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January 2015

Well here it is another year starts and like many others I hope this year will be better than last one. I canít really complain about 2015 to much since my only real headache has been the process we had to go though on the house we are getting. What was supposed to be a 6 month wait to move in has tuned in to wait and wee when we move in ordeal which really sucks!

Word of advice Ė If you plan to buy a new home here in the Philippines unless you are building it yourself donít buy it until all construction is done on house or the community area and all utilities connect including internet and telephone lines from the different companies.

So here is what is going on with our house;

Water is not connected yet and plumbing fixtures are not installed still. We paid the require amount but nothing is done, so we call the office and ask what is going on and we are told that we need to buy 5 sections of 20 foot pipe and 1 elbow join to make the connection, yes that is right it is not included in the price of house, welcome to the Philippines! Now check this part out Ė when we see the connect which is in front of the house and I might add very close to the street so I can some drunk running it over and breaking out water line I wonder why they needed the 100 feet of pipe? It is not like they laid a new line they just dug up the buried line and made the connect ( pipe up, elbow, meter, elbow, pipe down) so yes we got fucked on the water connection cost. Now you would think that since the water was connected the plumbing would also be done, WRONG! That will not be done until we have the key in our hands so this is a big WTF!!

So let us move on the electrical now. First you have pay 168p inspection fee, after that you attend a 2 hour seminar then you pay for the electrical meter, wire to rum from the power pole to your house which for us was 26 meters they said we need, and the mount on the house for the electrical wire to be tired off to. So all in all just to get the power to the house it cost me over 5000p. 3 day we are to told it would take them to do the work, well 2 weeks later it is still not done and I see no sign of it being done anytime soon.

I paid off all the new furniture for the house, 42,000p on top of the 40,000p I had all ready paid out things we are using in out rental home.

Other stuff

I met up with one of the reader of the site (Mike and his friend Guy) a few times for drinks while playing on my pool team which was fun since I donít have the chance to meet many of guys that come here and want to meet up with me.

A few of the bars I had a chance to stop in during the month,

Dusk till Dawn Ė nice new layout since the expand the inside a lot more room in there now, Bruce the manager is a pretty cool guy I talked with him one day for few house (6 beers) and had a good time.

T Rose Ė always one of favorite bar even before the remodeling. Now it is a lot nicer and I always enjoy my time there.

Alley Cats Ė another bar the remolded to make it bigger inside, this is one place I play pool but have been going in there for a few years so most of the girls that have been there a while know me. nice place with cheap beer, 45p I think.

Doc Hooyah Ė another place I pool and is small bar with cheap drink prices and a cool place to hang out and if you are older or ex-military you most likely find many there to talk with about the good ol days back when.

Midnight Rambler Ė my old hangout, stopping in to see a friend that is working back there again, seems things are picking up in the bar since the place changed owners. I think they also have a few GROís working now too. M/R is one of those places where either you like it or you hate it, me I still like it.

Route 69 Ė I donít get there as much as I would like since my GF put it off limits to me some time back but always a nice place to drop into and have a few beers and watch the people on the street walk by.

Being sick Ė

I got something and it had me coughing with a runny nose which I had for about a week, the cough lasted 2 week and I had to go to the doctors to get meds to get rid it a last. Some people donít like the hospital here in Barrio Barretto called Loudous but every time I have gone there they were great and I had no problems with the staff, test done or cost. Maybe I am just luck but either way I like the place.


Warren - Shennel - Alma, Baloy Beach, Philippines 2015

February 2015

February 2015

Another month gone and Iím still in the same house that I have been renting. At the beginning of the month it looked like we would be moving in the new house but as the month went on that dream started to fade slowly.

Fiesta Homes Communities at least for the Subic area has to be the most fucked up company I have every come across in my life. No one knows what is going on so they tell you anything they can to make you happy and get you off their backs. There is no customer service at all, once they get your money they really could give a shit less about you or when you move in. I think they could be doing this so people back out and forfeit the money that had been paid of the many months. I know of one couple that did this because it was taking so long to get into the house which ion the companyís web site clearly says 6 month before you can move it, well we have been waiting 11 months now and while we have met all the requirements they wanted and turned in everything for the clearance they say we need after 2 weeks no word on when we get the keys.

The house now has water and power connected so that is good well at least if it all works like it should anyway. The only problem I see with the water is that the meter is right next to the street and easy for anyone to run over at night and break off which would really suck the big one.

We got a text message saying we needed to get a lock for the water meter so no one could use our water well to start with we donít have any outside water taps so how could anyone use our water unless they were inside the house? So I said fuck that we donít need and if by chance when we do move it and I check the meter it better be reading no more than 10, if even that high?

I get the feeling some of the key workers at the site have some kind of scam going or getting things done inside the house the new owners. Like we get a text from one guy who tells us that we can get screens up in for 14,500peso and the company already has the measurements for the house, well how in the hell did this company get that since hardly anyone has moved in yet? The a few weeks later the price drops to 13,500peso so I guess the guy at the site decided to take a cut on his commission. 

In the office we had to drop of 60 months of checks for payment to get the clearance from the main office which we did on the 9th of the month and we are told to come back the following Monday to get the clearance and keys, well that didnít happen, we called the office, we call the girl at the site and no one know shit or will say what the hold-up is. They said they are waiting to hear from the main office which is in Angeles City, ok fine give them a call, send a fax, get on line and get us out shit. It should not take this long to get us moved in. But as I said Fiesta community doesnít give a shit about you once you sign the paperwork and they start to get your money.

Iíll really hoping that in the last week of this month we will have the chance to move in and get house set up with all the stuff I bought for it.

Enough of the grips now about the house.

Getting sick and getting healed

For the first 2 weeks I caught something that had me coughing really hard all the time, I had the last thing last year too and after some meds from doctor it finally when a way in a few days. The hospital here in Barrio Barretto I like unlike others in the area that donít have a lot of good things to say about the place. Me I have never been given test or meds I didnít need, one thing I will comment on is once we took our baby into the hospital because she had a high fever and while I was gone paying the bill one of the nurses give my girl some shit for waiting to so long before we took her they. That I felt was way out of line and she had no right to talk to my girl like that. As far as I know Lordaduce (the hospital) doesnít have doctors there on a regular basis so if you need a specialist you may need to in on a certain day to see them.

For a trike there from Baloy is 70peso for your information.

Go to know information

Elaís travel on the corner of Baloy and National Highway can up your USA passport renewal for 8000peso, it takes about 3 to 4 weeks before you get it back. Mr Vinís internet show can take the 2X2 inch passport picture need you get 4 for 40peso and takes about 10 minutes from start to finish; they also have some basic computer items there too. Mr Vinís in next to the church on Nation Highway and across the street from Wild Island Bar if I recall right.

If you are looking for some sexy outfits or bedtime cloths for your girl or sex toys in the same shopping center as Elaís there is a shop there that will have what you need, maybe depending on how wild (freaky) you and your girl (s) are.

Go to know information - Forums

Forums are a great place to find information for free from the people that live where you plan to go. Finding a Forum that you really like takes time and once you get on it there could be a lot of reading you need to do to get the whole picture of what is going on in the area you plan to go to. Myself I like site where I need to pay to get the really good information but many site need you to make post to get into the SPECIAL  sections, the numbers of post vary of site to site and the post donít need to be anything great they just want to see you active on the site in many case.

I had a Forum when I lived in Singapore and had a site covering the clubbing here (Warrenís Singapore) and it worked out really great. I tried to do it here but the Forums here covering the Philippines pretty much have everyone there so I killed the site, plus since I was not out much I could not add a lot so that didnít help promote the site but maybe in a few years I will try it again when I have more free time to party.

So if you are not on a Forum think about it, check them out and join up. Here are a few I know of;



http://asianescapades.com/ (pay site for the good stuff plus discount card in the bars and some hotels)

http://subicexpat.com/forum/index.php (new site not many members yet but give it time)

20 Feb 2015 Ė more shit about the house, sorry L

My girl dropped of the paper work to get out clearance to move in on the 9th of the month and they told her to come back the next Monday, so we called the office and got the normal run-a-round and them telling us it would be 2 to 3 weeks before it would ready. I mean god damn WTF is going on? I feel like they donít want us to move in there.

With the end of the month coming I want to get out of our rental so I donít have to pay another 15k for it. we have water and power at out new home but no keys to get in and this is so fucked up. 1 year we have dealt with this bullshit and the lies from the company.

Yeah I am pissed the fuck off and been drinking all day J so I feel better, Ha ha!! My only hope is that those that plan to move here and get a place learns from the BS I have had to deal with so your life will less stressful than mind has been over the house.

On a side note, donít but a house in one of the communities, they really suck. Not well planned out, not enough electrical sockets, too small and not built well at all. I wish I would have had the chance to read what you have here otherwise I would have just kept renting here in Baloy which I really love. But I got the house for my baby girl so she would have a place to grow up and while I go though the pains of moving in, but in the long run she will be happy and that is after all what matters. We do for our children that we cannot do for ourselves.

22 February 2015 Sunday

Today is my day to play pool with the team but since they have a home game and the owner of the bar I play for only wants 4 players I didnít play today. I guess he doesnít like me overall winning game score but that is ok since our team is ranked higher than his main team #1 we are #2 team for the bar, ha ha.

So I planned to go bar hop today but you know my little baby girl was able to keep me home with her plus my GF is always happy when I donít go out for the games, she like me home all the time.

Met a guy names Tony, an American who lives in Honk Kong that was just walking the street and we started talking, Cool guy, I donít meet many buys since I a home all the time and it is nice to just talk to someone that is from the states sometime or for that matter just other guys since I donít get many visitors.  I know my girl thinks I go the bars to chat up the girls but that is way off base. Hanging out with the guys is great and something I see she doesnít understand yet. Hey this is life in the Philippines!


Hanging out in Dusk Till Bawn Bar

March 2015

March 2015

At last we moved into our new house on the 28th of Feb 2015. Now the fun started.

To start with I hate moving, done it to many times before for myself and others by helping out. shit just never goes as planned in most cases and our move was no different. To start with we had a truck scheduled to move us for 600peso a trip and was to arrive at 8am. Well at 7:30am the lady who got us the truck shows up with a SUV and a trailer and I guess her family to do the move. So I ask about the truck and they tell me how they move 60 sacks of rice in the trailer and everything will be fine.

Well no choice now too late to find a mover so they start loading everything up. Now I donít know how they did it but on that 15 foot trailer they loaded the Ref, 8 large wooden table and shelves, 2 fans, a shit load of boxes and suit cases and a bunch of other shit which was about 90% of everything we had and I wish I had gotten a picture of it because it was un-fucken-believable to see. At 8am they headed to the house with my GF and I stayed back waiting for my friend to arrive who was going to help.

At 8:15 Rod and his wife arrive and we load up their truck and wait for the movers to return meaning Rod and I started to drink beer.

The day before the move I paid all my bills with my land-lady and thought I was clear of everything with her but when Rod and I go to get more beer they tell me I still owe then 1,500p for half month water and electric I thought the cost was a bit high and it should be more like 850 but she was good lady and treated us pretty good do fuck it I handed it over with a smile, (not a big smile but just a smile).

After the movers arrive back at the house we finish loading up everything and head out.

At the house everything is still downstairs, nothing has been moved just stacked up here and there but with our baby acting all crazy my GF was not able to get anything done which I understand, so now the real work starts because at 2pm we get the furniture delivered so we need room to move around in. all the guys get to work and my GF and Rodís Wife for to get Jollie Bee for the workers, 2 cases of beer for me and a few items we need at the house but before the girls get back the workers need to leave so I paid them 2000peso for the help, I offered 3k but she said ďToo muchĒ and only took 2k a nice surprise seeing some one that is not greedy like that.

Now for the deliver of our furniture;

The house is ready for the final touch but wait, the items we have had on hold for a year are all not here? The couch and 2 seats didnít come and we are told it would be week before we get them and the guys forgot to bring the frame for our bed and wouldnít be back for 2 days since we moved on a Saturday.

