if the guy was caught with another girl other will know he cannot be trusted when in a relationship.

Being a marked man will not hinder him from having a good in the bars or from getting him to take girls out of the bar but if he should get serious with someone it may be an uphill battle and one where trust will be very hard to earn if it ever fully is.

Problems he may face are:

1)    Girls may decline to go out with him, but business is business so if she is hurting for cash she may go anyway

2)    Problems with friends and relatives, some people may seek revenge

As tempting as it is to have a steady girlfriend if you plan to run the field do that, have your fun in the bars with the girls and leave it at, that donít get hooked up unless you and the girl have a understanding on all aspect of the relationship and what is and is not allowed. So letís say you want a live-in partner but still want to do short times? Ok fine, let you girl know that is the plan so she will know and if she agrees that you can have the best of both world. All I have to say is good luck on finding a Filipina that will agree to this set up on a long term relation. The Filipina woman is a very jealous woman but nature and one you donít want to get on the bad of.

Rants and Raves:

A)   Visitors

  1. Maybe it is just me but when you go to some ones house to party you should bring something that they like to drink. Me, I drink SMB (San Miguel Beer) and everyone knows it so if you are going to just drop by bring a few with you so I can drink with you or just to say thanks for letting us party at your house. Me being me I will never say anything to the person about just dropping by inexpertly, I guess I am just too nice in that sense so shame on me.
  2. Call first - This seems to be something Filipina donít do for so strange reason. I see it as common courtesy. You donít just show up to party at some ones house in the evening with your friends that the owner doesnít know.
  3. Like any visitor some are great some are not Ė Most of our visitors with clean up before they leave by sweeping and doing the dishes of there are any but other just come make a mess donít do anything to clean it up and leave, naturally I remember these people and if they should come back they will be treated a lot differently.
  4. Customs Ė Serving snacks or food is pretty much the norm when visitors show up, drinks, beers or what every can also be included when coming over to the house.

B)   Trikes in Baloy

As long a I have been living in Baloy Beach I always paid 20p for a ride to the main road even if there are 3 of us, will talking to a few others that live close to me it same that some are being charged 30 to 50p for the same ride, but you know I donít really blame the Trike drives, they are just trying to make a living and if they can charge a few Peso more and get away with it they will and like W. C. Fields once said; ďNever give a sucker an even break and donít smarten up a chump!Ē

C)   Loaning money

1.    Loaning to Expat friends no problem.

2.    Loaning to the locals, well that is a different story and one you really want to keep away from which most local Expat already do. Friends of your girl may come by and ask for loans for a lot of different reasons like:

 a) Its slow at work and need to pay rent,

b) My baby is sick and needs medicine,

c) My boyfriend broke up with me and I need to find a place to live

 Donít expect to see it any of paid back.

People living close you,  same same! They will tell you anything as to why they need to load and will promise to pay it back on a certain date, all I have to say is if you donít need it back donít loan it out cause chances are you will not see it again and they may even come back at a later time a few months down the road and ask again.

3.    When family ask for a loan what is really happening is that you have giving the money  never planning on seeing it returned so just kiss it off when you han it over after all this is family and everyone thinks all Expats are rich and will not miss the money.

4.    When asking for a loan Ė If you are like me you hate to ask for a lone, but there comes times for many reasons we need help so those we ask we truly think highly of as friends. With that in mind never betray that friends ship as I know we wouldnít!

D)   Being an Expat

1.    Being over charged when at street markets, getting services done, renting huts on the beach or by vender, this is why I always let my girlfriend do the shopping, she saves me a bundle all the time.

Closing statement:

First things first, I love it here. No place is perfect as we all know but life here for me is great. I may not go out much to the bars and am living a very simple life I wouldnít change a thing. I know in time I will get out and visit the bars again but it is not high on my list right now.

I look forward to meets more people here since I donít many people really, but that has always been me, the loner! I donít just hang out with anyone, that is my style, if I find someone where we have things in common thatís cool. The problem I have, if you want to call it a problem, is though most of my life, most of the people I have know have been girls, go figure! So naturally this can cause problems with my girlfriend, so what to do? I have a good woman and I know that and donít want to cause tension between us.

Men and women see everything differently, that is just the way it is. What a man sees as harmless a woman sees as a threat and when you live in a place where sex is easily had you can understand her feeling on her man going out for a night of bar hopping.

Here in Subic that Weather is great and on the weekends local visitors are coming in and the Expats are returning on vacation. Where I live in Baloy I see more and more new people walking up and down the street, I donít know where they live since there are a number of limited places on the street but there seems a to a lot of new people. On that same note with all the people walking around my girl keeps a close eye on me and what I am looking at when the girls go walking by;

 Manís mind, ďNo harm in lookingĒ

 Womanís mind, ďHmm, he wants to boom boom herĒ

This is just something you need to deal with any woman no matter where to live I think but added to the fact that the Philippines is poor country and just about every girl would love to land an Expat as a boyfriend and take her to his country for a better life would make any girlfriend nervous so you canít really blame the girl for thinking like she dose since she understand the life in the Philippines better than any Expat ever could.

Live in the bars Ė Letís just call this ďwork is workĒ and work in the bar is measured by the number of guys you boom boom that puts money in her pocket. Some girls will go out with guys that are their friendís boyfriends. Itís not personal it is just business. But like I said this is a small place and someone will let the girl know that her boyfriend took this girl out of the bar. There is little honor among bar girls when it come to money and getting paid or maybe even stealing him away for themselves. If they know you are a good boyfriend (even if you have a few bad habits) they may try to get you for themselves but this can lead you to being ďA marked manĒ like I said before.



When it came time for me to renew my internet hosting company I wondered if it was really worth doing, should I keep the web site going or not. Being home all the time there is little I can add to the site each month that I felt would be worthwhile. After some thought I decided to keep the site going for a bit longer just to see here it ends up in time.

With that said and out of the way I will share a few things I have seen here that I wanted to share with everyone.

A nice way to start the day

While on the beach one morning with my girls a guy walks pass us then stops and asked if I am Warren the guy with the web site? I reply that I am and he thanks me for the sites, Iím sorry I forgot his name so I list it here but maybe in the long run it may be better I donít have it to post. Not everyone tells loves ones they are coming here on vacation and I donít want to get anyone in trouble even for the smallest thing. It is always nice to be spotted and have someone say thanks for things you have done, so thanks you too J?

Rent or buy?

In our lives we face many decisions we need o make most are minor and some are major which take a lot of thought before making them. Like most guys that move to the Philippines we start out renting a place for us and our girl if we have one.

Unless you are married to a Filipinos you cannot buy a house in the Philippines but you can buy one for your girl. Naturally we all can see the down side of buying a house for someone and not having your name on the title. 99.999% of people would never even consider doing it under any circumstances but then you have that .001% that will take the chance. If things should go bad (not that I thing things will) for one reason or another count your losses and find a new place to live.

A small 3 bedroom house which is 66sm in size will cost you 800k for a newly built place in Subic city for 10 years you pay about 15k a month under a rent to own plan. 55,000k for the paper work and 10% down both of which can paid over 6 months if you donít have the full amount and the place it yours. While a place this small is not to the liking of most Expats for me it is ok since I donít have many guest and donít do mush entertaining and if I do with me being on a corner lot it gives me room outside to party.

Planning for Babies Christening and First birthday

Since Shennel was born my girlfriend has been asking when we will have her Christening so I decided to do it on her first birthday, killing 2 birds with one stone kind of thing. So my GF tells me she will need around 20,000p for everything which included Ė inviting over 100 people, invitations, banners, balloons, gifts, decorations, a cake, food, and all the other stuff needed for the party.

It was decided this party would be all her doing and she would take care of everything I just needed to give her the cash which was fine with me, I have set up enough parties in my life so it was a nice change to have someone else doing for a change. I did offer to help if she wanted but she said she had it covered. Parties of this size take some planning to set up everything right without being rushed at the end but I said ok and let her have her way. Time will tell how it out all will work out.

Something to think about; before I said I live on 60k a month so giving up 1/3 of my pay hurts a lot.

Graduation for High School

My girls brother has his Graduation on March 25, 2014 for the past 2 years I have been paying for his schooling so seeing the end near is a great relief to me but there is always something that come up in his case it is him needed his original Birth Certificate. For me this is all party of learning out life in other counties differs so much. Being a poor country most people living outside of large cities donít have the Birth Certs, no need for them with working on a farm or living of the sea.

Getting the Certs depending on where you live use to take some doing but now you can get them online which makes it a lot easier for those that can use the service. Sometimes people go to the Nation Satirists office (NSO) and get a registration of birth but in many cases people need the Birth Certs and not the NSO copy. The problem starts when parents donít get the Certs right after the birth of their child, then years later the child is stuck on getting work due to not having the needed paper work. Another problem is often the child has no clue where to go or how to get their Certs so they run around getting all the wrong stuff and spending money for things they donít need.

We were lucky since my GF had done it before and was able to point her brother in the right direction to get what he needed so everything was set for him to graduate on time.

I said it before but I need to say it again!!

I try to help those that needed but this place is crazy.  Friends, family, stranger all will ask for a ďLoanĒ, which in Tagalo means Ė ďgive me the money and never plan to get it back!Ē

You will have people come to your home looking for a loan or will to let you hold something like a phone or other electronics to ensure they will pay you back, DONíT DO IT! They will not be back to reclaim it and pay you back.

People who live around you, sure they are friendly and donít ask for a much but again, DONíT DO IT! More money gone and when they see you later on they will ask as if nothing it wrong and may even ask again for money.

Friends and co-workers well this is another story. Most of the girls I know have worked in the bars most have kids, a boyfriend or live-in partner but they still need money usually for a sick baby.  If it is bullshit or not no one knows but everyone wants to help out a sick if they can. But watch out if the same person keeps coming back there may be more to the story then is being told. And the way I see it is if the girl worked in a bar getting money after she has stopped should be a problem, after all I am sure she has plenty of phone numbers of men she call to earn some extra cash, right?

