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January 2016

Jan 2016

The year started off with one of Alma’s old co-workers coming for a visit which was great because she could sit around with her cousin and  a few of the neighbors and spend time with the girls’ everyone needs time to just kick back and party with friends from time to time just to keep your head straight and relax.

So the girls had some Tequila, Emperador and Red horse for drinks, then BBQ some fish and other food to snack on while drinking.

For me the holidays were a time for my GF to party this year and another first for me is that this month I did not buy my normal 3 cases of SMB at the start of the month. Do I plan to cut back on my drinking at home, not really sure but maybe just giving my system a break for a change, plus with all the parties going on my cash is getting low pretty fast. That is the problem when on a limited income anything extra comes up cuts in the normal monthly spending budget.

After all the parties life at home when back to normal with not much happening, played a few pool games with the team but that was about it for me.

My GF's little sister asked if she could move in, she is working on SBMA and told us that back home she is paying out so much in food and babysitting she ask so she could save some money. I don't mind so we tell her that she can. but then after that, thinking will be at the house in a few day, nothing! No, oh I changed my mind or anything and when my girl talks to her nothing is said about it. I guess she just had a bet with someone that she could do it.


Shennel keeping daddy's head dry from the rain
February 2016

Let me start off this month by tell you a story, it is a story many Navy and Air Force men know that were station here in the Philippines when the bases were open and fell in love with the girl that would their loves for the rest of the lives.

(My normal disclaimer: This story does not apply to all Filipinas)

First some back ground for those that have never been to the Philippines or heard the stories about the place and the girl and what happens.

When I may my first trip to the Philippines back in 1979 my buddy told me a few things.

  1. What happens on deployment stays on deployment; don’t take anything back home with you. By that he meant feeling for the girls I met, pictures or anything else, just leave it all where you enjoyed it.
  2. If you want to marry a Filipina don’t take her to the states: Live in the Philippines with her because of you take here to the states she will be come Americanized and then you are in big trouble.
  3. Listen to your friends and not your dick: Sure she is great in bed but you need to ask yourself, “How did she get to be that way?”
  4. All Filipinas what to get to the states: So if she can get you no matter what it takes she will do it to get you to take her there, marry her, and then once she has the Green Card she is gone and you are left wondering, “WTF happen!”

Ok so about 5 years ago I knew this girl who was a friend of a friend and one day on Facebook her boyfriend send me a message asking if I he trust her, in one simple work I said, NO! He decided not to listen to what I told him and took her to the states and they got married, now 4 years later (or after she got her Green Card) they are divorced, she had a new boyfriend.

But I think for her things will not change in her life for a long time when it comes to men and her relationships with them, she is a good looking girl and will use it to get what she wants along with using her body too. This goes along with my article I added last month about never really knowing what is going on. The bad part is you never know for sure and that is the trap we fall into. We want to trust and believe all is as it seems but way to often it isn’t

More to come for the month a bit later.

Nipa hut at my house
March 2016

It’s hard to believe we have living the house for a year now, we have done a lot to the place to get it where it is today and still have more things we want to do but like with anyone who has a new house there are and will be things you want to do to make the house nicer.

The next project for this month is us getting the Nipa Hut I have always wanted, we found a place to get the hut that was close by and it will take a few days to build it on site at a cost of 13,000p for a 5X5 as they call it, it should seat 7 to 8 people which is big enough for us.

5 March

James and I at Midnight Rambler

A few days ago I get an Email from one of my old Navy Friend ENC James Benko from Diego Garcia I know back in 1998 when we were stationed in the Indian Ocean. I ran to James again when I was getting out of the Navy in San Diego in 2000. While I lived in Singapore I wrote to his Email address but never got a reply so didn’t know if I had the address right or wrong.

When the first super typhoon hit the Southern Philippines where I thought James was living I worried that he may have been lost for good. So getting his mail was a great surprise and a big relief too and then the best part was that his ship was docked in Olongapo and he wanted to meet up one night. We may plans to meet up and Midnight Rambler at 6pm on the 5th of March which was a Saturday, now the last time I was out in the evening on a Saturday night was so long ago I can even remember it so this would give me a chance to see how it was in the evening in a few places, if we even made it out of the M/R!

I arrived as M/R at 5:30 and there was James who had just a few minutes before me. it is always great to hook up with old friends and when you have not seem them in 16 years there is a lot to catch up on. We ended up staying at M/R talking about the pass years, my life in Subic and his plans to retire in a few years which I thought he did after getting out of the Navy. Like many who stay in the states the rat race goes on and it just sucks in you deeper and deeper and makes it harder to leave plus having kids doesn’t help since you want to give your kids a good start in life before moving on with your own plans.