Problems in the house;

  1. The water line for the sink in the bathroom leeks. I tried 5 different hoes from 2 different store and all leaked, WTF is going on. Tried to find a store to have a hose made and no luck there, next step improvise something that will work.
  2. The handle on the water tap in the show breaks off. Had to buy a new tap then chisel out around the old tap to get it out.
  3. The light in the front of the house doesnít work, Iím  Still working on the problem
  4. The water in the kitchen sink was not going down, we tried to force it down but it still wasnít draining so I take a look under the sink and see a flex hose where the pipes should be. So I unscrew the connection and find the hose is only inserted in the wall where it drains into a pipe.  Now when you pay 1.2 million for a house something like this is not what you would ever think you would find.


  1. I asked the people and the Security office when trash pickup is and they had no idea so we got the workers here to clear-out trash for us, another example of great planning by the community owners.
  2. Around the house it still looks like a construction area, they didnít do any clean up before we moved in. I talked to the foreman who told me that sidewalks will be put in later so the plans we had for putting up a fence will have to be put on hold until they complete that, whenever that will be?


Not problem but other items we had to deal with;

Getting out satellite cable installed, needed copy of my retirement pay, bill for house that is at least 30 days out, GF ID copy, 2 of my IDís and 3,870peso which includes 50 channels and 2 boxes. Installation took about 1 Ĺ house and when really smooth. Monthly bill will be 590peso FYI since we are on a plan and have 2 boxes, if we just had 1 box it would have been over 6,000peso for the installation for the HD 50 channel package.

Internet Ė tried to get Sun pocket Wifi but they donít cover our area, we have Smart Bro Pocket Wifi but where we live now, now can connect to the signal. Next step is to try PLDT but the office here in Subic Town is only open on Tuesdays (today is Saturday 7 March) estimated cost 3,000peso.

Paying the water bill Ė we pay thought the community on Saturdays our fist bill was 60.28peso, pretty much the normal flat monthly rate even if you donít use any water. I went to the office to pay our bill and no there, on will I tired, I will stop by Monday since I know the girl to find now.

Screens and screen doors, cost 13,500peso planned to be done in April.

Cover back patio and put up iron grills so the area is not open to everyone that walked by and may want to take something we have stored there.

9 March 2015

Living in Subic Town

Like and new place you move to finding the things you need or want can be a bit of a challenge since you donít know where to go to find what you need. Subic Town is a big change from Baloy or Barrio Barretto I have to say.

Let me start with where I live and work my way into the town area.

To start with I live on the side of hill now, we have a good view but the walk while short is tiring to reach out place. We have a trike driver on call for the day time (Donny) but sometimes he may be another call and canít get to us right away, the problem is some trike drivers donít want to climb the hill to get to our place, sounds strange I know but is a fact. Hell even Donnyís bike sounds like it is going to explode as we creep up the hill.

The workers building the house seem ok for now, all have been friendly and helpful and we are now having the kids of the worker that live here dropping by to see Shennel and just hang out. I guess there is not too much to do here for them and when they heard our TV they were all excited and wanted to come watch TV with us, which is not going to happen!

To enter the community to need to get a pass from security at the gate, they donít seem to be too strict right now but that might change after more people move in, from what I can tell about 10 people have move in already. A lot of places have they water installed but that is all from what I can see.

The road leading into the community is paved but needs work but it is still better than the road in Baloy so I canít complain about that at least now yet so letís see what the flooding is like when the rain starts, it could be a much different story since there is river about 200 meters from the gate and I can see the high water line on the fences of the house that are close to it. We may find out selves trapped for a while during rainy season.


Alongside the paved road there are a few shops where you can buy a few items, a internet shop and a supply store for copies and office stuff, not to many Sari Sari stories in the area so any little items you may need youíll have to head into town to get them.

The main road, National Highway, is a traffic nightmare here unlike in Barretto. I donít know why the traffic is so bad here but crossing the street is a feat in itself. The road and the shoulder is not as wide as Barretto either it seems so you need to watch yourself , the trikes, other people walking, and the traffic.

In Subic Town you have a Pure Gold and Vercon Market which are both really good places to shop, there is a Fresh Option for your meat and they will deliver if you order 500peso worth of goods, plenty of Western Unions and other money transfers companies, 3 ATMís all in the same area, and a BPI bank with an ATM. Jollibee, Inasan and Andocks Chicken are a few places to eat again all the in the same area on the end of town closes to Barretto. The public market is a great place to shop for food, and just about anything else you may need and also on Sundays and Thursdays they have a sales going on in the early morning hours.

Trike from one end of town to the other is - 20p or from the public market to Subic National School for example, extra rider after you and partner 10p. From National Highway to the community Ė 20p, but from Jollibee to my community 30p, so unlike in Barretto when turning into Baloy there is no extra charge.

To walk from my place to the Public Market takes only 30 minutes so it is about the same distance as when I lived in Baloy and would walk to 161 (Rizal street) where the food stalls are. I am use to walking and is really the only exercise I get and it gives me a chance to see all the smaller shops you would miss if riding in a trike or Jeepney.

Bars Ė I have only seen a few Karaoke places by the Public Market which in time I will check out and see what is going on there if anything and I read about a few places over the shipyard so need to head over there one day to and see what they are about but in the long run Barretto is still the best place to go bar hopping I can see that already and being only 10peso on a Jeepney and a 15 minute ride so getting there is not a problem.

March 11, 2015

Itís off to Olongapo to find the part I need to finish the repairs around the house. The hardware store in Barretto and Subic town only have limited items so finding what you need can be a challenge as I have said before. The DYI store on Magsaysay Drive has a lot of stuff you can use just like the Ace Hardware in the SM mall but if you canít fine what you need there go up Gordon Avenue from the SM mall to a store called Goodyear they should have what you need if you canít find it anywhere else.

I was about to fine a connection hose for the bathroom sink that didnít leak, it was a rubber hose with the fittings and not the Braided line I was getting before, so I am happy that is done, last item is to get the toilet bowl to stop leaking from the tank.

We got all the pictures hung now so there is not much more to do on the inside of the house, thank god.

Some more about the Trikes here in Subic town;

On my way home from Olongapo I off the blue Jeepney and got a trike, I ask the driver if he could take me to my house in the community after I picked my 5 gallon water container and climb the hill, he said ďyesĒ, you need to ask the drivers i have learned, so off we going. I get my water and we head for home but ľ of the way up the hill his bike is not going to make it and he tried really hard too but it was a ďno goĒ so I pay him the 20p for the ride grab my water and items from Olongapo and start the long walk up the hill.

Now understand I am 57 year old now, the last time I worked out was back in 2000 so I donít need this shit but no choice so what to but rough it out and get home. It is times like this that I am glad about my military training, being able to do something when you think you are unable to do it, just get it done, or as we say in the Seabees, ďCAN DO!Ē and I did but damn it is kill me so I need to find a water place that delivers to my house, I canít make many trips like the one I did today.

Observations Ė

When taking the Blue Jeepney from Subic town to Olongapo you can tell when you are getting close to an area where there are a lot of Expat. The closer you get to Barrio you see the girls in Sexier cloths walking down the street. Here in Subic Town I have only see a few girls dressed like girls in Barrio are all the time. But letís understand one thing and that is many of the girls you see in Barrio are working in the bars so that makes a big difference on what you will see walking the street. In Olongapo you can see a few more sexy dressed girls but there you donít know if they are working in bars or maybe just like dressing that way.

13 March 2015

More fun things about living in Subic Town

When we were getting ready to move to the new house we asked about internet service from several people, one lady told us that Smart Pocket Bro Broadband devices worked in the area where we would be living and it was a 4G connection. Well that is not the case, sometimes, not often we connect but the speed is shit so we donít use it to much. I went by Sun internet to see what they had but was told they donít cover our area nor does Globe. Next stop with the Phone Company (PLDT) but since they are still building out our area they have run phone lines yet an donít have a transmitting tower that covers the area. So to sum it all up I donít have and internet connection and looks like it may be a while (months) before I have any connection here in the house.

Even more fun

Cignal satellite HDTV

Back on the 7th of the month we got out dish installed and was told it would be a few days before we were connected, ok fine no problem. A few days pass (4) and I get a call from the office in Subic Town that they need a Philippines ID from me, ok I have a card from Immigrations so I take that and my passport to the office to get copied so they can send it to the main office. When I get to the office the girl working tells me she is not sure if the main office will accept the PI card, WTF how are expats going to use the company if they donít accept these?

(Note Ė if you are going to get copies make of these card make sure they copy front and back so they can see the valid dates)

Today I sent the manager in the office a text asking about our service, I got a text back within minutes saying she will check but after 2 hours still answer to the question so more to come on this story.

14 March 2015

I got a call from Cignal TV and the lady tells me that my application has been disapproved because my Card from Immigrations is not good enough (strange since  it was good enough to sign for the house which I am paying for, I had to show my pay and that I was supporting my GF by paying for it since she was not working anymore), then she ask to speak to my GF. So here is how everything turned out.

She tells my girl that they will submit the application under her name.

On the water bill we gave them to show our address they change the amount from 65.20p to 6000p to show proof of income from my girl.

Of course they needed to sign the application form for my GF, thank you very much.

So it looks like after this entire mess of BS is done I hope in a few days to have everything connected and running. So letís see what happens!

This is life in the Philippines and one thing you need to get use to if you plan to make it without going crazy. As I have said before this is not like your home country, things here work a whole lot differently and it takes some getting use to. Donít try to fight the way things are done here just go with it and learn as you go. This is where your Girl will really help you a lot, she knows the tricks for the trade here a lot better then you ever will.

(On a side note) There are no phonebooks put out by the phone company unlike the yellow pages in the states or a listing put out by the phone company of business that I have found, since most people and companies here (Subic Bay Area) have hand-phones there is no way to get a listing mad up. 

So if you need a plumber or locksmith unless you know one you are shit out luck. You need to seek out workers to do the work at your house which means you need to ask around and in many cases it will be a family member they know who can do the work. On the down side if something goes wrong it is on you to get it fixed again or done right by someone else. If you find a construction outfit that can do a lot of the work for you then you may be better off.

If you are handy around the house and have tools you might think about shipping them over so you can do you own work and repairs which will save you a lot of headache because then you know it is done right.

(Oh yeah 1) So you know cinder blocks here are about Ĺ the side of the blocks in the states and made with a lot more sand than cement so they can melt if exposed to too much water over time.


(Oh yeah 2) If you have plaster board on your walls as a divider it may only be 3/8 of inch thick or even Ĺ inch so keep that in mind when hanging pictures or drilling holes.

18 March 2015

More shit from Cignal TV; we get a Call that my GF wasnít approved and there is no refund on what we paid (3800p)  they told her that the money we paid was for the 2 boxes, satellite dish and installation and 1 month service which I thought was free by the plan we got. Well needless to say she goes through the roof and starts to text them about what the hell is going on and why? My Gf is so pissed off at them and about use loosing the 3000p.

So she gets the hot line number and calls them to complain about the service and get so more in information about how we can get the damn service, they tell here to send her billing information for where we live directly to the email address they give here and they will see what can done. If all goes well after we email them 5 documents, 4 more then they asked for, we will get connected at last.

Itís been a rough day here and while I remain calm about losing 3000p she is a fireball so it is like walking on egg shells for a while in the house.

(Lesson learned Ė Get approved before having any installation done at your house)

27 March 2015

We got in touch with the Cignal call center in Manila to try to get out account up they need my retirement account statement and a current billing for water or electricity so we have been waiting for electric bill to show up so we can send it in. first time I looked forward to getting a bill, ha ha!

Itís been a long time since I went a month without TV so I have no clue what is going on in the world and I have missed 4 NASCAR races which really sucks and at the same time we have not had internet that we can count on.