Family, well if you have a Filipina GF giving money to the family is just part of it so get use to it L but if it gets abusive you may want to find another GF and cut your losses!

Problems with some girlfriends

Damn this month has been crazy for a few guys I know that have so called girlfriends. The shit I hear about them going though is crazy but at the same time I canít fully blame girl either. People need to know when something is bad for them and some of the girls here are just bad for you.  It seems that most of the problems come from the girls the guys meet on the street and not the girls working in the bars.

No being able to speak the language, like many Expats, doesnít help and you can understand how it could be a major drawback. Two girls you just meet start talking to each other and you have no clue as to what they are saying, sure you ask and they will tell you something else is the meaning. Where they are from, what is their real name all can be a lie so if thing happens you are left in the dark as to their real identity.

There are a few girls in the Barrio Barretto / Baloy Beach area that look for older Expats to hook up with these girls are not young and move from man to man as  they come and go or until the guy gets tired  and then kicks them out. I have seen the same girl in my area / on my street with 3 different guys in the past year to give you an idea of how much they can move around.


March 2014

Shennel Magno Carter Christening - March 30, 2014 and God Parents, Barrio Barretto, Subic Bay Philippines

March 2014

Not a lot to say for the month of March, Sorry been home all the time and little contact with the outside world. It has been 10 months since my last night out on the time L hard to believe for me do / be like this I know. But this is my life right now here in the Philippines with a family to take care of. For the most part I donít mind to much but on the other hand it is not exactly what I had in mind for my life here when I moved over here, so what to do? Well that is simple I just deal with it. Most plans we make in our lives donít turn out like we had hoped so what else is new.

I am happy with my life I have to say, do I want a night out from time to time sure I do, can I afford it, to some point I can just canít go crazy like I use to. Plus I am still paying for my night out back in June of 2013, you may be forgiven but it is never forgotten and that is just the way it goes!

25 March, 2014 Ė Graduation Day

My girl and I attended her brothers Graduation from High School in Olongapo City. The event was held in the gym area so no air conditioning or enough seating for the guest. It started at 8am and ended around 11am. I am glad we were able to make it since no one else from the family was there to show their support.

30 March 2014 Ė Christening and Birthday party for Shennel M. Carter

Shennel M Carter March 30, 2014, 30,000peso birthday party

When I saw the list of the food my GF was planning to buy for the party I know there was way too much food but to say something would mean death for me so I just keep my mouth shut and bit down hard.

The party was planned to start at 12 noon after the Christening at 10, well the Christening didnít get started until 11am so we were already behind schedule in my book. Most of the 25 people asked to be God Parents were there and it was nice to see everyone there that did make.


The family came over the night before to start getting the food ready for cooking in the morning. They must have stayed up till 10 or 11pm prepping everything then up at 3:30 to start cooking the food.

There was a lot of last minute stuff to be done that morning to make sure everything was right so some things didnít turn out just right since there was no direction on who was to do what and by when. I saw this coming but had to keep quiet otherwise there would have been hell to pay on my end.

But in the end my GF pulled it out and party turned out ok and everyone had a good time there, I just hope next time she will me be more a part of the planning so we donít have the same problems we had this time.

The girls from where my GF worked when we meet had a really good time as they always do J and the few guys I invited had a good time but 2 had to leave early but overall, it was all good and got a bit wild towards the end of the party as the girls started to loosed up from the drinking they were doing.

Party on Baloy Beach, Subic Bay, Philippines  Party on Baloy Beach, Subic Bay, Philippines  Party on Baloy Beach, Subic Bay, Philippines  Party on Baloy Beach, Subic Bay, Philippines

Over all it cost about 30k once you add in cloth for everyone, drinks, and other last minutes items needed. Way more than I could afford but what to do it is for my little girl on her very special day!

Almost 2 years

In June of this year I will have been here for 2 years and things are a lot different than I thought they would have been. The addition of our baby naturally makes a person adjust everything in their lives. My days are spent taking care of my two girls now so yeah I am a house husband now, no time or money to do anything anymore. With what little money I get each month it is just enough to cover for daily live here unlike when I first arrive and had money to go for dinner, drinking and buying other items I may want. Iím not complaining at all just stating how life is now!

Anyone moving to the Philippines to retire or spend a long time here knows they will need to find something to do each day to keep themselves active and busy, some joins clubs, or leagues to play on, take up hobbies or sports, well me I have my baby and she is more than enough to keep me busy each day and in some ways a am in better shape than when I arrived.

In a few months we will be moving into the house once it is finished and f course I will need to buy everything we will need for the 3 bedroom place. So it looks like the next 6 or 7 months will be a bit hard while everything is done to make the house livable. But once it is done I am hoping for smooth sailing from there on, keeping my fingers crossed of course!


April 2014

Shennel M Carter and (dad) Warren E Carter at Barefoot bar in Baloy Beach, Philippines

Summer time as arrived and with that comes the visitors to the beach here in Baloy. On the weekends all the places for rent are fully book and all the huts and cabanas are fully full. With the road in Baloy being thin traffic can get a bit crazy with the Jeepneyís and other cars all looking for parking. Living here in Baloy this is something you learn to live with like the flooding in the rainy season.

Waiting the house to get done

I hate waiting for thing but no choice this time but damn this double renting is a killer on me. I have enough money just to get by as long as nothing extra come up and if it should, well lets just say it will not good. On a positive not; I am glad I have a good woman by my side, she knows things are tight and is great at saving every Peso so that makes live easies.

My America Friend

A few months back I talk him as you may remember well the update is that he moved so the girls would not find him and give him trouble like before but the funny part is that the one girl that give him the most trouble he told where he was moving so he is still in the same spot as before. Now check this out, he has been in the Philippines for a few years and has overstayed for close to 2 years now from what he tell me. so the only way he can stay here without getting in serious trouble is to get married. He tells me one of the guys in Immigrations will take care of him if she brings the paper-work in to the office. Of course he will need to pay off a few people to get it done but that is life in the Philippines.

In a way I really for bad for him, he is an Army Vietnam Vet and is really messed up in the head. I guess you can say his pass is catching up to time from his time in the war. He is drunk 90% of the day which is one reason he has had so much trouble with the girls he has meet here and gets ripped off and stolen from so much. One night he took out 8 girls from one bar and took them all to his house, WHY? What the hell are you going to do with 8 girls?

It has been so long

Being home all the time over the past year I have really lost touch with all that is going on out in town. I keep up on things though a forum I am on just to see what is happening but that only give you limited info due to what others make their post on. So with Subic being a small area with limited members in the area and the fact that many donít post happening to keep the area safe and free from bad things happening that deal with the bars.

There are times I think about going out for a few drinks just to see what is happening and run into a few friends maybe I donít really miss it all that much. I guess having a girl and baby makes the bar scene something I donít need to do like before. One thing if anything is that I am saving a lot of cash since from what I have read the prices of beer / drinks have gone up some.


May 2014

Shennel Magno Carter

Missing in Action

Up the street from me lives one of my friend in my old house, the last time I saw him was at my babies Christening on the 30th of March. So one day I decided to take a walk to him place to see what was up if anything. The house has the pouch with grills and a lock on it but looking at his motorcycle I could tell no one has been there for while but the amount of dust that has built on over time on the bike. Next I send him a text message with no reply after a few days. So next step is to send him an email and in a few days I get a reply and he is in Thailand on a visa run and he plans to also visit Cambodia and Vietnam over the next 2 months. Ok, cool but then he finds out that he has to return home and will not be returning to the Philippines. He asked me to contact a girl he know to see if she would clear house out, sell his bike and mail him some of his things. He offered to pay her allowance for her time and was will to give her all is furniture and washing machine.

So I stop by her work and drop off is Email address and his message adding that he trust her completely and looked forward to hearing from her soon. Well after about a week and no answer from her he asked me to do it for him which I told him, ďsure, no problemĒ.

It took a day to pack up his stuff and move it to my house to store it, I paid his rent and electrical bill, got his internet connection and his bill to pay what he owed. Then it took a few hours to clean the house and that part was done. Next finding out about shipping his items he wanted to him. He wanted me to use LBC which has a office in Barrio Barretto but they wanted 21,000p to ship a 25kg box to the states where he is located so needing to send at least 2 boxes I let him know and what he wanted to do? His laptop cost 18,000p so to spend 21,000p to have it shipped over didnít make much scenes plus LBC would only ship shoes and cloths. So we would need to use some other company like FedEx would have to be used and they wanted 235USD (10,300p) to ship the items in a bulk rate box.

I canít imagine a girl that is working in a bar having the time or the motivation to undertake a job like this knowing he may not ever be back and a long term relation is not in the making. So in the long run I think my friend is a lot better off now with me doing it even if he doesnít know.

The good side to this is first off it gave me something beside just sitting around the house, second we got some really nice stuff now and with us moving soon everything will come in really handy. The GF has already starting planning where things will go in the new house. I didnít expect or plan on getting anything for helping out but it is always nice when receiving things for helping out.

Visit to the new house

One day we decided to go see how the new house is coming along. Having done construction in the Navy for 24 years I have a damn good idea how things should be done and how house should be planned out and some simple things that should be done.

First thing I see as we are walking thought the site up to the house is that the cinder blocks are stacked on top of each other and not staggered like they should be to build a stronger wall.

Very little construction equipment on the sire, just about everything is done by hand including digging of the trenches for the footers for the wall, septic tanks, and other utilities that are underground. No block saws for cutting the cinder block so they are just broken with hammers and cemented in place. Well overseas construction is like that so canít compare to the standards of the states.