Bar News

Allies as Changed name

4 of the Paradise Group clubs have bands playing 1 night a week

Midnight Rambler only has bands on Friday night now

Alley Cats has a new owner (My friend John) and the pool table is gone now so they only have Darts now

Wild Island is closed but word has it that it will reopen soon, so we hope.

Lava Lounge has been renamed to Thunder Struck, no dancers for now for now but 20 waitresses to keep you company.

The Dive Inn - a new bar located next to Arizona Resort it is down the alley.

Frosty Mug Bar And Grill -  A new little bar and grill opened on Del Pilar Street just down the street from Rico's and the Paradise Group of bars. It is an open air bar with no stage or dancers.

7 March

The Nipa Hut was supposed to be delivered on the 2nd then we were told on 4th and it finally shows up on the 7th on a Trike. They unload and 1 guy stays back to start building the Hut alone. The work moved along a good pace and on the Third day he had finished building the Nipa Hut. It was another 2 days before the guy came to add the varnish and finish it off on the 12th it was fully completed.

We talked to our neighbor down the street who also got his Hut from the same place and told us he only paid 12,000p for his which is just like ours. Strange the price difference since I wasn’t with my GF when she ordered the Hut so don’t know why the price was higher, oh well, welcome to the Philippines!

Warren enjoying his Nipa Hut Filipino Nipa Hut Nipa Hut at Home

Buying LPG gas for cooking

We have 2 - 11kpg tanks, the cost to refill them has run from 610p to as low as 510p so when I hook a new tank the pressure gage has run from 5psi to has high as 7pis so on average a tank will last us about 5 to 6 weeks with the way we cook. Unlike in Baloy Beach here in Subic there are no companies that do home delivery so when I need to get a tank refilled I need to get a Trike at the house and then go exchange the tank at the store so this adds another 100p to the cost.

Living in Subic Bay, I’m sure I covered some of this before but it may be worth saying again!

First – before you decide to move here to live make a trip here an check it out for yourself to see if the area is what you are looking for in a place to retired. When you make your trip here don’t come just to bar hop and get drunk. Walk around the area and see what there is here and what the live style is like.

Second - Talk to those living here and the problems they had and how they overcame then. What are the good and bad points? How is medical here if you have any major health issues or if you should get one. Health care cost is something to find out about so ask about. Where are the good places to live and those to avoid because of high crime or flooding for example.

Third – What actives, sports and hobbies are there to do, and do like them? If you don’t then you will find your bored and then drinking yourself to death. If you are a very active person back home, how active do you plan to be here in the Philippines? Finding many items you need for hobbies can be hard to find here due to lack of supplies or lack of interest by others for stores to carry the times.

Forth – Cost, are you on a set income, if retired most likely you are so if you should find yourself in the hospital of a let’s say for 7 days, that will cost you 49,000p just for the room in the hospital at Barrio Barretto so can you afford to hand over that kind of money plus whatever other treatment and meds you needed.

Beef here is costly so this adds to your monthly cost if you eat a lot of beef. Next do you plan to get a car? Most cost, plus getting a house where you can safely park your vehicle and if you do get a car and get in an accident can you afford that cost because sure as shit you will be at fault and will have to pay out your ass if it is bad enough.

Fifth – When you move here in time you will have a GF living with you, added cost if she has kids, added cost on you, a birthday party can run from 10 to 30,000p depending on if you have it home or on the beach or a hall, these are things you will need to do to keep her happy. Next you can add in school cost, food, transportation, sickness, cloths, toys, events and yes family issues that will come up and oh yeah don’t forget need a bigger house to live in too.

Sixth – Do your homework on the Philippines; get as much information as you can so when you move here you have a good clue about what is going on, life, laws and customs. There are plenty of web sites you can look up, government sites and forums you can join to ask any questions you may have were you can’t find and answer on a site.

Seventh – Ship over things you need or think you will need to don’t go overboard too. See what shipping cost is and pick and choose what you send over.

Lastly – Don’t be a hush to get a GF, take your time, it will save you a lot of heart ache in the long run and money too. The girls here (some anyway) seek out Expats to hookup with for several reasons so make sure the girl you found is there for you and not for what she can get from you. There are plenty of girls here so be picky, be very picky after all you are holding all the cards so don’t let them bluff you into folding. Chances are you will still have a few girlfriends before finding a good one that will stick with you, that is just life here, it sucks but what can you do when you have a hot little 20 year old all over you? So be as strong as you can is all I will say.