For our internet we are using a SMART BRO Pocket WiFi which is a 4G connection but we rarely get that connection in the house and if we do it is only for a few hours in the mid-afternoon.

Internet here in Philippines (Subic area) you donít get unlimited usage unless you are with a cable company or something like that. Using a WiFi Device you are limited to 5G which will cost you 1,000p on a monthly plan but if you use the 5G up you will need to add more cash to stay connected.

To load your WiFi device you can do in online or by putting the sim card in your phone and load it there which is handy if you us up all you load and canít get on line. If you load though you phone put the sim card in your #1 slot.

Some of the load plans we have tried were the 30p 70MB which for us only last about 2 hours of surfing the net on Facebook. 20P 45MB plan is worthless, gone too fast.

Keep in mind we moved to what I call a remote section of the Subic Town. Once the construction is all done and companies like CaTV and PLDT run their lines in the community and things will b a lot better for sure but that could be a year down the road still if we are lucky.

31 March 2015

My baby Shennelís Second Birthday 2pm

This was our first party in the house, the GF invites some of her family and some of the girls she use to work with which I didnít know she had done (so I had no idea how many people would be at the party) plus a few friends of ours.

I really like the house parties because then everyone can really relax and have a great time. We had lots of food that they cooked in the morning then at 1pm we go to get the cake so when most of the people arrived everything was ready to go.

We had about 12 girls and 3 guys at the party not including the kids which I have found to be pretty normal odds here for a house party since you girl will be doing most of the inviting and she wants to share the good times with her friends which is cool with me.

After a month in the new house with no TV or Internet it gets really boring pretty fast so having the company of friends over was a good thing for my GF, me Iím ok Iím use to a lot of alone time so no big deal. I have my movies and my music so Iím a happy man but when you live with someone itís a different story since you need to think of their needs so they can keep their head straight and not go crazy from the isolation. For us, being around each other 24/7 can be a bit taxing on us but we manage it pretty well over all. Oh yeah we have our ups and downs but thatís normal in any relationship.

I donít write about to much personal stuff here as you know because to many it would be pretty boring reading but there is a lot a can and will share in a ďArticleĒ soon with you.


Shennel Magno Carter 2nd Birthday Party 2015

April 2015

4 April 2015

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch that is all I can do right now L

Still no word from the fucking Cigna TV on our account getting set up, I sent in what they wanted over a week ago and no word from them at all. The GF is on my ass because we have to TV to watch and she is tired of watching DVDís all the time and I really canít blame her since most of my DVDís are not to hr liking, go figure!

Our internet connection thought this P.O.S (piece of shit) SmartBro WiFi device is really pissing me the fuck off too. About the only time we get a good connect is from 1 to 4pm. We havenít loaded the 999peso for 5gig yet so our time on line is very limited, 150mg goes really fast as you can guess.

The last time I was without TV was back in January 1977 when I was in Boot Camp and I have never been without Internet since 1996 when I first got on line with AOL, so yes I am not a happy camper right now but I have learned I will not die without these two items, life just sucks without them.

Buying LPG for the house

We ran out tank dry and needed to a refill, so I call my Trike driver to pick up to I can a new tank and give them my address so they can deliver next time but when I am talking the lady at the shop she says they donít deliver, WTF? Maybe is it just that one shop but I donít recall seeing another Gasol place in the area. No I have learned that many here canít understand me when I take to them and ask questions, maybe I talk to fast to use words they donít understand, I donít know this is why I let my GF do most to all of business stuff, less confusion that way I found.

On a brighter side

I when to SBMA to do a shopping with my buddy Rod and his wife and was able to find so things I really missed.

Popcorn, Hamburger patties, and my favorite candy Licorice (Red Vines) from the American Licorice Company.

When I got to home I open the bag of licorice and it was like I was 10 years old ago, that same great smell and taste I grew to love while them.

I made popcorn at home the other day and what a treat that was for me and the GF, we donít have a microwave so I had to do it the old school way with a pot and oil but it turned out great any way and I didnít burn many of them.

Next I made hamburgers and man did they turn out great, only ľ pounder in size but still good eating.

I found 3 more stores that sell SMBís by the case so now I will never be out of SMBís again!!

My Girl Friend

My GF is selling, ice, ice candy and load for phones, it is a pain the ass but she made close to 2000p on the ice and ice candy and over 300p on the loads which really helped out here at home when I ran short at the end of month. She is also selling stuff on-line, well she was before we move because we had unlimited internet there and she made a lot while here she is limited but I know it will pick up once we get our connection going good again. I donít ask her to help out with cash, that to me is her money to go spend as she sees fits but she is not like that when she sees I am short she always offers to help out in buying what we need until I get paid, not many Filipinas are like that who worked in bar so I am damn luck I got her by my side.

Living in Mangan Vaca, Subic Town, Philippines

It is different here as I have send before so one afternoon we all for a walk to see the area. We found a Sari Sari with really great prices run by a lady names Mercy and she has SMB only 27p, coke 1.5 liter only 50p her Red Horse is 20p cheaper than the story closes to where to life who charged me 55p plus 5p deposit on the bottle. We also found a place that will deliver water bottles to the house so that was a life saver; if anything here kills me here it would have been walking up this fucking hill to the house with 5 gallons of water.

15 April 2015

We are still trying to get our Cignal TV activated this has been going on since the 6th of March, I got tired of dealing with the store in Subic Town and we started dealing straight with the main office in Manila, so we sent in the work they wanted but they said it wasnít good enough and we disapproved. So we waited for the water and power bill to arrive and then we sent that in and got approved this was back on the 9th of April. On the 10th we call and say 24 to 48 hours and we should be connected but that didnít happen on the 13th I send and email asking what happen and got no reply so on the 14th I call again, same thing, the account is in the activation department and it should be done in 24 to 48 hours. So I tell the guy I am talking to w we were told that on the 10th and of course he has nothing to say.

I know the people in the call center donít know shit but what they say they see on the computer but damn come on it is that hard to figure out?

This is the second time I had to deal with a call center here in the Philippines and both times the customer service really sucked.

Here in Fiesta Home Community (F.H.C.)

More people have moved in after the Easter calibration. We met a few people how live on the next street around from us and so far everyone is pretty friendly and is busy working on their house.

When I got the water bill it was over 1700peso which I way to high for us! I talk to some friends to see what their water bill runs and it the highest was 900peso but he had 9 people living with him. When I go to pay the bill I ask why it is so high and they say ďthey donítĒ know but ďI should try turning down the water pressure at the meterĒ, WTF, the fucking the valve is after the meter so what difference will that make? It will just take longer to fill my bucket but I am still using the same amount of water, right? I try to explain this to them but these nimrods have no clue, after all they are just bill collectors here in FCH.

Before our water bill was no more than 300p a month so I need to figure out why it is so much higher here, I check the meter to see if it is running with everything it turned off and the meter is not moving so we donít have a leak in the pipes that is for sure.

Now our electric bill which when we lived in Baloy was between 1800 and 2300peso here it was only 413peso our first month. I think it will go out a bit on the next month so letís see what happens when that arrives.

23 April 2015

Back to our shit with Cignal TV Ė

After waiting almost 2 weeks after being told we would be activated soon I get an Email saying we were disapproved, another WFT moment! So after almost the GF is going ape shit about the whole thing and wanted to just say ďfuck it!Ē and get an antenna so she can get at least 2 or 3 channels which I can understand since we have watched all the movies I have at least 3 times now and some even more.

For me I want to get the system so I can watch sports and other shows I like and can understand in English. Right now the only other option we have is go with a per-paid box and not the post-paid like have been trying to get. I am not sure how this plan will work out or what it may end up costing me to get things switched over to the other plan. I was told that the per-paid boxed are different then the post-paid boxes which we have 2 of now.

My last input on the house and the fine job they did on build it!

As you know we are now in the new house, we moved in the first of March and let me say that the house is piece of shit.

Everything in the bathroom has problems, I had to replace the hoses on both the toilet and sink, the lock nut on the water tap is broken so the tap moves when you go to turn it off (something I need to fit still), the knob for the shower is not screed in to the valve but there is a screw there when I removed the cover but the screw is not long enough, the drain cover is not screwed down and even the fucking door knob came off.

Most of the doors donít fit right and not square, windows are a shitty fit.

My GF had the workers hang the curtain rods and I had to redo the all because they were put in with small screws and pulled out of the plastic inserts they used.

Oh yeah the floor is not level also as are most of the walls.

So needless to say the place is nickel and diming me to death along with all the other stuff we need to fix and get for the house.

28 April 2015

Got the electric bill this morning, 3,149peso, ouch that hurts twice as much as we have even paid before so I think the bill has to be wrong, ok? We call the company and they tell us the rate is higher for the billing cycle due to cost from the power supplier. I really hope this is not going to be the norm from now on. Just about everything in the bill was 7% higher in the way of charges and there are 20 charges not including the KW usage. Pretty messed up when you think that yesterday we had a  blackout from 8am to 6pm, that's right 10 hours with no power in the summer time, damn I love it here so much other wise I would think about moving!


Warren's House in Subic City, Philippines

May 2015

May 2015

This month started out with my laptop crapping out on me, it is not entirely dead yet but going fast that is for sure. So because of that I am not able to update the site, the problem is that when I go to log in to upload I canít sign in to the server. Not sure why my laptop is having this problem on the net and another thing that has happen is I cannot login t any of the Yahoo sites like flicker, yahoo (anything) which sucks since I have 2 Email accounts there.

Next is Cignal TV, still not connected so on the 6th of May we got a pre-paid box, give up the signal box in the bedroom and had to shell out 1300p this was after the GF got an Antenna to watch the or I am not happy if you see you what Iím saying?

Now check this out, on the 7th I get an Email from Cignal saying we were disapproved because of a tampered with eclectic bill (even though I had already gotten Email saying everything was good)  but if the fight so that cost me about 1000p all in all for 4 days use but what to do, have to keep the little lady happy shit head  who replied to me after I asked why we had not been connected  in a follow up Email yet had checked the attachments they would have seen that the bill was not tampered with at all, it was our first water bill that was all messed up, which was  not one of the attachments in my second attempt to get our service started.   It is just another case of a call center being all fucked up and not knowing their head from their ass.

Since I thought we would be waiting for Cignal to activate our account I let the Gf buy a dresser which we needed that cost 1400p in Olongapo City or 1800p here in Subic we prices them at and since she had to go into Olongapo to buy other stuff with the trike fare it cost 2100p. If I had know she was going to get the pre-paid box I would have waited so now I donít have beer money for the month and my pool games will be cut short too.

10 May 2015 (Sunday) Motherí Day

Sundays are days I play pool with the team but I thought it was on day I should home with the GF, after all that is the right thing to do! I texted the team captain and asked if he had enough players for the game which he did so I was able to stay home and the GF was very happy as was I.

It is nice to get out of the house for while if only to play some pool and maybe stop in a few bars after the game but I really do miss bar hopping a lot to be honest.

On a personal note: (sharing what I normally donít do)

For me I am past the point of wanting to take girl out of the bar for a good time. Donít get me wrong I see many that I would like to but at what cost, that is the question? Is a piece of ass worth my relationship with my GF and the chance of losing my Baby Girl when we split up? I think not!

For the problem is a matter if trust with my GF, she is now 30 years old and fears that I look for a younger girl with flawless skin but if I wanted that I could have had that when I started coming back here. At one point I could have taken out any girl from the bar she worked or any other bar that were younger and had clear skin and made her my girlfriend but I loved my girl and that is all there is to it so even if she marks on her body her heart is true and that to me means a lot more then unscarred skin.

Old habits are hard to break, we all know that and sometimes it is really hard to stay focused on what is important when you know every girl in the bar or around where you live can be had. 