We reach the house which is about 80% done but at the time the workers family is living in the house while the building is going on. So up stairs is like one big bedroom, no walks up yet. In the back of the house we have a fenced in patio that I guess is where wash can done because in the house there is no room for a washing machine but there is no water tap there or power point, WTF? Also I donít thing I saw a drain so when it rains that will flood quickly so I am hoping there is one other wise I will have knock a hole in the wall to drain out the water from washing and rain.

Few power points in the house and I didnít see any connections for cable or internet, now you would think in todayís world they would build that in, right?

So now we are planning all the things we need to get when we move in which I leave to me GF since she will be living there a lot longer then I will be. The only reason I got the house for he is so my baby will have a good home to grow up in and now that word is the new US Navy Base will be located in Subic City it will be close by to where we live. So depending what facilities they have there is could be life for me much nicer but only time will tell story.

The model home

New home in Subic City Philippines  New home in Subic City Philippines  New home in Subic City Philippines  New home in Subic City Philippines  New home in Subic City Philippines

Iíll miss living here in Baloy Beach

I know when we move we all will miss living here by the beach it is a great place to live with the beach being only 300 feet away. It is nice going for walks in the day or at sunset, the different places to eat along the beach and just going there to relax. From what I see there is not a beach around Subic City that can compare so we have already planned a weekend for next summer so we can come back and be tourist here, ha ha.

 Warren Carter in Baloy Beach Philippines  Subic Bay, Philippines     


June 2014

Shennel and her dad on Father's Day 2014

This month I wanted to share my thoughts on relationships. Being my own feeling and thoughts some will not agree but say what I have to say and decide for yourself and see if it also applies you in some ways.

Having problems

Every relationship has it problems for various reasons, how we deal with them will determine how long the relation will last or if it is time to call it quits and just move on.

One of the most important things in any relation is communication, if you canít talk to your mate about things that are on your mind or bothering you about them and you canít tell them then what future will you have?

Trust has to be the equal to communication. To be able to trust your mate no matter what will keep that relationship going but if that is broken all is lost for the most part. Trust can be regained but it will take time, a lot of time!

People can change

Once they reach the moment in their lives where they have to choose between two things and at that moment when they realize what their lives would be like without someone in their life it make the choice easy if they truly love their partner.

For me that moment came a year ago, I made some wrong choices in my life and knew I had to clean up my act to keep my woman and I did. I knew what was most important to me and I was not going to lose them, them being my girlfriend and our baby, I could not picture my life with both in my life.

Understanding each other

It take years to truly learn about you partner for most people. Some people pick up things quickly about the others while others it takes a bit longer. Added to that are personalities, ways of thinking, temper, age and the willingness to listen but not just listen but also to understand what is being said. Now for men and women this will take totally different approaches.

Myself, I donít get in to argument with anyone, no point, I remain as calm as I can and let the other person blow off steam.  Too many bad decisions have been made when we have been mad; people have been killed in a fit of rage so by remaining clam I will not hurt anyone with my actions or my words to them.

I learned back in grade school, ďSticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt meĒ and they donít, if someone calls me names they I know are not true it is like water rolling if a ducks back, donít mean anything but if the words are true, ok I know that so whatís your point?

Something else I learned from my mom, ďIf you donít have anything nice to say, donít say anything at allĒ and I wish everyone knew this one simple saying, it would save so much pain and sorrow. Too often people say things they wish they hadnít but when you talk out of anger all you want to do is hurt the other person with your words.

No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, we all have a past that others donít know, we all have problems in our lives we donít share and they form the way we are to some point. Others will not understand this if they donít know you full pass. At the same time many people in a relationship will say, ďI donít need to know your passĒ, but if you donít know what a person has been though how you can you know the person in front you now? This is all part if truly knowing your partner, understanding them, and loving them for all they are both good and bad. We all have some dirt on us, we donít tell others because of fear of rejection and loosing those we love or maybe just that we may think they will not be able to handle it. How will you know if you donít bring it out and talk about it?


We all seek that love from another, that feeling that is so over powering that we canít thing straight, do still things, and makes us make major changes in ourselves for them. We give all we can to them to make them happy and we feel sad when we think we have fallen short of doing that. All we do is think of their happiness and how we can reach that point to bring the joy into their lives. The caring, attention and nursing we all do is sometime unbelievable but that the love we have for them.

Loves dark side

What is that song, ďHow deep is your loveĒ, you want to find out, tell your lover your deepest darkest secrets and see how they respond and then you will know how deep their love is!

My life after 2 years in the Philippines

These past 2 years have had many ups and downs with more ups then downs but the downs have been really hard but they were short lived and I managed to get pass them all in pretty good shape.

I have a beautiful daughter that is my life and some one that I will always hold to my heart and love for always just like my other daughter from my first marriage, all I love so much even if things didnít turn out like I had hoped with them.

Spending all my time with our baby is great. Seeing how she is learning more and more each day is beyond word. We play together and have a great time together.

My girlfriend and I have our differences yet we make it pass them every time which is good all of the problems we have had was because of me sad to say but I am always trying to be a better man for her and out daughter and will continue to do better for them.

Since I donít get I have few friends (people I know) here of my own. One of my best friends from the states I thought would be moving here since he has a girlfriend here in Subic is planning to marry her and take her to the states after the baby is born in August. Another friend has moved his girl to Sweden already so it will be a long time before I see them again. One other is waiting him to start to get his social security so that is years down the road if he sticks to his plan on moving here which I have learned doesnít always happen because life is different in the states and we love what we have there in the way of life style and things to do when retired.

Overall I have been totally happy here and that is the truth. While I may not be doing much of anything I am happy. Soon

Soon will be in our new house that is being build and that will be our home where our little girl will grow up, this make me happy beyond words. I hope we can move in by July (next month). My girl wants a beautiful house as I do, for her is something special and I know something she thought I would never be able to do for her but making her happy is all I want to do.

Living in Baloy Beach

Since I have live here I never had a problem with anyone or had a problem at my house. Many donít like living the area because things cost a bit more like rentals and the flooding that happens each rainy season but I find it a great area to stay if you are not in the flood zone area that is. I am at the far end of Baloy Beach and it has yet to flood here. During the rainy season the road does get deep at spots but noting that you get pass if all else fails just take a walk up the beach. I donít have a vehicle so if the road isnít washed out what is the big deal?

The only bad part I can say about living in Baloy is when you want t to buy grocery you have to travel into Barrio Barretto or head for Subic City or Olongapo City. Lucky Mikes in Baloy is an option for some times but their prices are a bit high when compared to the markets along Nation Highway.

If you love living by a nice beach in Subic then Baloy will be your place to stay.

Finding a good girl (part 2)

I got damn lucky when I found my girl so I canít tell anyone how to find a good girl when in the Philippines, it is all a hit or miss kind of deal as least with the girls in the Subic area  Angles City I donít know since the last time I was there was back in 1991.

Look at it this way, no matter where is from or what work she is doing you can find a girl that will be true and hones you and treat you great. I feel it all depends on how your relationship develops. Knowing when to let someone go and move on is important since many girls are only looking for guys with money to support them along with the other guys that are doing the same thing for them. What is that old saying, ďWhen the cats the way the mice will play!Ē but finding that one that will not play around while you are gone is the trick.

If you meet her in a bar then you have to understand her job and why she is working there. There are several reasons why she is working there some are there because this is the only way to support the family while others are there just for the fun of it all and these are the one you need to watch out for.

So called ďnormal girlsĒ (non bar working) can be just as bad some bad girls due to the reputation that Subic Bay has. They know any Expat in the area is a walking ATM and some will do all they can to empty the account as fast as they can. Remember the Navy was in Subic Bay since the Early 50ís and the city that grew around the base was based on Bars and sex for fleet. So many of the mothers of the girls you meet may have at one time worked in a bar or just visited Olongapo when the fleet was in. This was a major source of income for those living the area and was seen and no big deal, again just supporting the family.

Back the days if the Navy in Subic 15,000 girls worked in the bars on normal basics when the fleet can in it jumped as high as 50,000 so you do the math!

Olongapo City Bar Girl action

It is a far cry of what was back in the day, while there are still bars it is totally different then before as you can guess. Cost in Olongapo is much higher in the bar than it is in Barrio Barretto which is the closest thing to the old Navy day in the way of bars.

During the day time there are no girly bars open that I have found, with most of them opening about 6 or 7pm.

2 June 2014

Shopping time - Getting ready for the house

Time is quickly getting closer for us to move into the house I am hoping that in July we are able to move, if that is the case I think we will make the move at the end of the month since I will have paid rent in my present location for the month. This will give us the 15 day house inspection time without rushing it and being sure everything is right before we move in.

There are a few things I want to have done also by a contractor to make the house really good to go. One thing I plan is to have a Nipa hut along the side of house to have some place to kick back and have a few beers outside. In time weíll have a fence build since we are on a corner to keep people from taking a short cut across our lawn plus it will add a level of protection which is always good to have.

We stopped by a furniture store to see what they had and what prices were like over all I was surprised but how cheap everything even for brand name items like the LG 8.5 refrigerator and 32 inch LG TV which we may upsize to a 39 inch seeing how the price was so good and the store is going to give us a big discount if we are paying cash which we will be.

Items we are getting cost 71,000peso (before discount)

Refrigerator (8.5cf 2 door frost free)

TV and stand with mount for TV (glass with 2 shelves)

Sofa set (three pieces)

Coffee table (glass)

Dinner table with padded chairs (six people)

2 beds with mattresses

So that takes care of most of the big items so along with the items we already have for the most part the house will be done. There will be some nickel and dime stuff we need to get but the big items will be out of the way.

Come delivery day the store told us if you come by in the morning and pay for everything that afternoon they will delivery it, more great news J

Moving to Subic City

I think the move to Subic City will be good for us in some ways, first it will give us a lot more alone time not that we have visitors all the time but when we do they just show up unexpectedly being family or friends, while I donít mine the visitor but at least give me a heads up you are planning on coming in case we have plans. Sometimes family members will stay for a few days but that is ok since my GF can catch up on what is happening at home and have someone else to talk to. Me, Iím uses to days of being a lone so no matter to me one way or another.