I lost my girls trust back in 2013 so I cannot blame her for the fears she has to this day, I am the one the fucked around so building that level of trust is hard and I really donít think it will ever fully be restored, I mean how can it be, right? I know me and my love for my GF and I know I am keep true to her so when she say things to me about other girls I bite my tough and just let it go because I know it is not true so I hang there and just let her say her words and let her calm down, then all it fine between us.

15 May 2015

Yesterday I renewed my Tourist Visa and got my new IRC card, cost 5,800p, the messed up part is that in 4 month I either have to leave the country or go to Manila and get a 6 month extension and then got back again to get another 6 months to take me to the 3 year point in which I will have to leave and start all over again with the Visa game. If I decide to leave in 4 month in 8 month I have to apply for the IRC card again which will be about 7,600p with the extension so you see it is really a no win situation either way you are going to shelling out some cash but that is just life here and you get use to it.

The manager in the Immigration office, asked why I didnít apply for Permanent Residency (PR)? The apply you have to pay 70,000p for the first year which is a trial period for the second year you pay 60,000p after that you are good for 5 years and last stage is a 10 year period after that you are PR in the Philippines.

Not a bad deal if you have that kind of cash to drop all at once, me, no way. If I was on my own here I could but with the family it is out of the question which is too bad. Maybe in a few years I can do it if I am able to save it so letís see what happens. Hell maybe I will just take a load of my credit union and do that way?

19 May 2015

PC problems

Every since we moved to the new house I have been unable to update the site so yesterdays I tried to reinstall my program I use to make the site but my PC will not let me install any more (the windows install program failed, another problem with the PC) so I uploaded another program to do the site, it took some doing but I got it working. I still a few glitches I need to work out but I will in time, Iím no expert when it comes to web site programming so learning a new system for me is trial and error until I get it right.

Moving to the Philippines?

I received an Email from a old Navy friend and he is planning to move to the Philippines, he has been here before a few year back and asked for input from me about living here so I thought it would be a good idea to write a section on it since I have been here close to 3 years now, I will put it in the Articles section when it is done for you reading pleasure. [2015 moving to the Philippines Ė[LINK]

The Family

June 2015

June 2015


The start of the forth month in the house and with it being summer time with little to no rain and the construction is still ongoing the house is always covered in dust from outside. At night we often fighting off the flying bug invasion which is a real pain the ass. As you can guess we don't have screens on the house yet, to have the hole house done with 2 doors it will cost 15,500p. So once we get that done life will be a lot nicer inside without having to dodge the sometimes large flying insects the drop in to say hi and scare family.


One evening as we are talking our nightly walk, we stopped and had a talk with guy (Reggie) who was down the street building a block wall for the owner that lived there. Reggie's work looked really good so we thought we would have him drop our place and see how much he would charge for wanted we wanted done which included Ė a block wall 77 feet long with grills and 2 gates, level half the property and cover with cement while the rest would have grass, cover the laundry area in the rear of the house with  roof having grills with a gate opening, inside he would build a closet under out stairs, build cabinets in the kitchen as well as a island for food prep work. He came back with a price of 69,000p for every thing, 28,000p was for material and 3 weeks to the work with a 3 man crew.


Sounding good we had has engineer draw up the plans and provide a material list which FCH office needed to approve the work, once the work is approved we then will need to leave a 11,000p security despot to have the work started. FCH says it is for insurance but word around the area is that if the work is not the same as the plans you gave the office they will keep your deposit.


So after we showed our plans the lady in charge (Maris) she says that our wall cannot be more that 2 cinder block high above the side walk because we are on a corner lot, will WTF is that all about? Fuck it, we change the design of the fence made a few other chances and turned the paper work again and everything looked good and were told it would be a week or 2 before it would be approved. Will if things go this time like they have in the past it could be more like 3 to 4 weeks.


Since we had to wait for the approval we asked our contractor if he could start in the cabinets and he said he could and it would take 3 days to do everything, great let's do it!


To make a long story short he need 10,000p for material and has labor for the 3 days, then came by the second day saying he needed 5,000p to get a place to life since he had to move out of the place provided by the company so he took an advance on the pay from the main project. Third day he is a no-show, from then on we had to call him each day to see where he was and what is going on and it was all Bola Bola as they say here or as we know it, ďBull shitĒ. So here it is the 18th of June and shit still isn't done and what he did, well it is not bad work but it if I had the time and the cash I would rip it all out and have it done over again by someone who knows wood working a lot better, but for it now it will do plus I just want to get him the fuck out of here.


On the 20th he finally finished the doors on the cabinet and what a shitty job he did too. So we decided to have another man come in and make new doors for us. I want the house to look nice and with what we have now it really sucks and donít mind paying for someone to fix the shit the first man left us with.




Lessons Learned Ė If you are going to any work done at your home deal with a contract company or someone that is known by family or friends to do good quality work at a fair price.


Pay labor cost when everything is done and don't give any advances on pay, make this clear before they start the work so there are no problems later on about pay.

Keep a record of all cash transaction and have the contractor sign it.


If you have any construction experience, check their work as they do it to ensure everything is right and the way it should be.


12 June 2015 Ė My night out with Mike Fonzie


My friend from Malaysia came into town so we met up for a few beer starting at 4pm first place was Dusk Till Dawn (DTD) which opened at 1pm. I was sitting outside when I see him walking up the street with 2 girls in tow who ended up being sisters and had picked him up in Angeles City when he landed. I am pretty sure it was the first time the girls had been in a bar with dancers will at least the younger sister who worked in Harbor Point Mall at Red Ribbon.


Needless to say they didn't stay long there at DTD and said they had to head home or something like that. Soon after they left a few more of Mike's friends arrived to party with him. From Dust Till Dawn we headed to Rum Jungle to see another friends of his.

 Mike and one of his friends from Olongapo

Side note Ė While at DTD I filled up 1 Drink Passport Card (6 beers I Need) and got 4 our of 10 drinks on my second card.


Since it has been 2 years since I was out at night I didn't see anyone I knew plus I was getting pretty messed up from all the beers I had drank in DTD. I did run into a wife the old bar tender at Midnight Rambler who wanted me to give my GF a message. Being a bar the girls are going to come over and start talking to you, after all that is their job to get drink, so I got a few drinks just so I didn't look like a creput ďcheap skate!Ē


Mike wanted to eat but I was not in that zone so we parted company and I headed to T-Rose for a few beers before going home. T-Rose has always been a favorite of mine even when it was a dump of a bar and the manager ďMarkĒ is a really cool guy too.


After I get a call from my GF I headed home about 8:30 or 9 by trike which cost me 200p, it was a good night out and a nice change for me too.


16 June 2015 Ė First Neighbor Birthday Party here in FHC


It was about 8am when Bartee a Filipino neighbor that lives behind us that we meet a few months back stopped by the house to invite us to his daughter's ďCloieĒ birthday party that evening. It was a small party with only family a few friends like us and other couple. Simple but nice.


Bartee use to work in Malaysia in KL as a driver for 8 years and like me now he is just here at home all the time but not older like me I'm sure it will be a matter of time before he needs to start working again. Nice guy and always willing to help out when he can around the house doing work, pretty much like everyone else I have met here so far.


17 June 2015 Ė Family Day


Each month we plan a Family Day, it is a day to get dressed up for the girls and head our of the house for while to have a nice meal, buy a few things and just enjoy being together as a family with now worries or cares. We had planned to do it on the 14th but Reggie said he would be at the house to do work but he never showed up, the lying ass!!


So anyway we head out about noon time going to the Harbor Point Mall on SBMA. Had lunch, played in the playground with Shennel, Shennel and I had a Dairy Cream ice cream cone which we shared, bought a few shirts for me and some items for my new Laptop/house that we need then headed home about 5pm. It was a simple day but a great day with the family which is what it was all suppose to about anyway.




Other stuff Ė Internet speed with Smart Bro


Maybe is it were we live but the speed sucks! My GF tries to upload pictures to Facebook and it take 2 to 3 days if not longer, I can't play Farmville on Facebook or the main hosting site -  http://www.zyngagames.com  which really sucks for me because I love that game, ha ha, go figure a guy at my age right?


Other stuff Ė Happy or Right


We have a long 2 burner stove but the Gf thought that when the screen door would be installed there would not be enough room for clearance, I tried to tell her there would be and where the door would be put in but she didn't want to listen so we (I) paid for a shorter stove. We had out contractor build a extension to the kitchen counter to hold the stove since before it was on wood stand and would now be on a concrete stand which is much safer. Well as it turned out after they installed the screen door we didn't need the shorter stove but I never said ď I told you so! Ēbetter to be happy then right when living with a womanĒ.


After the installation was done I told her, when it comes to construction let me make the calls when it comes to life in the Philippines then I will listen to you! If that happens only time and God knows!


Other stuff Ė Opening Email


I have nothing to hide from my Gf so one day I left my laptop once while I was out of the house., this was my old laptop and it didn't go in to sleep mode like it should have. But anyway when I got home I found about 10 email messages open that she took a look at checking to see if I was writing anyone I guess. Well needless to she didn't find anything that was out of place or that she could have any heartache about. I have been telling here for over 2 years now I don't chat or email other girls so now I hope she has a lot more faith in me.


18 June 2015 Ė Heavy rain, not a good night for me :(


As of yet we done have screens on the house but they will be installed on the 20th yippee! So when it starts to rain, normally it just a down pour, we have to run around the house and close the windows, ok? So on this day the rain started after I had been drinking all day and I mean all day. So I run up stairs to close the windows.


Down stairs my brand new laptop (LT) that I have only had for 7 days  (ASUS, model X452M, 500 gig hard drive, 4 Gig Memory, 2.66 speed, Intel BayTrial M Quad core) is sitting on the dinning room  table about 4 feet from the window. Ok, can you see what is coming?



When I get down stairs I see the laptop is covered in water :( not a good sign at all but it is still on so I think, ďok it cool no problem!Ē I wipe it off and turn it off and let it sit for the night just to be safe.


The GF is giving me shit about not closing the windows by the laptop first but I tell her that s have some protection from water and it will be ok.


The next morning I go to turn the laptop and the lock light comes on and it shuts off, I plug in the charger and the charge light doesn't come on, oh shit this is starting to suck really bad. Ok what to do now? I place it in front from the fan for a while to dry out. When my Gf comes down stairs I tell her what happen and she says to put in the sun for while to dry out. So I do that for about 3 hours and try to start it up, she gets to the start up screen for 3 seconds then shuts off, another unhappy sign. This is really sucking bad since I just paid 20,000p for the laptop.


I head into town to a PC shop to see if it could just be the charger but when I get to the Shop and check out the LT when they try to get into the BIOS system the LT shuts off.


Next step send it back to ASUS to get fixed. So I find a shop in Olongapo City from the ASUS web site that is a ASUS service center and I plan to spend about 10,000p to get it fixed for a new motherboard which I hope is the only problem.


On the 22nd I go to the shop and explain when happen and the guy looks at me like ďthis is not goodĒ we head back in the repair area and he goes to work on it. After about 20 minutes he has it back together and tries to fire it up after finding no sign of serious damage. The moment of truth as arrived. Power on, screen on, log on shows and she is working again :) no problems at all. The keyboard protected the motherboard from getting wet and it was just some moisture that was causing the problem on the ground contacts under the keyboard which there are 3 of them from what I could see.


No charge from the shop but I gave him 500p to have a great lunch and left a very happy man as you can well guess.


The name of the shop is Enigma Olongapo Technology Bay which is located next to Maybank on Razil Avenue phone number is 047 661 0161.


20 June 2015 Ė screens get installed.


After waiting 2 weeks from when we placed the order we got the screens installed today, the guys did a great job from a shop here in Subic called Julies. We had a problem with the front screen doors because the handle they installed at the shop was to long and could not close because of our door handle on the house door but they took care of it without any problem. The screens are made of thin aluminum for the frame and window opening (see picture) so they are not really the sturdy and are anchored to the wall so removing them is a bit of a hassle if you need to.


Cost for screen for 8 windows and 2 doors 15,500p.