Living in Subic City we will be a bit further away so I think the visitors will fade off over time added to that being away from the bars I think will make my GF rest easier too. The less tension there is going on the better life will be for everyone and I donít any more problems in my life, I just want to have a happy home with my girls.


June 4 2014

2 years in the Philippines now and what and interesting time it has been too. Moving over here and having a girlfriend waiting for me made the move really easy since she was able to show around to places I didnít know to save me on prices of everyday things. We moving to a new location it is hard at first to find the things you need because you are use to the way stores are set up from where you are from which may not be the same in other countries, well from my experience it has never been the same.

Food shopping I think is the biggest headache, finding what you need to cook your food with the spices you like can be a challenge. Finding a crock-pot to slow cook sauces shouldnít be that hard but it is, so mail order is the only option you may have. Or you can always have someone back home mail you what you need from time to time.  

When you are looking for house hold items plan on spending the day in Olongapo City shopping from store to store to find the best prices.

The Malls, SM and Harbor Point have a good selection but their prices are a bit higher on some items and a lot higher on others when compared to out in the city. Harbor Point has a lot of America food places which is good if you have that craving for my Burger King, Dairy Queen, Wendyís or TGIF to name a few places, sad to say no Taco Bell yet!

Living on 1500 US$

Yes you can live here on that much, I have been doing for 2 years, now if I was living on my own it would have been a lot easier on my but still I manage each month just fine. The trick is not go crazy while bar hopping here meaning not clubbing every night and spending your money foolishly. We all like to have a good time when we go out but the bars and girls will suck you dry in to time short if you donít watch it. It is easy to drop 5k to 10k a night here, so you can see how in a week you can find all your cash gone for the remainder of the month if you are on a limited income.

I spend about 15k a month on food eating at home, another 15k for rent, electricity 2k, cable/ internet 1,600p so you see half my money is just for the basic items to live, the rest goes for dinning out and stuff like that.

My point it you can do it easy  on 1,500 US$ if you want to, I pay a lot for rent people tell me, some pay as low as 4k for a house in Barrio Barretto, Baloy will always cost you more!

Another factor is how you set you live style, if you want to bring your home style to the Philippines then you will be spending a lot more and that is just the way it is. You want that big house and fancy stuff ok fine, plan to pay for it big time.

I am not a rich man and my move here was made on a lifelong whim. I can with my last paycheck from work and a few hundred in my bank. For those that have saving and are planning their move to the Philippines then life will be much better for them than it is for me. When I moved here I wanted that simple life and to fit in with the locals which I feel I have done pretty well for the most part.

The past 2 years have tested our relationship too, we have had out falling outs but each time we were able to recover from them and keep moving one.  It is hard when you figure the age difference and couture differences but we always made it because of your love and that is all that matters. We have I hope learned more about each other so in the years to come we will not have the same problems like we have had before and any new problems we have hopeful we can deal with much better.

Here Barrio Barretto

More bars, new hotels and new places to eat, it is all good here and the best part it the area still has that kick back feeling and being very relaxed.

The problems with trouble in the bars is still very low unlike in Angels City (AC) with the raids that take place there but Subic and AC are two different places and you canít really compare one to the other in my book.  AC is the Wild West, while Subic is just a nice place by the ocean and over my 2 years here not much as changed to change that feeling the area.

Time passes so fast

It feels like just yesterday I arrived here, like so many others at first it was party party all the time with my girlfriend and I but now with our baby being 15months old that has cut out the party time, but from time to time we still hit a few places in the day time where friend work to say hi and have a few drinks.

I miss my friends that were here had hanging out with then plying pool and drinking. Before I didnít mind going out alone but now I just feel a bit different about it, may because I know my GF will better if I am with some while out but that is ok too, whatever keep peace in the house I am all for 100%.


The rainy season has started

On 9 June it started raining late in the afternoon and to date (13th) it is still raining off and on.

My Gf when home on the 9th to be with family for the day but due to the rain she could not get home since she had our baby and didnít want to take the chance of her getting sick while waiting or on the rid in the Jeepney. So it ended up that for the next 4 days she would pretty much be trapped and unable to get home.

Here at home there were 4 brownouts with only one lasting a long time with the others only being about 15 to 20 minutes long.

The rainy season it one time I really wish I had car because using a trike to go to the store to get food is really a hassle if you live in Baloy Beach since some times when it rains you can find one on the mail road. The wise thing to do is to get a driverís phone number that you trust and just call him when you want to get picked up, oh yeah, Iím not wise, ha ha, even after 2 years I never got a trike driverís number, maybe because I never found one I really trusted enough.  Funny part is; most of the drivers know me and call me Mr President or Obama when I walk down the street.

Good part for me is I always have food in the house, you never know what is going to happen here so best to have some food stored up just in case. So items like can goods, noodles, tuna and crackers I always have around. I canít store too much meat because of the power should out of a few days I could stand to lose 1000p in food which isnít really isnít all the much chicken and pork. Beef here can get expensive so I donít eat much anymore but I hear that is healthy too.

On the down side when it rains you canít really do your laundry since most people (99%) do not have driers so if your hang outside they will never dry and only attack mosquitoes, which you really donít want to happen.

14 June

Well it look like the rain may be stopping at last. Blue skies can been seen mixed in with the clouds so hopefully tomorrow will be a great day and I really hope so since I plan to have a BBQ, drink a few beers and enjoy some music while sitting outside.

Postal Service in the Philippines

Getting your mail from overseas can be a bit tricky and can in some cases take a long time too.

First thing you need to do is get your correct address and zip code.  If you live in a city this should not be a problem but if you are living in one of the smaller area well you may not have a street name and the closet Post Office can be a 30 minute ride away or farther if you are in a really remote location.

I received a letter from Vancouver Canada and it took 30 days to reach me. When I got the letter on the back it showed they tried to deliver it on 3 other dates, well the funny or sad part depending on how you want to look at it is that on each of the dates I was home. So no real attempt was may to get the letter to me quickly.

For important documents I always use FedEx, over the 5 times I have used them my letter got in delivered on time if not before it was schedule, tracking your package is easy and accurate.  While the cost is high for the quick delivery you get what you pay for, right? I had a letter sent to me from the California by USPS international and while it did arrive in Olongapo city at the Post Office I was given notice until 5 days later and I had to go to the post office to collect while it should have been delivered to my house and to top it off I had to pay 50p, WTF is that for?

As far as I know there is no DHL office in Olongapo but there is and FedEx office that is easy to find.

LBC which is a local shipping company is ok if you are mailing items with in the country but when you want to ship over seas the cost gets high along with any of the other companies. For them to mail a 25 pound box to California would cost 22,000p (502.00 US$ at 43.72 to 1$)

There are other ways to get your mail while in the Philippines but it is something to keep in mind if you plan to live here. It may be a good idea to have your banking address in your home country of a family member, that way if when you get your credit card or AMT card they can FedEx to you and so can rest easy that you will get it. Thief in the Philippines is high so having it mailed to you could be a headache you donít want to have, trust me!


June 18, 2014

Today as I was walking from Baloy Beach to Barrio Barretto I thought to myself how different is it living here outside of a city area. So it so unlike home back  in the States and so very different from life in Singapore where I spent 11 years before moving to the Philippines.

Iím not living in the county side but in the city too, it is a mix here in the Baloy / Barrio Barretto area. Some parts of the area are developed while others are not. Here in Baloy the road is paved in some area while not that many and the rest is just a dirt road with pot holes and flooding when it rains.

But here is something to think about; in the city of Olongapo it floods and that is pretty well developed for the area, or so you think.

So for anyone planning to move here a word of advice:

1. Look for the high water marks on walls to know if the house you are looking at is in a flood zone,

2. Try to get a place on higher ground if you can.

3. Ask the others in the area where is a good place to rent/buy

4. Take you time to find a good place in a good area Ė this could be the hard part because you never know what and area is lie until you move in sad to say. Another thing that will make a difference is how much you plan to pay for rent each month. If you can afford 600+ US$ then you may want to look at house on SBMA (the old base housing which is really nice) but to live there you will surely need a vehicle of some kind to get around due to the location of the housing areas. Motorcycles run about 70,000p for a 135cc and a used car in good shape about 150,000p and up.

Houses on SBMA



5. Internet Connection: You have several choices, 1) cable, 2) mobile broadband, 3) telephone line/fiber (in some areas)

Speed will vary between the 3 choices from 2mbph to as high as 10 keeping in mind the faster the speed the higher the price. For the lowest speed it will run about you 1,300p on a cable line or you can go with mobile at 4 to 7mbph for 1000p and up. The internet company that covers SBMA will charge you a lot more to get on line as everything on SBMA in the way of services will cost you more.

6. Banking Ė most ATM will only give out 10,000p per transaction with a limit of 2 transactions. BPI will give 20k per transaction, I am not sure if you can pull more than 1 time since my bank as a 600US$ per day limit on their accounts.  ATM transactions cost 200p, here just so you know so that is something to keep in mind when setting you budget. Some banks will take direct deposit from overseas banks but you will need to check to see the bank here and in your country can work together, if they can that is great for you since it will save you in transaction fees and make it able for you to write cheques.

7. How long can you stay in the Philippines - Starting this year non-visa visitors can stay up to 3 years in the Philippines. The Main Immigration office is Manila can issue you a 6 month pass for just under 12,000p while the local office will only issue 2 month passes at the time of this writing, hopefully that will change soon.

Well that is all I can think of now to tell you so I hope what I have here will be of some help to you an your plans to move to the Philippines.