July 2015

1 July

We got back out approved paper work to get the fence build at last, it only took 4 weeks unlike the 2 weeks they told us but I kind of expected it to take longer then hey said anyway. Now the problem is paying for it! we talked to one contractor and was quoted 160,000p, WTF we are not building a house my GF said to me, god I love her so much. So now we are looking for other contractors and see how the quotes rage in price.

It may be a while before we have our fence built being honest but at least we have the paperwork now so when we do have the cash in hand we can get started. So once again it is time to tighten my belt and hang in there and not do much outside of the house.

2 July

Today I went to immigrations to renew my tourist Visa, being at the 22nd month mark I had 2 choices, 1 Ė go to Manila and get a 6 month extension or 2 Ė fly out of the country and return since the office in Olongapo was not doing extensions pass the 24th month period the last I heard.

Since I was there I thought I would ask if I had to still go to Manila to extend pass the 24 month and they told me that they can do the 2 month extensions up to 3 years, wow great news. I donít know if this is widely known or not if it is the word is slow getting around and I have not seen it posted on any of the forums I a member of but then again maybe I just didnít look in the right area of the forums.

4 July

It is ďFriendship DayĒ here in the Philippines, celebrating American and Filipino relations over the years. For me just another day but for my GF it was a first.

When I went out to get some food I noticed a flower shop across the street, strange I never noticed it before, so I decided give me baby a surprise.

I got her a bundle of red roses and told the girls in the store to make a bouquet out of it. They quickly get to work and within 15 minutes are done and what a great job they did too.

Since I had Shennel with me when I got home my GF would come out of the house to get her while carried in the food. This was great because she would not see the flowers, so I had the Trike driver carry that bags to the front door while I followed him into the house.

As soon as my GF saw the flowers I can see she is so happy. I soon find out that she had never been given flowers like that before in her life. It was really great seeing her so happy with the flowers I got her and for no reason other than the fact I love her.


Cignal TV and rain

Tonight we got some rain that was pretty heavy for a while and sure as shit the signal to dish stopped receiving so no TV, damn this sucks! So if it rains for a month, like it can do here sometimes, no TV, WTF!! That would really suck the big one, paying for something you canít use because it is raining, what a waste of 599p!

Cignal TV has a lot of channels I need unlike CaTV when it comes to sports from the states but at least with CatV you never (rarely) lose the signal. So once the different companies (PLDT and CatV) run their service lines in the housing area I will need to take to very close look at which is best for me for TV and internet service.

Smart Bro WiFi device

I am pretty sure I have talked about this be before but where we live it is almost unless for us. The signal is weak if we even connect at all, and when I say weak I am talking about less than 28kbps on the laptop, it works better with the cell phone but not by much, shame too since I paid 1,500p for the device and 800p a month for unlimited usage.

You can see in the picture that it shows my signal is excellent to the Smart Bro Device but the device is not connected to the internet.



6 July

Even more shit from FHC

This time it is an issue with the trash collection again. When we moved in the company had not made plans for the trash to be collected. So those of us living here were just piling the trash on a corner lot by one of the unfinished houses. After a few weeks of this we got word that trash collection would be on Friday mornings which was great news for everyone since all we had to do was place our trash next to the street and they would pick it up.

On the 3rd of July I put the trash out but it didnít get collected so I thought, ďwell maybe they will get it the next dayĒ, wrong answer!

On the 6th my GF is talking with one of the neighbors and they tell her that now we have to take the trash to the gate Thursday night or before 6am on Friday and place it in the dumpster they will have there. Well when I hear this I canít believe it! How the hell is someone suppose to move a weekís worth of trash to the gate and since our baby is 2 years old we still have a lot of diapers and man do they get heavy sometimes. The really mad part is the FHC didnít notify us of the change and I am not really sure how people they did tell since only about 25 to 30 families are living here now.

Tomorrow my GF goes to the main office to get out clearance paper work for the construction of the fence and pay the 11,000p holding deposit so while she is they she will ask about the trash pickup and why we are paying 300p a month for services we are not getting?

Another issue that came up was that one of the neighbors was fined when we concreted his front yard area from the house to curb. FHC says you cannot cover the area over the drainage line, which around some house that have sidewalks while most donít have. So it is easy for a person to think that the whole area belong to them so do as they will with, wrong answer again! I wonder if the other places that did the same thing got fines too since I know of several houses which have done the exact same thing?

And the last I item which really blew me away was that in Barteeís house the ceiling if fall down, yep another one of those WTF moments living here in Fiesta Home communities.

I know from our house the workmanship sucks and there is little to no quality control being done when he house are being built, after completion or during the 2 inspections by the owners to have items fixed as I have talked about over the past year.

7 July

The rainy season is here with the first typhoon passing over the Luzon and dropping heavy rain over our area and we have another one on the way which will be here in a few days. Olongapo City had flooding the other day as did Manila that we saw on the news.

For us this could be a big problem because we are starting to build the fence this week. When my GF got the paper work from the FCH office they told her that we had 30 days to get the fence done, if it wasnít we would lose our 10,000p deposit to add to that the works are not allowed to work in Sundays , so it is like we are fighting a losing battle with the rain coming.

But the way I see it, since we are having family members doing the work if they choose to work on Sunday that is up to them. Besides I see the contractor working on Sundays so how can there be a double standard on who can work and who canít, oh yeah I forgot this is the Philippines and the rules are different for everyone as the company see fit.

So we have dropped off the needed paper work at the gate so the workers and material can be allowed in without and hassle but I know there so issue will come up over the next 30 days.

Since we are having family members doing the building they will be staying at out place while the work is done, of course this means I need to feed then, let them use out water and power while will be an added cost for me. Food wise my GF said to just give then rice and sardines, or corn beef hash, just simple meals and nothing fancy like we eat. But I think that is kind bad to do, I can understand not giving out cigarettes, coke and other I price items we have and letting them buy their own because if we didnít the cost could get easily double out monthly food alliance with is 10,000p and I canít afford that.

Today I got 10kilo of rice on top of the 5k we already had and a bigger pot for  cooking  larger portions of rice, plus I can use it to deep fry chicken and do my French fries in at a price of 300p.

Can food is cheap like 30 to 40p a can.

Loaf of Bread (2 for 1), large 60p

Can Tuna 80p for the good stuff

We are having a 2 man crew the uncle of my GF who we will be paying 500p a day and her brother who will get 300p a day as a helper. So labor wise we are saving a lot from the first guy we talked to who wanted 750p and 500p for 2 workers and since I have seen her uncleís work which is really good skilled work I am a lot happier.

Since we have 3 bedrooms our guess workers will be sleeping in our middle bedroom which is a small room and one we never planned to have people sleeping in since we put all of our dressers in there and use it as a changing and storage room. On the bright side Filipinoís are use to sleeping on the floor sometimes they may put down some cardboard to lay on and they are happy. We had two mats they can use so I think they will sleep very well after a hard dayís work.

Oh yeah we donít have air conditioning in the house but have fans in each bedroom and 2 downstairs so it is ok for the most parts of the summer when it really hot and of course it saves us a lot on our power bill.

Electrical Power outages in Subic Town (Brown outs)

So far we have had not power outages that lasted a long time unlike when we lived in Baloy. Here the longest with 8 hours while most of the others that have happen are only about 10 to 15 minutes in length which isnít too bad really.

We stay ready for the power outages with candles ready and re-chargeable flash lights upstairs and down.

Getting ready during the stormy season in the Philippines

Since where we live if a big storm should hit us we took to percussions to be ready like getting another Gas tank and 3 more 5 gallon water containers so if the road below us should get flooded we could still cook if if 1 tank runs dry and have plenty of drink water since we now have 5 containers of water. We also keep a supply of batteries on hand for clockís, and toys for our little Shennel.

Cost for my new (extra) LPG gas tank 11KGS in size Ė 3500p / to refill on average 550p (depends on LPG price at the time) for us it will last for 60 days but it seems when you only have one of these tanks it will run out right in in the middle of you cooking dinner, so it is always a good idea to have a second one on hand.

LPG tank for house, last about 60day with family of 2.5 people

Cost for Water 5 Gallon water container Ė 200p deposit, 30p to refill. Some water stations here in Subic will only refill while other will pickup and deliver which is the way to go and there is no extra charge to the service.

5 Gallon water container in the Philippines for the house

8 July

Typhoon Falcon gets ready to pass by the Philippines, where we are we get heavy rain from time to time but not steady. During one down pour we are us stairs and notice water on the floor in the bedroom at the rear of the house. So we tracked down were it was coming from, yep the joint between the wall and ceiling, this is not good at all.

We contacted FHC office and told them what we found, their reply was we can fill out a complaint form! Now just what the hell the means in the way of getting it fixed I donít know but I can see us (me) having to pay for the repairs to get done.

The next day one of the workers came by the house and had me fill out the compliant form and the following day the supervisor came by to look at the problem and said after the rain they will look at it so that is cool that they are doing something about it which is a big change.

10 July

My GFís uncle ďChisĒ and brother ďJohn-paulĒ show up to start on the fence and along with them is ďCJĒ her uncleís son who is three year old, at the time I didnít know whoís child it was since there were 2 other guys here at the time. Later my GF tell me that it is her uncleís son and they the mother left him right after she give birth and Chis has been raising the boy on his own, meaning CJ would be staying with us while the work is being done. While I didnít mind having 2 adults staying having a 3 year old is a different story but what could I do? It was one of those little details my GF failed to tell me about.

17,060p in building supplies


Building started on the 12th even thou the rain is still falling, they just worked in between down pours.

14 July

Like my site I had when I lived in Singapore I get people sending me Email asking question about things here in the Philippines. Sad that I donít get out like I did in Singapore and was able to give a lot of information to their question about things here but I do the best I can to answer their question.

When I started the web site in Subic I had a Forum I tried to get going but since my time out in town was limited I was not able to add enough to get members to join which is too bad because my Singapore Forum was great and had a lot of really great people on it. of course it took some time to get going good but once it did it was a big help to everyone.

I may try to do a forum again sometime in the future if I fell I can get people to join it, so time will tell.

It is really nice to get Emails from people reading the site so to those that did write in, THANKS. I hope I was able to help you out and you had a great time here in Subic and while the site is not about the night life here completely it is good to know that what I do have posted helps those looking for information of a different kind about the Philippines and life here which was my main goal.

This is one Message I received on my Facebook page with my answers to him.


How are you?  IíM GOOD THANKS

Got your site from a friend who said you may be able to help me .

I never been to Philippines but i heard so about it so i am trying to get in4 !

Such as do i only need just a passport ?


Do you know of a cool hotel or place to stay in Angeles City ?


How long of a flight from N.Y. is it ?  IT IS ABOUT 12 TO 18 HOURS

And for a person who never been for a short trip ,how many days would you say is good just 4 a start ?


how much cash would a trip like that cost ?


 i know those are a lot of questions but like i said i know nothing about the Philippines other than the women ?


Thanks 4 your time ! NO PROBLEM.


On my site I try to post everything I can think of that people would want to know about life and the cost here at least what I spend which isnít much compared to other Expats here. Some guys I meet here are getting 2,500US$ a month while I live on 1,400US$ so it can be done but I would think only if you had been here before and had a lot of the rabbit out of you, to say you donít go bar girl crazy because that will suck your money dry really quick.

Of my 24 years in the Navy I spent half of it in South East Asia (S.E.A.) so dealing with bar girls and playing the game was nothing new to me and I had my fun  when younger in the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Japan, Okinawa, Guam, Saipan and Sir Lanka. So when I moved here I was not coming here to run wild in the bar, which is why I can live on such a small amount. If I didnít have my GF and daughter I could still have a great time here on what I make without any problem, it is all about pacing yourself and not going nuts here which is hard for many to do if they have not live in SEA before.

Filipinaís are a breed all of their own too! They have their own ways about them unlike other SEA women, so that takes getting use to also if you have spent time in letís say Thailand. If you havenít read my article about Filipinaís you may want to check them out.