June 27 Friday

Buying the new house continues

It was back in March of this year we signed up for the new houses being built in Subic City, the gated community was still under construction so we looked at the model home and picked the one we wanted with the understanding that within a few month (September being the latest) we would be able to move in.

So we called at the beginning of June and we were told that the tiling was being done with the walls and painting to follow and the company hoped that by July or August we would be able to move in.

Having done construction work I know how long it take to build and house and get the interior done so had my hopes up that by the start of July we could move in.

Called back to the company today asking for a move in date and after a lot of reasons the final answer we that they will call us in September to give us a date which to me could mean we may have to wait a few more months which really pissed me off, but what to do, right?

So our next step was to call our realtor and ask were the house is to be being completed? She tells us the walls are getting plastered and painting soon to follow but who knows what that means as to the move in date?

It seems who ever the building contractor is does not or is not held to completion date for the different section of the community. For us Expats this can be a bit of a pain the ass not have a set date on when things will be finished, while for the locals it is just another way of life here so no big deal. Iím sure a single dwelling home it would be a lot different but since I am not dealing with kind of home so I have reason writing about what I donít know, right?

Next week we make a trip to the house and I plan to get pictures of the area and the construction going on there for everyone to see.


July 2014

House in Subic City being built

July 4, 2014

Trip to the house in Subic City

As I expected not much more had been done to the house, painting had been done but the electrical sockets had not been put in yet so holes would have the knocked out in the walls and then patched, in one bedroom there were no electrical sockets but rather wires coming up thought the floor by the door which was way off from where it should have been as you can see of the picture I took. No glass in the windows and one whole window frame is still not in stalled. The bathroom is not done as well as the kitchen. No tiling has been done and over the entire place is a mess still.

On the bright side the family that was living there is gone and at least the walls are up now and yes there is a drain the back patio area which really surprised me to see, I guess some one was thinking about that besides me.

The ceilings are low 7 feet 6 in some rooms and a bit lower up stairs so my plan to ceiling fans may not happen unless I can find some low profile fans to have installed.

The construction site

I took a few pictures of the area with my Handy Cam which really takes shitty pictures since my normal camera had a dead battery so sorry about the poor quality of the shots.




As you can see how the houses are built it is really pretty bad over all on my opinion which struck me a bit odd because I have seen the quality work Filipinoís can do in the construction field. So I guess it boils down to where they are working, how much they get paid and how much supervision they are given when on a jobs likes the community they are building.

4th of July in Subic Bay

I miss the 4th of July in the states, it was always a day to have friends over and have a big BBQ and lots of beers so it was a day long party but here, well I know only a few people so any kind of party is really out of the question for me.  Plus it is the rainy season here now but you know what? I am still doing my BBQ and drinking by SMBís, ha ha!

I was thinking about going tonight but that family bonding kicked so here I am at home. Funny because I know my old friends would think ďso what problem? Go out and partyĒ which was me normal frame of mind, but that saw before and this now. So have I changed? In some ways yes but I still long for my party days and to say I donít would be a lie but what I have at home right now is more important to me than the bars.

7 July

Time to say ďThank youĒ

Over the past few weeks I have received Emails and a post on pi@night about my little site how about how good the people have found it. So I wanted to say to everyone THANK YOU. I k now my writing is not the best and there are many mistake in grammar within my pages, but that is ok and I donít mind. With that said I will work harder to correct the mistakes within the site.

Most of the time my updates are done after I have I had a few SMBís, ha ha! But what the hell, hopefully you the reader know what I am trying to say. As you can tell from my writing Iím no English major, but I have something to share and I do the best I can for everyone who stops by to read my site.

If you have emailed me you know I reply within a few days if not sooner with an answer and I think you for you questions you have submitted to me. Wish I was out in the bars more to answer many more of what had been asked but my 16 month baby keeps home playing with here at night.

Also many people have thanks me for having a site everyday life in here is Subic Bay and not just covering the bars and the girls. While that is I would say the biggest attraction why men here I felt there is enough sites covering that action that I felt no need to expand on it and beside since I moved here I have had a girlfriend s would not know about such action first hand.

Missing the bars

While I do miss the bars here and having a great time in them am really pretty happy here at home. But I know that for many coming here my life and theirs are two different storied.

I didnít move here to live in the bars and boom boom a different girl every night or to have and GF and still hit the bars and have some serious fun with who I meet there.

The problem is once you get in the bars shit can happen and while you may not want it is it be hard to say ďNoĒ, it was a lesson I had to learn, which I did!

Keeping that girl you found (common sense really)

Donít fuck it up, that is the best word I can give. If you found that girl that is honest and treats you right do her the same way.

If you want to fuck around all the time donít get a girlfriend or live in partner unless you have a understanding that is clear and understood to the both of you like saying ďwe are in an open relationshipĒ meaning we can fuck anyone we want when we want. It makes every oneís life so much easier in the long term. 

Here in Subic everyone knows each other either from working together, school friends  or by being family members so sneaking around is really out of the question to some point, but why go thought the bullshit if you donít have to? I mean if you found that special girl that make you happy why fuck it up, right? The temptation or desire to take the sexy dancer to bed is so over welling then just stay single because in time it will catch up to you and you will lose what you have.

9 July

Rain, rain and more rain with a few Brown-outs included.

The raining season here keep everything pretty wet for days on end, it is not a constant rain most of the time but enough to screw up and plans you may have. Like most places in Asia it can be quiet one moment then the next you are it with a downpour what could drown you. One thing to get if you are here during the rainy season is a good strong umbrella because the wind will totally destroy the cheap piece of crap you bought from 7/11. Spend a few pesos and get something that will hold up in a storm.

If you are living or close to a flood zone stock up on your can goods, water, candles and others items you think you will need in case you are trapped for a few days in the house. Donít forget your electrical items too, move them up as high as you can incase flooding happens when you are out or at night while you are sleeping.

Sand bags could come in handy too!

July 14, 2014

Well we are getting ready for our first typhoon of the season and this one is due to come right over us. Right now we are in condition 1 with the storm 2 days away so as it gets closer that can rise which could mean things could get a lot worst quickly so we are hoping for the best. 

Last night we have heavy rain with thunder and lighting that was really close to the house and scared both my girls. Of course we had a brown out but I have learned when there is heavy rain get the candles ready because soon the power will be going out, which it did. I keep both lighters and matches along with paint thinner and charcoal handy. The reason for the paint thinner is because if I have to start cooking outside I can use that to get the fire going since it is slow on starting and doesnít flash up unlike lacquer thinner.

Other precautions we take is to keep all of our important documents in one location which is water proof so if we have to leave the house in a hurry we can grad them quickly and be gone of the area.

Since I always keep can food in the house if we should have to leave quickly pack it up in one of our big plastic containers along with blankets, cloths, and other items which would be needed for a few days if we had to leave the house and head for a shelter. Of course you cannot take everything so you pre-pack when you really need to get by for a week or so. One other important thing to keep in mind is that is there is a major power lost ATMís will not be working so taking out cash before the shit hits the fan is also a great idea. How much you take out depends on how much you have to withdraw from you account and that you want to keep on hand during a storm, what I took out I feel is enough to last for 2 weeks which came to 40k, you know prices go way up in storm hit areas.

July 15

We had a few brown-outís today but only for a few minutes so not so bad right now.

July 16

Strom is getting closer and the winds are pretty high, the trees are taking a thrashing and one new house up the street just about lost its roof but it was saved by the family and a few others that wanted to pitch in. the power goes out about 10am and doesnít come back on till 10pm on the 17th. Over all it was not to bad here in Baloy, no storm surge at all. The winds were strong for a while but not as bad as we thought it would be so that is a good thing, it seems the storms turned northern hitting Bagio pretty hard unlike the tracking that was planned with it coming right over Olongapo.

18 July

New storm due to be hit the Philippines on Saturday maybe this time on the northern end of the island but who knows for sure where it will make land fall for sure. The weather guessers are just that here in the PI so always be ready for the worst just in case.

In a way I thought the storm heading to the Olongapo area would not be as bad that the news had reported and the reason being with the storm traveling over land so far it would lose strength until back over water again. Second thing is I am pretty sure before the base was built back in the 50ís the weather partners were looking at and studied really hard. I mean if you are going to build a base to hold the 7th fleet you would want to be sure it would a fairly safe area from natural disasters after all that was invested to build the base.

9am July 18 - 20, 2014 Ė the power goes out again this time it is off until 7am on the 20th. This really sucks, I lost all my food in the freezer and most of what was in the refrigerator. On the 19th I had to cook up what meat wasnít frozen so at least it could be eaten later but it was a too much for 2 people to eat in one day. This is life in the Philippines when you donít have a generator as a backup power supply.  

Rumors - Word was spread that the power would not be back on until Wednesday the 23rd, then it was due back on the evening of the 19th. It had gotten so bad that people living us including ourselves had thought about getting a hotel room until the power came back on.

Power grids Ė Here in Baloy Beach we get out power from Subic while Barrio Barretto gets their power from Olongapo so there is clear line where the power is off and on. Even here in Baloy it seems to be on 2 different grids.

When power comes on you can hear everyone yelling ďpower is back on!Ē and the sounds of TVís and radios is heard in the air once again.

So now life is back to normal for everyone and the weather is great today.


August 2014

August 2014

9th Ė Nothing but rain so far until today, it is nice to see the sun again.

Dealing with Cebu Airlines

Back on the 6th of July 2014 I received an Email from Cebu Air that my flight from Clark to Bangkok on the 12 of Aug 2014 had been changed and I would not have to gt a flight out of Manila on the same day. In the email I stated that if I wanted had several options one of which was a full refund without penalties which meant the 10,100pesos would be returned to me.  with the change in the immigrations rules changing the time able to stay on a tourist vise  from 16 months to 36 months I no longer need the ticket so requested the full refund by calling the companies Call Center in Manila and was told it would be processed and I would received a call from about it.