15 July

Got up this morning, turned on the TV and nothing, no connection and was instructed to contact the dealer, ok I can do that. So I send off a message to the shop and to make a long story short they tell me that my subscription ran out and I need to pay reload I ask about the 590p I paid for my plan that never got and was suppose to start when the free channels were done? They say I should have complained soon so I was S.O.L.

So the GF goes to paid the 590p and that ends that.

Other than that our day is pretty boring just watching the fence being built.

16 July

It never stops here at FHC

This morning while the guys are working one of the engineers is walking around the area and sees where the guys are digging the fence line right next to the sidewalk and the stops to share some information about the plans for the main road which includes a planning area of 80cm from the sidewalk that is behind our house. Now remember we had blue prints approved by the main office and the engineering department.

He tells us that we cannot build where were we plan and have to move the fence in 80cm or ( ) inches and that our laundry area is not built right and will have to be modified. Well hearing this new we both go crazy and my no means are we happy with what he is telling since it will take a large portion of our land away. To add to it we find out what was ours in the way of our yard area is not really ours, something we were never told.

In the afternoon a representative from the office came by to look at our lot and they tell us we only have to go 40cm but that was changed later in the day back to the 80cm.


In the laundry area they will be knocking down the corner of the wall because the contractor did not built it with the 80cm allowed for the planning area along the main road this really sucks because the area will be less plus in a weird shape so now we have to rethink our plans for that area as to how we will have in enclosed, the kind of door or gate we want and how to set it up when done.

Rain is still heavy at time but the guys are moving along anyway at a good pace for just 2 guys.

In the house

Well feeding the added people has cut way into me budget I have for the month. Having a 3 year old boy in the house that that doesnít understand English at all we have to baby sit is wearing on both if us. Our 2 year girl is us to only her and us in the house so when CJ goes to plays with her toys she go crazy and any 2 year old would when a single child.

Donít forget we have the workers as house guess too, so this adds a different set of problems to the equation here at home. Such as both of the guys donít speak or understand little English, whenever you have long term guess things in the house do not work as normal because they donít know the routine which is not their fault but some things they should catch on to pretty fast one would think. So either and I hate say it, ďeither they are careĒ and donít want to help out or they think it is not important to do things at the house like we do them and a third option is culture maybe this is just the Filipino way when staying in some else house, I donít know! 

It is kind of funny how people in the country to now live in what you to understand their ways but donít try too hard to understand yours always and being an older person with a younger GF makes it even harder too, she may feel that you know nothing about anything and she will always be right and you are always wrong. This is not always the case but it is a situation that can and does happened can of course leads to the guy moving on and getting another GF that is more understanding to him and the way he has lived life.

 21 July

Day 10 of the construction Ė even with the rain we had for 7 days the work is coming along great. Today we got 1 load of sand, 50 cinder block and 20 bags of concrete, cost 5,875p. So now all we need to get it the steel bars for the grill in the fence and the roofing material which should not be that much since it is such a small area.

Now we just hope for more good weather so the workers can continue at the pace they are moving at now. One problem I see is when they go to level out the area, we have a lot of rocks in the soil so removing the extra material is the question I have been thinking about.

Other Bar news in Barrio Barretto

In Barrio Barretto a new club opened called Spinner it is located where the Irish pub was under Cheap Charlieís which is across the street from Ricoís / the Hide Out and they have dancers.

Word is Seamen Bar is for sale, this is the old Toucan bar then sold and renamed Kookaburra. I have been in the bar since Kookaburra was sold to the American guy who got rid of the dancer and most of the good looking girls and really killed the place it seems. This location has been sold several times as you can tell by all the name changes, just like the Salty Dog location which has had about 3 names in the past year and half.

Baby Bells which is at the corner of National Highway and Baloy Long Beach is another location where owners have had a hard time making it stick. When I first came here in 2010 it was a disco, then a bar owned by a couple he was an American, now after being closed for a while it is reopen but I have not be in there to see if the same owners or not.

1020 bar is now called Paradise, no word on the new layout or hours yet, this was one of the late night discos in Barritto.

25 July

The Peso rate to the US$ is now 45.41, all month long the rate has been above 45P I hope it keep up until I get my pay on the first, every peso helps you know.

Here at the house the work is moving along just great so no problems there. I just canít wait till it done now so can enjoy our yard area and have a few drinks outside in comfort. We plan to have a table outside by the front door and Nipa Hut for me to kick back in or when you have a party a place for the girl to go chat and get all caught up on their girly news in private not that I could understand what they are saying anyway, ha ha!


Bar News

I heard from my GF (who was informed by ex-workers from the bar where they all worked) that the owner of Midnight Rambler was pickup by Immigrations for being an over stayed for 4 years (he never updated is visa with is required when on a tourist Visa). He was taken to Manila to be deported back to the UK and of course added to the Black List which will band him from returning to the Philippines.

26 July

I was sitting at home getting ready to head out for the Pool Awards for the Sunday team when a motorcycle pulls up to our house and a guy gets off it and starts walking away, my first thoughts are ďwho the hell is this and why are they parking on my sidewalkĒ then I took a second look at the person and said to my GF, ďdamn is that Alvin?Ē Alvin was a contractor I meet on Diego Garcia (DG) when I was in the Navy and he was a contractor there. We use to play pool together on our off time. I had told him I was moving to Subic Bay but I am sure he had heard that a thousand times before so never thought he would really see me here.

He found me on Facebook and we talked about meeting one day so when he showed up at my house it was a great surprise. I know others here in Subic that worked on the island (DG) also that I am still in touch with be he is the only one that made it happen or even keep in touch and meeting up. Funny how you think others would do it but never did, then the one you never thought would, did! Says a lot about people you know and thought are close friends, doesnít it?

He gave me a ride to Barretto for the Sunday Pool League Awards and then headed home. Well later that day I get a text from his wife asking how I am followed by a few other question,. So you see she doesnít trust him either and thought he was out with a girl. so I hope she rest easy now and he didnít catch to much shit about visiting an old friend.


After the Pool awards I stopped my Wild Island to see a girl I knew there from Midnight Rambler and to say hi. I had been in there once before a long time ago before they did the expansion so wanted to see how the new place looked. Being about 4:30pm it was pretty quiet, well to put it another way I was the only guy there.


So one of the girls played pool with me for a few games after I a had I beer and then I took some pictures for her and the workers thinking nothing of it since I had done this in most of the bars I go to so the readers and see what the bar is like.

Well when my GF saw the picture of the girl right away I was accused of getting her phone number, Facebook page and setting up a date with her. This is life in the Philippines when you have a GF and is something you have to get use to fast, she will accuse you of wanted to have sex with everyone but her. Since I had nothing to hide I just listen to her ramble on and let it go at that. One of the first things you need to learn is you canít win a argument with a Filipina so donít even try because it will just make things worse for you and make it look like you are trying to explain your way out of something, when in all reality you are just trying to telling her what took place.

So you can see that Alvin and I are in the same shows when it comes to our women, Go Figure!

28 July

While removing the dirt from the front of the house s they can build the steps to the gate her brother hit our water line and broke it, shit happens but damn I told him before the line was not deep and to be careful but it seems he forgot L. On the other side who in the hell would put your water line above the curb in the first place, this is crazy to say the least. But the construction here is far from the best that can be done as I have said before.

More supplies for the construction has been ordered at a cost of 18,000p this time, sand, cement, tiles, steel bars for the fence and gate, roofing material, electrical and other smaller materials need and that should be the last of the supplies need to finish the project.

Shennel, Warre, Alma at home in Subic Bay, Philippines
August 2015

Aug 2015

The start of the sixth month in the house, the work on the fence and yard area is coming along nicely, but on the down side with the additional 3 people in the house the food bill more than doubled, before we would use about 7kg of rice but last month we went through 30kg and 1 gas tank that would normally last us 2 months not to mention the extra diapers for the 3 year old so instead of 3 Ė package of 42 diapers is was 6.

As it looks now the work should be done in about 8 to 10 days if the weather stays good like it has been for the past week. If they go longer than that the cost will really hurt me due to labor and food cost since they eat 5 times a day, 2 big meals (lunch and dinner) and 3 snacks so it all adds up in my wallet.

Being happy instead of right is the path I have to take while the workers (family) are here. Both of the guys speak little English so when I do talk to them I donít even know if they understand me since my GF has the same problem and the 3 year old well that is just a totally different story, I guess ďa nightmareĒ would some it up best!

The 2 men donít do anything or should I say very very little around the house it is like they are staying in a hotel if you follow my drift? So this wares on me since I have to do most of the stuff along with my GF but she is busy with our baby since she is going crazy with the little boy staying in her house and wanting to play with all her stuff. March was a crazy month and one that is worn both my GF and I down but we are making it somehow and looking forward to the day when it is just us alone here again.

2 Aug

What is it with these people?

Today one of the contract workers came by to fix our roof in the bedroom, all he had to do was some patch work and paint, ok? Now I wasnít going to stand there and watch him from start to finish so he got started and I watched for a while and then checked in from time to time. Well after he is done he comes down stairs and lets me know he is finished. Being busy with the kids I donít have the chance to go up and check things over, mistake #1. When I get a chance to go upstairs the room is covered in plaster dust, plaster drops and paint drop. To make things worse the paint drops are all over the top of my new Laptop, our glass table where the TV is and the TV but only on the top edge (frame) thank God!

Paint was also on our Black frame bed I was so pissed off I just started cleaning it all up when I should have taken pictures of everything and then complained, mistake #2 which is a big lesson learned on my end.

But the bottom line isnít what I forgot but the fact that the worker should of asked us to move the times before he started so things would not be covered with dust and paint.

4 Aug

Since I moved here back in 2012 I have known of over 10 guys passing away and most were not what you would called old, some were as young a mid-forty to mid-sixty. I guess the life here for some can too much because drinks are cheap this could be one reason for them passing on. I donít know why many of them died and if they had medical problems and just moved here to die which could be the case for some but I think for many it wasnít.

This month I have found out about 2 guys dying only weeks apart. One was the owner of a bar ďDocís HooyahĒ a retired Marine and the other is Mark who played on the Thursday and Sunday pool leagues where I meet him at, Mark was a great guy to be around and a very funny guy who just enjoyed life to the fullest.

7 Aug

The work around the house is moving along very well since we have not had rain in the past 2 weeks. The fence is done only needing the gates to be finished and the roof put in over the laundry area. Painting is the big pain in the ass but then it always is when you have small items to be painted. So it looks like about 7 more days if I am lucky to finish everything and get our house back to normal.

8 Aug

This morning when I came downstairs there was white powder all over the TV stand and the sub-woofer with powder filling the USB slot, I was pissed off big time. Why canít people clean up the mess that is made instead of waiting for me to do it when I get up? Needless to say it didnít leave a very good taste in my mouth but not knowing how it happen or who to blame I let it go for a while. When my Gf got up I asked her about it and she tells me our girl did it while she in the bathroom but later that day I see pictures on Facebook that tell a different story, yes my baby made the mess but my GF took the pictures of her doing it. I only said to her ďwhy didnít you just tell me that in the first place?Ē and I moved on with the day.


9 Aug

Rain today so the workers may have a day off it gets to heavy since they are painting and doing some welding for the gates and grills but there are still other things they can be doing on the grounds.

10 August

Time to do some bitching

when I write on the site I try not do ti when I had a lot to drink or am pissed off because when we are in that state of mind we don't always see things as they are and can say thing that don't really mean or don't want want say because it will hurt others unnecessary. Yet I am a believer that a drunks speaks the truth.

So what do I have to bitch about you may be wondering? Well it is the family members doing the work staying in our house. I talked with my Gf about the way I was feeling and what was bothering me about me so she knew I was not mad at her.