A week later I called back only to b told that I need to call Tiger Air Philippines to get my refund so I called them and Tiger Air tells me I need to go thought Cebu Air.

My next step was to get in touch with Cebu Air Customer Service Center on their web site but there you could only submit and online message. On the down side after you submit your message you get and email back giving you a case number  but they donít tell you where to use the Case Number given to you to track what is going on?

For the next 2 weeks I reply to the Service Centerís Email 2 times with no reply from them so this is a waste of time for anyone planning to use the service offered by them.

After about week of waiting for a call or reply to me Service Center mail I call back to the Call Center and am told my refund is being done that week which was the last week of the month.

The first week of August 2014 I check my bank account and no refund, I call the call center again, same old run-a-round. I check on line to see my flight info and it shows that my refund it only 1000p, WTF?

Ok back to the worthless Service center, I send the first email and info on my flight as attachments listed below.


Attachment 1;

Dear warren,

Tigerair Philippines would like to inform you that your flight has been cancelled due to aircraft situation. However, we have mounted another flight which you may take in lieu of the cancelled flight.

1)      Booking reference no.: Y******
Flight details:
Flight No. 5J929 on August 12, 2014, departing Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 at 6:35AM and arriving in Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 8:55AM
Flight No. 5J930 on August 17, 2014, departing Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 9:40AM and arriving in Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 at 2:00PM

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Options available to the guests are as follows:

ēRebook without charges for travel within 30 days

ēPut in Travel Fund ticket value without penalties (except for KOREA flights)

ēRefund without penalties

Please click on the ACCEPT button below if above change is acceptable.

If you wish to change or cancel your booking, please call us at the following numbers:

Manila = (+632) 70-20-888
Cebu = (+6332) 230-8888
Hongkong = (+852) 39733800
Singapore = (+65) 31580808


Attachment 2)

BOOKING DATE 20 Mar 2014

STATUS - Closed


Price Details (PHP)







SUBTOTAL 8,568.88

TAXES & FEES 500.00

TOTALPHP 9,068.88

REFUND AMOUNT - 1,101.12


Payment Status

Payment Type - DG Credit Card


Date - 03/19/2014

Transaction ID - *********

Amount: - PHP 10,170.00


So now I am hoping that all this can be settled and get my refund but to be honest I  think it will be along haul to get it all back so only time will tell.



September 2014

Warren in Subic City, Philippines

September 2014

Not a lot happening this month to really write about, between all the rain and saving for the new house I am pretty much a home body now for the most point.

I did join a pool team to give me something else to do which is fun and I have the chance to meet some new people and get out of the house for a few hours. We play twice a week on Thursday and Sundays at 2pm. The Sunday games are my main events with the team but both teams have the same 4 players and on Sunday we have 1 extra.

The team captain (Richard) told me when he asked me to play that it was just for fun and not to worry if we should lose a game. Well the way I shot pool if I won a game it was surely by luck and not skill! Itís all fun and drinking beer which I seem to be the only one on the team slamming them down so as you can guess by the last game I am feeling no pain at all.

The House

Still a long way to go to get it finished thing there are moving at a snailís pace, we had hoped be in there this month now it looks like it may be November time frame, if we are lucky, this paying double house payments is killing me, canít do anything extra, just the basic needs for the house is all I can really afford these days.

Not the life I planned for when I moved here but at the same time understandable if that makes any sense? I know when we move in things will be a lot better but damn it is taking so long.

Tiger Air Refund

After 2 months the money showed up in my account at last. No call, no email from them but thatís ok, I got my full refund and as fast as I got it was gone just to handle house-hold needs, haha!

Missed connection

I was suppose to meet up with a guy who was here for 2 weeks from Australia but I was never able to make that happen which sucks but what can say, sorry Bro! Hope to catch you next time around. Iím not one to give excuses so I will not even try to do it.

While playing pool

I meet one of the players for the other them and we started talking, he is from Canada and has been here for 8 years now. He has a girlfriend with a child which is why he moved over here, he feel in love with the child and wanted to help her life. He had been here to Subic a few times before moving over but I got the impression he really didnít understand the Filipino life style which lead to a lot a problems for him over time. Over the past 8 years it has really wore him down and now he just hates the place from the shit that he has gone thought with the people, the school system, dealing with the government and the whole nine yards. I felt really sorry for the guy because he has had so much back luck here. At the same time I feel lucky that I have had the chance to know the Filipinos and their life style that for me moving here was never a big deal after all I know what I was getting it to when I moved here.

Understanding the Filipino life style is to understand:

  • Time Ė if you say ďthe party starts and 12 noonĒ people will not show until 1 or 2pm, relax this is the way life is here!
  • Government officials not showing up in court Ė shit happens, no one knows why just learnt to say ďoh wellĒ and move on!
  • Schools Ė you are not back home, ok? Classrooms are over crowed and the kids are sometimes just pushed to the system, this is a third world country that is doing its best so they have a long way to go still. If you want to get your child in a good school you need to put them in a private school and not a public school and just suck it up or marry the girl and take home with you if you want the child to get a better education!
  • The Filipino Ė if you donít understand the basic life of the Filipino how you can understand the place you have chosen to live and get along with everyone then enjoy your time here in the Philippines? While you can set up your house to reflect your live back home the truth of the matter is you are still in the Philippines. What you have others want and given the chance they will take it from up, after all you as an Expat are rich when compared to them, so stealing from you in any form is considered as ok since you can replace what was taken. Yeah I know that sounds messed up but this the way it is.
  • Bar girls -  I talked about them before but one thing I still canít over is how the girls working in the bars that are married and have several kids can stay married and hook up with an Expat for a long term relationship. I donít know who I feel sorry for the guy who has no clue or the girl that has to life that kind of lie in her life. I know why they do it which is to support the family but damn, WTF! You want to talk about being heatless but that is all I can say about these girls. (side note) I know us guys do the same thing, have a wife and family then get a girl friend on the side so with that in mind I guess we all have our darks sides so who the hell am I to make judgment on anyone, right?


Other news about the area

Several new bars have open in Barrio Barretto, Mask and Feather Ė the old Salty Bag bar and Pearl Bay club which is across from VooDoo on the second floor and one other across from Coco lips (I donít know its name either) EMU Bar (The Basement as it was renamed not long ago) is closed now due to a disputed between the owners of the hotel and the bar.


October 2014

Warren and Shennel, Baloy Beach, Philipppines

October 2014

This will be short and simple, a pretty quiet month with not much to say for the most pat!

So letís start with the easy stuff:

The weather is getting great, hardly any rain and it is warming up too.

The beach here in Baloy is clean getting ready for the summer crowds.

Plenty of places to rent at the far end of Baloy Beach that are really cheap if you are looking for something simple to live in, most are in the 8000p (+/-} range unfurnished. 

New bars Ė There is one new place that I saw and if I recall right it was close to Pearl Bay? But Iím not really that sure, sorry, I will get the location soon and a picture of the place too.

Update - 15 Dec 2014  (the new place is called Paddy's Cafe and is an Irish Pub. during the week it opens at 4pm and pm on Saturday and Sundays.)

At the end of October the floating bars in Baloy Beach returned but as normal will take a week for then to come me operational so everyone can have a place to visit in the day time but with this it means that Dust till Dawn will return to their to their night time hours so no day time play there.

Personal items:

I became the godfather of my one of best friendís from the Navy child on the 17th, he and I meet back in 1991 while on recruiting duty in Los Angeles and became close friends. We always talked about meeting up or going to the Philippines one day but never really thought it would happed since I was a Seabee and he was a fleet sailor.


1969 Mustang 351C 4V


For those of you that know me very well you know that Mustangs and muscle cars are one thing I can talk about cars from the 60ís and 70ís all day long.

Well one day we were walking thought the parking lot at Wild Orchid and I I spotted this 1969 Mustang, the first Mustang and only I have seen in county so far. So I had to get a picture of it.

The owner who wasnít there at the time had just bought the car in Angeles City and had driven it down to Subic that day. The engine over headed because the fan belt to the water pump had shredded.

There was a guy pouring water in the radiator whom I spoke with and I pointed out a few things about the car.

First the body was in great shape, the lines of the car were all in line but the paint job sucked in some places around the hood but overall was pretty good for a PI paint job. I could tell who ever owned it before use to race it but the gages and shifter.

When I looked at the engine the first thing I always look at is the cylinder heads on a 351 Cleveland engine, and sure as shit there was the ď4Ē on the upper left hand side on the left side of the block which showed it was a 300HP Cleveland Engine. I told the guy about the engine, but not knowing it is was just the heads or and complete package it was hard to give him a lot of information but either way it was a bad ass engine that was for sure.

I grew up around Mustangs from 1965 to 1970, each year my parents bought a new Mustang, we had a 1968 GTCS (California Special), and a 1969 Mach 1 with a 428 in it so speed was something my parents and I grew to love.

In 1979 I owed a 1971 Mach 1 with a 351C, in 1981 I owned a 1970 Mustang that can with a 351W but I dropped in a 351C pushing 450HP and could spin to 7000RPM and I had it up to 170MPH and sill had peddle to go but because of the tire I had to back off.

Then my next Mustang I bought in 1982 was a 1972 Mach 1 with a 351CJ (the 4 bolt main block and 6 quart oil pan, 4 speed ) I put on the rear spoiler, front spoiler, rear window louvers. The car already the Ford competition Handling Package which included, front and read sway bars, staggered rear shocks. Heavy duty leaf springs and I have to say the car handled like a champ.

Ok I kind of got off the subject of life here in Subic Bay but damn I love my Mustangs J

So back to life here, with the end of October coming fast the weather here is really starting to get nicer each day. The beach is clean all the time now and everyone that has rentals are getting them ready for the summer crowds with have started to show up a little each weekend.