What set me off today was we had a a heavy rain storm hit the house all the sudden. First thing I started to do was to close all the windows in the direction the rain was coming from so that is in 2 bedrooms up stairs and 1 in the dinning area where the laptop site. I wasn't worried about down stairs since the guys that were working outside and ran for cover. Her uncle stayed outside while her bother came inside and was sitting by the front door with the screen open half way.

Well when I got downstairs and saw her bother just sitting there I was I pissed, I mean WFT, get off you ass and help keep the water out of the house by closing the windows, off the table and the floor, but it is like he didn't even give a shit! Like our house is just a hotel to him which in many ways they have treated it since they arrived to do the work.

They eat as I have said 5 times a day and 2 of the meal are really good too! Crab, squid, fried chicken, Adodo Ė chicken / pork and squid, madorow, lumpia, pansit, dory fish, talapi fish Ė friend and singagon both fish and pork and torino chicken oh yeah Jollie Bee too of course!

I baby sit hit boy for 12 hours a day.

I do their laundry.

I clean the room where her uncle and his boy sleeps.

Before we would use 7kg of rice for the month now it is 30kg Ė 52p a kg

Water jugs was 5 for month now it is 30 Ė 30p per jug = 900p a month

LPG gas take would last us 2 month not it is gone in 1 month Ė 530p per tank

Sugar was 2kg now it is 6kg along with the is a 3 times increase in coffee and cream.

Her Uncle does very little to help with his son when he is crying and seeing how I don't speak Tagalo it make it hard for me to watch his son while my GF is resting with our baby or cooking meals for them so this has been wearing on us both a lot.

Her Brother knows how to cook and do dishes but since he has been here he has not done a thing but smoke up our cigarettes.

People don't give a shit about your stuff, we have some nice things around the house but when you have someone that will not keep an eye on their kid and what they are doing things well get broken and no on says "I'll fix that" or "I will replace it for you!" It is like, "your shit get damaged well that is your problem!"

When we have work done again I will not be having family do it for us. this past 6 weeks has been a nightmare for for me and I will not go thought it again.

14 Aug

Done at last and thank God

The work is done and the boys have gone home and it is so nice around the house now, the quietness is strange in a way, no kids fighting, no yelling, no rounding in the house and I can go to the bathroom at night and donít have to put on my shorts.

Today was always had our first visitors, Rod and his wife. They didnít know we were having the work done so when they arrived at first they thought they had the wrong house which is pretty funny when you think about it.

My GF and I both like the work and how it all turned out which by the way was pretty much the way I said it would have to be done (talking about the landscaping) before we even started the project unlike what my GF wanted. But itís ok I donít need to say ďI told you so!Ē because it is always best to be happy instead of right!


More rain and I get sick again, I got sick back on the 13th and it has had me down hard for while but then I start to get better and the weather changes again and I start all over again a few days after our baby gets sick but recovers in a few days before my GF gets the bug.

20 Aug

More rain from a passing Typhoon which is hitting the north end of the island which gives me a good chance to check the new roof for leaks which I havenít found any yet with the heavy rain we have been getting in the evening.

As you can see from the picture that the new roof in outside the master bedroom so when it rain heavy the noise can get pretty loud but over all it is not to bad and easily us to after a few nights.

23 Aug

Raining still this time from the normal monsoon season not that you can tell the difference from a typhoon rain but life goes on anyway.

Today we attended the first birthday of my friends baby boy Liam Jude, Larry my old Navy buddy surprised us when we arrived at the party because we thought he was still in the states, so that was great to see him again since I thought it would be years if ever that I saw him again. Soon Larryís GF and son will be going to the states where they will get married and Liam will grow up.

28 Aug

I am finally over the Flu I had thank god! It is so good to feel back to normal again.

The rain has kind of stopped with only short rain shower but every now then we still get a heavy down pour that can last about an hour or so which give me more chances to track down all the leaks in the roof so I can patch them when we get a dry spell again.

Around the yard the GF is busy planting her flowers and planning what she wants next to do but the next thing we get is my Nipa Hut which she already knows.

And last but not least today we had 2 visitors, both my friends from the Navy, Larry and Rod, both came with girls and Larry has his son (Liam) with him, so while the girls sat inside the boys sat out back drinking beer having a grand old time. It has been a while since I drank and even longer since I had a chance to hang out with my friends.

Old Navy Friends in Subic Bay, Philippines, Aug 2015

Being home all the time with the GF doesnít give me much chance to make more friends here and when I do go out she is always worried I am meeting some other girl for a short time so my time away from home is short and always monitored closely but that is normal for Filipina GF to act that way and while itís a pain the ass after time you learn how to deal with it and not let it bother you too much.

The other day my girl and I were talking and she asked my if she passed a way would I get another GF and without hesitation I said ďNOĒ which is true! I am tired of having to deal with the problem and headaches that come along with a girlfriend and while I love my girl dearly and donít want anything to ever happen to her there will not be any more after her if something should happen. Iíll be happy taking care of our baby Shennel and enjoying life with her and just hanging out with people i meet along the way.



Our house with the fence and year work done in Subic, Philippines
September 2015

September 2015

The exchange rate is now 46.70 to the US$ and while it sound good it only add about 1,500p to my monthly money.

The yard work is done and the place looks great now.

Visited friends in Baloy for pizza and drinks and got pretty messed up, my girl hasnít drank in 3 years so after her drinks that day she got sick that evening after we got home, wish I had been awake to see it.


Party planned for 6 September for her birthday which was on 31 Aug her old friend from work are coming over in the morning to kick things off with a case of Brandy so I can see she will be all messed up later in the day.

3 September 2015

Weather is great, sunny all day so I was able to do 3 loads of laundry which built up while it had been raining.

4 September

The work continues to get ready for the party so the GF when shopping for food and to get a table that could seat 6 for outside; she found one for 1860p with the chairs. We also got a BBQ grill (local type) and a cooler.


Like most parties held I can see we will have a lot a food and would bet that most doesnít get eaten but that is just the way it goes here sometimes so you canít fight with your GF about what is and isnít needed in the way of amount because you donít know shit. So just go along and have a good time then suck it up later.

6 September (The house party)

6:00am - Everyone gets up early to buy fresh fish, ice and last minute items need for the party the cooking starts and setting everything up. I ask my GF if she heard from her friends and what time they will be here (keeping in mind Filipino time) but she hasnít heard from them so has no idea, I had told my friend about 10am would be a good time to show up.

As time goes on the first person to arrive is my friend Richard, then Tino and had his girlfriend and then Rod and his wife followed by Dina my GF's friend so of the 8 she said was coming only 1 showed up and it wasnít even the girl that first said she will be here with a case of Brandy.

The good thing is that we still had a great time, had lots of good food, beer and Tequila. So My GFís first birthday in the new house was all good and she was happy and when you add in that that GF hasnít drank like she use to for 3 years now it was good to see her cut loose and enjoy herself and yes like most good parties some girl got drunk and started to take of her cloth, it wasnít my Girl but the guys didnít mind the show at all.




8 September Ė Another missed meeting

Got a text from a friend who was in town for a few day but I wasnít able to make it so asked if we could do it on the 10th since I would be in Baloy for my pool game but has it ended up he was leaving the morning of the 10th so there was no way we could meet up which is too bad, this has happen more time than I care to count but what I can do? Maybe next time I will have better luck!

15 September

This morning I get a message from one of my friends that I knew in Singapore that he was in Angeles City and would be in Subic later that day. I meet him thought my web site forum I had. We use to party together along with other members of the forum so it was great to know I would be seeing him again.

He was staying at Arizona Resort so we may plans to meet at Score Bar at 1pm on the 16th.

I arrived at the bar at 1230 to find that they don't open till 2pm so I go the counter to see what room he is in and they tell me he has already checked out and that he was planning to meet his friend and I tell the girl, ďthat is me!Ē so after that I head to the bar inside the hotel thinking he would be come there looking for me.

Ian and Warren at Wild Orchaid, subic bay, philippines

At 1:45pm I get a text from him saying he had moved into the Wild Orchid hotel and should be come to Arizona to meet me? I tried to reply but had no load on my phone so I got in a trike and headed over the his place. When I get there I go the counter to ask for his room and what do you know there is is right beside me checking in.

The days party begins

First we have 2 beers in the hotel and head out bar hopping.

First stop is the new bar Paradise (2:30pm) Ė they had 8 girls working when we walked in so we got a table and starting to catch up on the years since we last saw each other. The bar is pretty night with a music theme as the setting. In the back work was going on so we didn't get to see that part of the bar. Besides us only 1 other guy in the bar but it was early still.

Second stop was Sweethearts - 10 to 12 girls and when we walked in no other guys, it was happy hour so we had 2 beers and watch the girls on the stage, not a bar line up of girls.

Last stop was Dust Till Dawn Ė a good crowd in the bar and fun as always. Had 3 beers there and talked to a few people I knew in the bar. Then before I need to head home I invited my friend over the house for the following day to drink some beer and eat with us.

Ian and Warren at Dusk till Darw in Barrio Barretto, Philippines

17 September

It is always nice to have friends over the house to talk with, share a few beers and just hang out with, well a few beers is a bit of an understatement since from 3pm to 7pm we drank 18 bottles.


19 September

Damn internet connection is so bad here with this SmartBro wireless device that I am coming to the point to where I will just stay off line until we get wired in after the construction and the companies run their line so we have steady strong connection.

The picture here shows my connection speed if you want to call that since I was not connected. I always have to try to reconnect to the Wifi device and reset it to get back on line and often that doesn't work either. This really sucks!

internet speed in Subic bay

I'm sure in other area the device works great but I am here were it does suck so if I sound a bit bitter, well I am! So if you you plan to move here (being here in the Subic Town area) get a company to provide you with you internet. Internet high speed connections here are not cheap, so you know. If you want a 10Mbps connection you could end up paying over 4000p a month for it and I would be sure to say ďis not a for-sure-thingĒ, the speed may max out at 10 but chances are you will get a slower connection most of the time, now I could wrong but from what I have seen I think not!

28 September

The month is about over and thank God! With the little I get each month as the month passes the cash get really short but I always have just enough to make it to the first when I get I my pay and be a 1 day millionaire, haha.

How things change

When I moved you as you may know I didnít plan on having a baby or a house to pay for so the budget I had all planned out and in place when to shit pretty quickly. This is the reason I am not able to go out like I did before and provide you the readers more information about the bars, have pictures and videos posted and keep everyone updated like I would like to. Plus I enjoyed going to out bar hopping and just seeing the night life here which is a lot of fun.

I have my pool league I play in the day time (when I can afford it) but only some many places are open when the games are over not to mention the GF wants me home right away which is ok with me and when I want to go out she is ok with it to a point, meaning to say she still worries about me and what I am doing while in the bars but you know what, what girl love you isnít like that? They may not say it to you face but when you tell your girl you are out for the night, she is thinking something about it not matter how high you think your trust factor is between the 2 of you.

When I do go out, which is normally after a pool game I only hit a 1 maybe 2 places so it is not like I am out all night but when I have found , at least for me is that all the bars are the same here. So after a while they get tiring and I just want to head home. Iím sure it would be different if I was unattached and able to get to know more people in the bars but that is not my case anymore.

Home life

To sum it up my home life is pretty simple here. We have out routine here which pretty much revolves around our baby. She is now 2 Ĺ year old and since all she knows for play mates are mom and dad she takes all of our time and I have to say it is ok with me. Being able to see her grow each day is something many dads canít do and it makes me think of all I missed with my 4 girls in the states while I was in the Navy and they were growing up. Having a second change with Shennel is something I donít want to miss or mess up.

On the downside of being home so much I make many friends, I a pretty private person anyway so making friends can be a bit hard since I have always been a loner most of my life but it is still nice to know some guys to have over the house to hang out with, you know what Iím saying?

Rainy season

We are getting rain a lot now either from a typhoon passing by or just normal rain for this time of year and not having a car limits our traveling as you can guess. At least in Baloy everything was close by so you could to what you wanted easily while here you need to travel to get to anything and I mean anything! By November we should be back in good weather again which will be great.

Questions asked

I have had a readers Email me asking about the bars here in Subic Town, well I know there are a few karaoke places by the public market and a few over by the ship yard, none of which I have been in yet. I would venture to guess they are mostly for locals but expats are always welcome. I heard the bars by the ship yard are bars with GROís but I donít know what time they open or close. Getting to them is not easy also the road really sucks if you come from the direction of the public market which you would take if coming from Barretto.

  1. The best bars for Expats are in Barrio Barretto / Baloy Beach hands down. If you want to party that is the place to go for sure because in Olongapo or on SBMA the prices are higher.

  1. Hotels close to the bars Ė Barretto is small so everything is close by, donít worry about it ok? You can walk the strip from one end to the other in 15 minutes.

  1. Trike ride on the bar strip in Barrio Barretto [ Nation Highway] Ė 20p

  2. Trike from Nation Highway (the strip) going into Baloy Ė 40 to 50p

  1. Rental prices Ė Barretto Ė 7 to 9000p unfurnished / Baloy Ė 10 to 20,000p furnished for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment or house.

  1. Bars with dancers Ė Most open at 6pm, there are a few open at 1or 2pm, like T-Rose, Dust till Dawn, Score bar and Sweethearts that I know of.

  1. Hotel charges for room Ė If you want something just to sleep in and not fancy then you are looking a price from 1000p to 1500p to give you a starting point. If you are going to be here for a 2 to 3 weeks the hotel may give you a cheaper rate per day so best to ask when you check in or make your reservations. During the off season a lot of the hotels have special offers for cash payments which can save you a lot of money in really nice hotels.

  1. Floating Bars Ė These will start to show up in late October or early November depending on the weather and will normally open between 12 noon and 1pm. The floating bars are at Arizona Resort in Barrio Barretto with Blue Rock Resort and Treasure Island in Baloy Beach.

  1. Is Barrio Barretto Safe Ė Hell yes, as long as you act like you have some common sense? If you act like an ass bad shit can happen to you. Always remember you are you not at home but in a different country and you are not any better than those that live here. You are in their country so respect them and get along with everyone. So as a word of advice, if you are a rowdy, loud drunk looking for a fight go someplace else for your vacation because none of us want you here be in the Filipinos or the Expats.

  1. Are there Lady Boys in the bars Ė Yes there are but not many and only in a few bars.

  1. Some of the bars have gotten rid of the Early Work Release (EWR or Bar Fine) so before when there was a set price of 1500p now it is up to you and the girl to set the price to take her out of the bar. This I feel is both a good and bad thing because for one it releases the bar of any liabilities of what happens after the girl leaves the bar since that is her business and not the bar owners. For the customer it will depend on how he can negotiate the deal to take her out from the bar. Another factor is the guy, if older the girl may ask for more money unlike a younger man who she like so the price could range from 1500p and up.


Shennel and her Dad
October 2015

10 October

Something new at the Immigration Office

I renewed my Visitor Visa on the 6th of the month but instead of the normal stamp which took up a lot of space in the passport they are now using a sticker which is 1/3 the size.

I guess this is a way to stop fixers who can stamp a passport with a fake stamp which is easy to reproduce. I can see for some Expats in the country this will be a problem if they are over stayers and have been using fixers to show a legal status to stay in country.

Philippines Visa Stamp for extensions

Riding the Jeepney

On my way back from Olongapo after getting my extension I took the Jeepney (Blue line) to Subic Town now most of the time the ride is about 40 minutes but on this day once we reached Barretto it was like we were stopping every 300 feet which makes the ride a lot longer. Since there are no assigned pickup or drop-off points for Jeepney they will stop anywhere someone asked to get dropped off at.

Most Expats don't use the Jeepney because they have a car or motorcycles to get them around. Well for me it is the local transportation system that get me from place to place which works just find. Yeah it is a pin in the ass when it it raining but WTF! Live like the local and just suck it up.

Getting ready Christmas

Since we have a baby now making Christmas a special time of year is important to us. So we got a small plastic tree and lights for outside plus a door reef. My GF is paying Christmas music already and everything is good so far. I don't know how many presents we will have this year but at the same time the number is not important, is it, but rather that our house is full of love and happiness and to me that is all that matters.

New Article  "How do you really know" This will talk about dating, girlfriends and live-in partners and how things change over time as you move from one stage to another. [here]

Trip to the hardware store

I went to the hardware store to buy some plaster to still up the roof where it meets the all so it will not leak. When the guys (family members) the roof over the laundry are all they did was nail it to the wall unlike the contractor who cut a groove to place the metal sheets to slot in to so the rain would not drip down. So like most the work I have had work done I have to go back to fix what they didn't right the first time.

So when I go the store call Northwestern construction in Subic Town to ask for some plaster I had I hard time getting the girls to know what I wanted. Yes all the counter workers are young girls who had no clue as to what I wanted or was even talking about, if you are an Expat asking for a product there, well it will just give you a nose bleed from the frustration you will be feeling. But I did find something there they would work I hope it will. Looking at the package it look good and should do the job I need to do.

I cannot get the electrical work done in the laundry until the leeks are sealed.

So back the shit I got at the store to seal the roof. When I opened the package it looked like cement and when I added water and started to must it within 30 seconds it started getting rock hard, so needless to say the roof didnít get fixed yet.

On a person note:  (How fucked up is this!)

My old friend Navy was here from the states for his son's first birthday, he didn't tell me he was coming so when we arrived at the party it was great to see him there which I I said a few months back. He and has girlfriends came over another time and I told him about the party I had planned for my GF but when I texted him about he party a few days before I never got a reply so I tried again and also sent a text to his girl but again not reply

I asked my Gf to text my friend GF and see what was up, will of course he get a reply from her and when I asked her about it my GF let it slip that my friends GF didn't want my friend and I going out together even in the day time. So comms between him and I were pretty much cut off by his GF to me, I guess she thinks I am the Anti-Christ and will lead him down a path to hell which I think is kind of funny. But at the same time I can understand and I know my friend so I will just let it go and not take offense to her thinking to me and her Boyfriend (BF) going out to have a few beers even if we are best friends, I know him and he knows me so no hard feeling at all between us at all even if no words are passed between us.

Another Article I will be working on (What do these girls expect?)

Rainy season and the storms / Typhoons

17 Oct

Here we go again with yet another Super Typhoon heading for the Philippines. During this time of the year it is normal to have heavy rain and Typhoons but the number and size of the Typhoons and gone up since I have live here. So far here in the Subic Bay we have been pretty lucky with us only getting the high winds and rains when a some comes by with the storms heading mostly to the north of us but as I said before, ďIís sure when they planned were to move to Navy base from Manila they took a hard look at the areas where the weather would be the best to harbor the fleet!Ē

The flooding that happens here is not so much due to the amount of rain but I think rather to the lack of a proper drainage system which take a lot of money to build and the government is about to spend that kind of money on a project like that in an area like Olongapo if they can even stop the flooding the Manila the capital of the country.

Another issue which has been talked about also is the power outages that happen, during the last storm we lost power about 6 times with the longest lasting over 6 hours but when I lived in Baloy we had an outage for 3 days, not that really sucks, but that is live here in the Philippines. One thing I have learned about getting ready for the rainy season is to stock up on candles, batteries and buy a couple of good flash lights, not the cheap ones you find in the stores here for 200p. if you can get your hands on a Maglite flashlight bring it with you, you will be happy you did..


Christmas in Subic Bay, Philippines
November 2015

November 2015

I wish I had something to write about for the month but sad to say it has been pretty quiet for me lately and I donít want to write a bunch of BS just to have something here for you to read.

Hopefully next month I will have things to share with you which I should since I a few friends are coming to town and I should be out a bit more beside just for my pool games with the team.

So enjoy December, have a great time no matter where you are and always be safe, caring and thoughtful towards others in your life.

Warren and Shennel Playing
December 2015

4 Dec 2015

Bar news

Bars that have changed named, not sure if under new management or not

Rosie Tavern is now called Tropical Rose

Seaman's bar is now called The Bell bar

Angles is now called Crazy Horse

Hooyah is now called Velvet Touch

1020 bar is now called Paradise (old news but wanted to add it here anyway)

New bar open Spinners located under Cheap Charlie's or Charlie's bars as it is called now.

New Bar opening soon is Cow Girls located under Dust Till Dawn

New bar open Calypso  located behind the Gum Tree hotel or where Lava Lounge is - run by the old owner of Bar Barretto (Jim)

Dust till Dawn rented out but still part of the Dryden Group / Paradise Group as it is called now.

11 Dec 2015

Had a chance to hook up with a friend for the states for the night. Bill was in the Marines and then joined the postal service and has a house here in the Philippines.

Warren and Bill in Subic Bay, Flash Rat bar

We meet up a Midnight Rambler for a chat and few beer, I think it was about 4 if I recall right. one thing about MR is they have the GROís working back there again.

After MR we hit Flash Rat which is right next door. It has been a few years since I was in the bar and not much has change it is always a fun place to drop in on.

Next we hit a new bar call Cow Girls which Is located where the old Dust Till Dawn bar was. Nice bar playing country music for a while then they change it maybe because Bill was bitching so much, he hate country music.

16 Dec 2015

Yeah yeah yeah today is birthday, yep I made it another year to 58, holly shit how did that happen? It was a quiet day at home this year with just the family but still a great day, my GF got me a cake which wasnít expected but surely a welcome site when I saw it, sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference in life

Warren's Birthday cake

18 Dec2015

Bob Polak (on the right) from Canada passed away today, I have known him since 2006 when I lived I Singapore.

Warren and Bob Polak in Score Bar in Subic Bay, Philippines.

He was a member on my forum for the Web site I had there and we became friends so each time he made his trips to Asia we would always meet up for a night of drinking (when he was still drinking) and enjoy out time together.

He made trips to the Philippines in December for about 6 to 8 weeks for as long as I can remember and always stayed at Arizona Resort. He time in Subic Bay was a side trip because he spent most of his time in Angeles City, Go figure!

On the 17th of December I meet Bob in his room at as hotel and we talked for a few hours before heading out to Score bars for a beer from there we when to Mangoís Bunny Ranch and then to Alaska Bar our last stop was Lollipopís it was there I had to head home and looking back at it, if I had know while he struggled to walk to the next bar inside Paradise complex that would have been my last time seeing him I may have gone with him.

But something we donít know and while we can wish all we want what is, is and that is all it is. I will miss my friend and the time we spent together, even if it was only for a day each year.

When I got a call from the Manager at Arizona and he told me about Bob he wanted to know if I had any contact information for Bob back in Canada which sad to say I didnít and that made me think for a moment.

What I realized is that when many travel they donít carry an emergency contact card which has important numbers of family and friends in case something should happen. So when you travel make a card to put in your wallet because you never know what could happen so it is better to be safe that have your loved ones go thought the sorrow.  

24 Dec 2015

Christmas Eve, some of my GFís family came over to get their presents and eat. At midnight all the present are open so everyone it awake, yeah it make for a long day if you have been drinking and to add to that there is was 11pm and I am starting to BBQ wings and pork on a stick. But what the hell I still had plenty of beer so WFT!


For me I do ok with the family but most of the time I am the odd man out while the family talks Tagalo most of the time or are too shy to talk me due their English being not so good which I find funny because when they do speak to me I understand them very well.

31 Dec 2015

New Years Eve, just a few of the family come over but we did have some of the neighbors come over to party with us. Another good night for the GF who is enjoying the holiday season which is ok with me since she doesnít have the chance to get out and party any more so this, as I saw it, was time to party it up and have a good time.


In closing

It has been a busy year with many upís and downís but we have made it though pretty good. I made a few more friends while playing on the pool team and I hope next year to make more friends. Our house is done and so now it is just getting the little things to make it more homely for us.


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