My crazy American friend (John) I have written about before moved up to Subic City so where, I knew he was moving but thought he would have let me know where or would have keep in touch but hey, shit happens, right! The reason he moved from the area was to get away from his crazy girl he had been with for more than a year off and one of course. You see John had some serious problems and sometimes didnít think all that clear even thought I had told him to let the girl go and that she was just milking dry when he got his pay of about 120,000p a month from the Veteranís Administration (VA). He knew she a guy that came to visit from Europe several times a years  so you can say
John and his girl and an ďopen relationshipĒ, meaning they could fuck who they wanted to when they wanted to.

The sad part is the shit she put John thought or even sadder is the shit he let her put him thought, being blind-sided is one think but when you know what a person it like, into drugs, working as a freelancer and banging several guys a day and then still stay with them will that is something different but like I said John has mental issues, I guess in some way he thought he could help her even though she didnít need help, she had an income and just used John to get even more money for herself.

A word of caution:

Disclaimer Ė this does not apply to all girls but it does apply to many!

Subic is a small area and everyone talk about everything here. People many not know you by name but if you have a girl they will know it overtime. So the same goes the other way right? If she is your GF they know that too.

So if you are not in town and she fools around people will know but being Filipina other girls will (in most cases) never say anything about it to a guy, other girls sure because that is safe for them, the girls donít tell on each other and what they do and who they do it with. If she is lucky enough to land a rich Expat BF then the other girls think ďGood for her, she it made so why should we soil it for her!Ē 

My GF has told me stories about girls that Expat Boyfriend and a local boyfriend at the same time and how overtime they lost their Expat BF and had nothing to show it for it but some sorry ass Filipino who had nothing and that now her life is shit cause was stupid for fooling around on her Expat BF.

So the word of caution is this (as I have said before) if you donít live here donít have a GF and support her because in the long run you will be getting fucked over by the one that said she loves you and only you so much. The money you are sending her is support her and her local boyfriend.

The sad part Ė Some of you reading this will think that is not happening to you and all is good well if you think that keep this in mind ďmost of the girls you meet they moms and aunts most likely work in the bars before the Navy left and talk about the money that could be made, second this is poor country and the more guys they can get on the hook to support them the better off they will be in the years to come. A good looking bar girl may have a 10 year time frame when she can make lots of cash if she starts at the age of 18 (some with fake ID which is very to get) as many do.

Selling pussy here is a way of life to make ends meet to support her and her family, kids, and boyfriend who is most likely not working or to buy that new IPhone or laptop so she can do web cam shows and make even more money. The girls think nothing of it, its business thatís all! So if you are loaded with cash you are a great catch for them, the more the merrier for them.

So the bottom line is if you donít have eyes on her Ė ďbelieve halve of you see and nothing that you hearĒ and you may make out ok.


November  2014

Warren Carter, Shennel in the Philippines

November 2014

God damn, what the hell are people doing?

I sorry to tell this story but felt I had to L to wake everyone up and say ďwhat the fuckĒ.

Last month I about Filipinas with Expat boy friend that were not here, well this one take the cake so far so read and learn, it will be short story but one to learn from.

Now I got this from my girl but as I said they all talk so take it from there, ok?

This couple moved into our old place up the street, he is Merchant seaman and not in country and rented the house for him and is little lady which I know for a fact. Now what I was told is that he sends her 1,000USD a week (44,000p +or -) well I happen to know her Trike driver BF and have seen them together the past week and I makes me sad to know that some guy is getting fucked over, but what to do or say? Asia is a different kind of place to live and unlike what we know from our home countries. (Remember my disclosure statement from last month)

I have to say why would you send or need to send your GF 44,000p a week, what the fuck are you thinking? Well we all know there are a lot of suckers in the world and the girls here (and the rest of Asia) love Western Union customers and the number of guys they can get to supporting them,   Oh yeah some girls can make a living off the number of guys sending them money each month thinking that they are the only ones (boyfriend) helping them.

Ok so enough of my ranting about some of the girls here time to move on

Back to the new house:

One think I will say about buying a house here  and that is if you plan to buy in one of the community homes areas donít buy it until they are done building then and they are ready to move into. It will save you a lot of bullshit and headache.

1)    We started back in March 2014 and was told that 6 months later (September 2014) it would be ready for us to move in.

2)    We were told the house would be wire for internet, itís not!

3)    We were told we would have a carport, so far I donít see one and donít this I ever will.

4)    We were told to get the water and power connect they were having a seminar were both could be done, that never happen and so we were told to get the water connected to had to go to the community between 8:30am and 11:30am on a Saturday to get the connection made. Yes thatís right no water meter installed another WFT moment! Looking around the house I see no water pipes coming out of the ground or going into the house so where the hell will be meter be, I have no clue. After singing the paper work for the water to be connected we are told  that the next day we had to go to a different location to sign some notary papers for the water, ok ok, why not in the same place and the same time, WTF #2!!

5)    So we are getting the water meter installed the first week of December but you know what, we still donít have the damn keys!!! WTF#3

6)    When will we have to go thought the same bullshit for electric power I have no clue nor does the main office which only tells you a lie! I donít blame the pour girl who answers the phone because they are not told anything to pass on the buyers but what they are told. We tried to talk to the manager in the office and were given the runaround about where he was so that never happens either.  We have a friend whose sister is buying a house in the same place and they started back in December 2013 and never got word on the water connection. That is pretty sad as you can guess.

I know for many Expats that plan to move here and get a house they will not in the same position as me since most guys coming here have plenty saved of cash up for their move over here but for those few that donít and are living on a limited income lean from what shit I have gone thought to get in to a house here.  9 month of paying double rent. (In my case that was 41,000p for 6 month and 32,000 after that) when you only make 70,000p a month it hurts a lot but on the other side it shows you can survive here on little cash. True you canít do shit but you can still make it, sometimes you have to look at the bright side you donít break down and cry. For me I do it for my baby girl so she will have a good home to grow up in long after I am gone.

Iíll miss living in Baloy Beach

With time getting closer to us moving to Subic City I know just how much I will really miss living here in Baloy/ Barrio Barretto. When I was coming here on vacation I knew Baloy was where I wanted to live even with the flooding and shitty road it didnít bother me. It is really nice to have the beach so close and a great way to relax watching sunsets. Everything the close by that you will need even if you have to Barretto to get it. I walk to Razil street (164 as it is called) in 22 minutes where the open air market it is and a mini mart (grocery store) and I pass all the bars in town during that walk. Now understand it takes me 10 minutes to get to National Highway the only road running though Barrio Barretto so you can see how close everything is. Plenty of places to eat, drink and buy what you need. On the plus  side is for the most everyone is pretty friend, at least to me anyway but I say hi to everyone I pass and most of the Trike drivers known me for a while and everyone seems to know where I live.

In Subic City we'll live a long way off Nation Highway and to get to where the shops are is even farther. I know there are a few bars there but now sure how Expat friendly they are. So needless to say life there will be a lot different for me, but like most places I have lived around the world I will manage to find away to fit in as I always done in the past and if I get the itch to hit some bars Barretto is only about 15 minutes away so no big dea.

Ok so we continue after a few beers and a few things I want to pass on

1)    If you are taking a Trike from Barrio Barretto to Baloy donít pay more than 50p even if you have 2 other people with you, act like you know the price and just let it go but at the same time may not want to argue with a driver over the extra 10p he will want to charge you.  The Trike drivers all stick up for each other and there have been cases where fights broke out  between the rider and driver and other drivers joined in, while a rare occurrence it does happen.

2)    Carry exact change for the Trike if you can.

3)    There are stores where you can buy a case of SMB for 472p with bottle in return, the Trike driver will know where they are. Sari Sari stored charge 30p per bottle so a good way to save some cash.

4)    The mini mart on 164 sells Marlboro soft pack reams for 505.00p this as of Nov 2014, another great saving of cash.

5)    Trike to Subic city 150p

6)    Trikes along National Highway from end to end in Barretto, 20p only

7)    I looked at a few  2 bedroom house in Barrio Barretto for 7 to 8000p, the 8k it was a big  place too the bedroom are about 20 foot square. So if you want to find a place to rent cheap you need to go walking around the area to find there are no listing of places to rent. Call the number and the owner will meet you there. I looked at several places all were nice inside, really nice. It helps if you have a Filipina with you so she can do the talking for you prices can go up if you are alone mister money bags, ha ha!

8)    Catv cable company is ok for your TV channels, but their internet service sucks the big one, I would be better off using a 56k modem and we all know how slow they are!

On a side note Ė

As some of you know I have several Facebooks pages , Warrenís Subic Bay, Warren Eric Carter (my Philippines page) and Warren Carter (my Singapore page) my Subic Bay page is intended to go along with my web site Ė but since I donít get out much there is not a lot I can add there except of my life here, not much on the bars but that is ok others sites cover them a lot more than I can.


December 2014

subic bay, barrio baretto, philippines, warren carter, shennel carter

December 2014

Updates on the new house

On the 3rd of the month we had our first inspection on the house to have things fixed that we wanted fixed. Most of the items we small things like patching areas around the electrical plugs, patching in 2 of the 3 bedroom where they needed to cover holes in the walls that were used to pull the electrical wires. Main things were the front window needing to be replaced because the window bracket was broken and the other 3 windows were frozen (rusted) in place and the backdoor was damaged. Pluming fixtures were not installed but they said that would be done when the water was connected, so I told them that the water was being connected that week and with it being Wednesday already they didnít have a lot of time.

After everything was done and paper work signed we were told to come back on the 12th of December for our final inspection at 10am.

12 December, 10am

We arrive back at the Fiesta Community Subic for our inspection and the security guard know nothing about it and tell us to go to the model homes to see the guy. Ok fine so off we go and arriving there we find no one there but the air conditioning unit is running s someone must be around. We check the other models to see if they are there but nothing. Next step go find this guy, WTF!!! Lucky of me it got luck and saw him after only about minutes.

Off to the house he head all happy to our new home and how it looks now. While walking up to the house I can see the water connection piles in front of the houses, or at least I think that is what they are anyway.

As soon as we reach the house I see the front window has not been fixed and looking thought the window I see the patch work not done. The workers are trying to find the right key to open the door but seem to be having one hell of a hard time. So walk around the house and donít see our water connected has not been done and the pluming fixtures have been installed. It is at this point I say to my girl, ďnot a fucking thing has been done, this was a wasted trip!Ē Once we get inside it just confirmed that not damn thing had been done.

My girl spoke to the foreman we showed at the house and said; the people that we did our first inspection with never turned in the paper work to have the have work done so since it was not summated to the office the work was not done. He tells use for the next final inspection to call the office and see when it will be which to me means another run-around with those lying fools. He also tell her that the people that live in Block #6 are all pissed off since they have been waiting over a year to move in and many donít want the places now but if you decide not to move in and give up the house you lose everything you have paid in so far. Like for us if were to pull out I was have throughway over 100,000peso in the nine month we have been paying, so in my case I canít afford to pull out.

As it stands now if we move in March 2015 I think we will be lucky and that really sucks. While I love living here in Baloy I am ready to get in out new place now and it just burns my ass that this is taking so long.

Life in Baloy with all the Expats

Here in Baloy Beach a lot of Expats live with their girlfriends so live here is always entertaining.

On my short street I have seen so much happening between other couples living in the area.

(disclaimer Ė these stories are of a few people and should not be used to reflect or cast a bad light on all Filipina or Expats)

  1. A guy living up the road had a girl friend who was living with him, she wanted to go home for a few days to see the family which was not a problem until she came back early and finds him in the house with another girl. Cost for being caught red handed, I never asked but I would guess 10,000p!
  2. The guy living by me takes his girlfriendís friend for a short time out of the bar. Cost big fight and everyone knows what he did.
  3. Another neighbor just canít keep a girl friend for too long, guess he just gets tired of them after a few month so there is the fight in the house and then she is gone. Seen at least 2 come and going in the 16 month I have live here plus I know one girls who go to his place when he is between girlfriend to take care of his needs between girlfriends but that is ok since there is no GF at the time.
  4. Girl gets made at Neighbor because he never givers money and says she doesnít feed her and makes her work like a dog in the house. This was a really fight at night when she too came home early and he a girl in the house.
  5. A new neighbor moves in, his girl got the house while he was back home and was suppose to pay first month rent, last month rent and deposit but she never did it and told the owner they would pay monthly. So after the first month the owner tells the guys rent is due. He says I paid all this! Owner says ďno only paid 1 month rentĒ, big fight in house after 3 years of being together he kicks he out
  6. (Last month I talk about the girl getting money each week that has a local boyfriend) so more drama to come when he Expat BF returns if the finds out what had been going on.

So with me here on a street only about 300 feet long I can only imagine how the rest of  Baloy is with Expats and the bar girls where many find they girlfriends.

You never know if you have a good woman till she turns on you and takes you for all she can. Expats are cash cows for Filipinas so always beware of that fact. Find yourself a girl that doesnít ask for anything from you in the way of gifts, laptops, that new Iphone or other expensive toys. She lives without before you so why should she need them now?

We all want to show our love to our girlfriends but that doesnít mean you need to build her 7 million peso house which will be in her name and when she decided to kick you out she gets the house and everything else.

Always remember you are in a poor county when in the Philippines and survival is #1 for the girls and their family. You as a expat have tons of cash to them and for years they will play you to get all the can for themselves and family and once they get tired of you married or not you are out and fuck!

If your girl can accept you even if you only have 80,000p a month which is not much when compared to many here and stays with you, doesnít ask for anything but you love and honesty and tells her family we canít help you then you are on the right track to a girl that will stay with you always.

Land of Temptation

When you live in a place where getting girls to have sex with is so easy it makes it hard to true in a relationship with a girlfriend. Itís hard because when you go the clubs you see so many pretty women and they are all so friendly to you but that is their job, they donít care what you look like all they see is money and I have said before many of the girls working the bars have local boyfriends or husbands so never ever thing you are the only one if dating a bar girl until proven otherwise like a visit to her home.

If you havenít spent time in Asia you will find it is different than some other places in the world when it come to women and this leads a lot of guys to fall into a trap (hole) and trust me many do fall deep into the trap. It is just something about Asian girls that the guys from the west and east canít resist and the girls know it whatever ďitĒ is.

Letís look at the facts as I see it any way Ė most guys moving here are older, 50 and above. Back home they have their fun but here it is 10 fold. Young girls come to you like flies to crap and make you feel like a king, so who couldnít fall in the hole of loving South East Asia (SEA)?

For me when a 300 pound Expat guy with a 90 pound Filipina all I can think WTF, but it is all about the money and if the guy doesnít think the same he is truly a fool. We all know for the most part women want a good a looking man they can show off to their friends. If she shows up with some cow her friends knows it is all the money and that is why she has him but in time she will have another better looking man more to her liking be it another Expat or local.

Life here is cheaper than in the states or Europe so your retirement pay you can live a great live so why live back in your home country and just get by with you live a better live here?

I had a guy from the states who knew I knew his girlfriend ask me if he could trust his girlfriend and I told him ďNOĒ because of what I had seen, but now she lives in the states with him and I wonder how long it will last? I have seen so many Filipinaís comes to the states married to Navy guys and once they got their Green Cards left the guys. So if you have to ask a question like ďcan I trust herĒ you already know the answer.

December 15, 2014 - Personal note:

Tomorrow is my Birthday I will be another year older and be 57 after being born in 1957. There are a lot of things I could say about my life so far but what would be the point? So let us just say I have seen a lot and been though a lot both good and bad but each if things made me what I am today (both good and bad). But I am how I am, and that is all that I am.

So Happy Birthday to me and my each of you have a great Birthday when yours rolls around.

Each day try to learn from the day before and be a better person the next day.

Treat others as you want to treated.

Give when you can but don't let yourself be taken by those that will abuse your kindness.

Be as honest as you can but we all know that is hard sometimes so just try, ok?

Your life is yours so be happy with your life otherwise what the point?

Have a great December 16th I will.


December 16, 2014, I didn't tell anyone about my birthday and  just planed a normal day at home with the family but early in the morning my GF asked me if I was going to buy any beers and I told her maybe 6 since I had 2 in the ref already. Then she asked about my friends and I told her I didn't invite anyone over to the house to party with me.

Well as it turned out she had already invited people to come over for my birthday along with getting food and a cake for me.

So from there is was a matter of inviting people that walked by that we knew to join the party which everyone did that we asked.

My GF made my birthday very special for me and for that I can not thank her enough.

joe :)  Warren Carter, subic bay, philippines, seabee, 2014

    filipinas at my party in the philippines, warren carter, subic bay

party in Subic bay, birthday, warren carter  Navy friends in subic bay 2014 party with warren carter 

  Warren, alma, shennel 2014, subic bay, philippines 


This being my 3rd New Years here in Subic my girl and I thought we would have another party like last year and invite her family and some friends over to party with us. So things were put in plans and plans were made for the food and drinks. I only told a few people about the party, I donít know many here still out side of the people living on my street which are all pretty cool and stopped by for my birthday party.

Yeah I know, after being here so long why donít I have more people to invite over? Simple, I am out rarely so donít meet many people to have over. I only get out on Thursdays and Sundays to play pool at 2pm so I am home after the game by 5 or 6 and the latest. On a rare occasion I may stop in a few bars if the game is on National Highway but even then I am home by 7 at the latest.

Well anyway, I am ok with a small circle of friends plus I donít do much on NYís anyway which is a long story which I will skip for now.

Mail Ė

I have been getting mail from readers of the site and thank you all of them. I answer the mail as soon as I can, since I donít get much I donít check the mail box to often but will make a point to check a look more so I can respond quicker to your questions and comments.

As far and meeting up with people visiting the area, I do my best to all I can if only for a short period of time.

Weather Ė

This year we had 2 major storms heading our way both which were downgraded before they reached us so the most we had was some high winds and rain. I am not sure I said these before last year but I will say it here; before the Navy base was in Manila and was move up there to Olongapo in the 50ís my guess is that storms rarely hit this are unlike Manila so it makes sense to have the base here, right?

Update on cost of living here in Subic Ė

Like anywhere else in the world cost go up but here not so much. Some rental houses here in Baloy have gone up a few thousand I am not sure about the Barretto area and if there are any major changes but seeing how many locals rent there I would thank no change in the going rates. Food is the major area which cost can rise but at the street market I have seen too much change in the past year.

The Bars Ė

I have listed we have a number of new bars in the area. The newest being the 1020 on Nation Highway a few steps from Flash Rat and Subiz which is located in Baloy at Sheaven hotel.

31 Dec party Ė

Ok so I get 2 cases of beet, order 2000p worth of food and only 1 person shows up, oh well, so we decided to go to Barefoot bar and the Wild Orchid hotel to see the band and watch the fireworks but when we arrive they are charging 699p a head to enter. Seeing how there was 6 of us, 3 adults and 3 kids I said ďfuck thisĒ and we headed back home.

The firework show lasted 20 minutes and we set off the White Castle off the beach from Baloy and it was a pretty good show, nothing fantastic but good. I miss the fireworks in the states they really kick ass but when you think about what it cost to put on a really good show you are happy with what you get here in Subic.

New Years for me is just another day but for those we love we what we have to do. ďBetter to be happy then rightĒ when dealing with your woman.

Shennel Magno Carter and Alma, Baloy Beach New years 2014  Shennel Magno Carter and Alma, Baloy Beach, Philippines, New years 2014

Have a great year in 2015 everyone, thanks for reading my little site here and I am glad it helps some of you with the info you are looking for about Life in Subic Bay.

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