Note – Yes you can live here on very little if all goes well and you don’t go bar girl crazy but at the same time this place can suck you dry if you don’t watch you spending habits.

Finding Happiness

For me living here for four years now it took to time to really settle in to the place but I was always happy to be here. Being in our house for a year now and seeing all that we have done to it since moving in I look around and I know now I am truly happy. I have a good life and know that it will only get better as time passes.

I play on my pool team and from time to time may stop in a few bars for a beer or 2 but at home I am happy. I am use to not doing much which makes it a lot easier for me, if I was fresh from L.A. where I grew up I know I would be going crazy here.

My girl’s keep me busy all the time, my GF makes each day different for me in her way and our baby loves to play with her daddy so there is always something to do at home with the ones I love, this is my happiness!

Keeping it simple, don’t stress yourself of silly shit, no point right? If you cannot control it don’t worry about it, what will happen, will happen, just deal with it!

Each of us finds happiness in our own way and at time. I think it is not something you can make, plan for or fine but rather something you realize when you have reach that point in your life, that is what happen to me.

Shennel's Birthday Party, 31 March 2016
April 2016

April 2016

31 March 2016 – Shennel’s Birthday Party

Today we had our baby girl’s birthday, 3 years old now and getting bigger and smarter each day. For the pass week she has been waiting for her party as we did a countdown to her special day.

Of course my GF did all the planning for the party and like all the other parties we had it turned our great. We started the party at 4pm because it is just too hot to start earlier and with the number of people we invited everyone would not fit in the house.  Everyone that showed had a good time since there was plenty of food, cake, deserts and drink.

4 April – Dealing with Smart on our internet problems

Last month we got a call from Smart communication saying we could upgrade to a higher speed WiFi modem which sounded great at the time, we told them about the problem we had without connection because of where we lived and they told us with the new modem we would not have that problem so hearing this we agreed to the upgrade. They told us they would deliver it to us in 3 days.  So 6 days later we finally get it and everything is working great, the speed is a little better which is nice. But then we looses connection for 2 days and when I did try to long on to a site I would the Smart com web site saying we had used up out data amount and needed t but more which we strange to us since we were on an unlimited usage plan. So when we got back on line we thought nothing of it until a few days later when we lost the connection again. Well after 4 days we made a try to the office to see what the problem is.

So here is how Smart Communication tricked us to put it nicely.

When they dropped off the new modem they did not tell us the NEC had stopped or was stopping the Unlimited Plan and that now we were on a 6.5 Gig a month plan for the 999p (before we were paying 799p unlimited) so if we used up the 6.5 Gig it would not be restored until the 26th of the month when we started on the new plan so we would need to buy load until then, 100p of 15 hours or 200p for 30 hours if I recall right. so as you can see if you watch a lot of videos or stream music you will quickly run out of the 6.5 gig and need to buy more driving your monthly cost will over 2000p. If you are only using it for a hand phone you may be ok I would guess but for the home it sucks, at least for us since I am  or should I say, was on line a lot.

The bottom line being we took up the rear end with Smart Comms so all we can do now is really watch our internet usage and wait for another company to run internet lines into the community where I live so we can once again have a steady connection.

15 April 2016

Summer time is here and damn is it hot. We don't have AC in the house so the fans keeps us cool but even with the fans it will still hit 90 degrees inside sometimes. So I am really thinking hard about getting AC next year when I can afford it.

Next month (May 2016) I make my visa run out of the county and will be returning to Singapore for about 12 hours, while my 3 years is not up until October my ICR card is due in May which will cost me about 7000p so it only made sense to depart in May to save some cash plus in October I will be getting my new ICR card which is only good for a year. It's crazy when you can live here for 3 years but have to get a new ICR card yearly that is how they suck the money out of those here on a Tourist Visa.

Here at home we don't do much since I need to save for the trip out of the country. We had some saved cash saved up but the birthday party last month sucked that all up. I had giving my girl 6,500p for the party but ended up spending close to 20,000p which was a shock to me when she finally told me where the money had gone. What could I say, this my my daughter party so if I am sort on cash in Singapore it is OK, after all I am not there to party and will only be there for 12 hours so how much do I really need, the biggest cost is the transportation to Angles City, 3000p each way with a driver unless I can get one of 2 friends to drive me there so we will see what happen when I ask for the favor from there, another option is to take a shuttle which cost from 500 to 700p but the problem there is they arrive in Angels City (AC) about 11am and my flight is not until 6pm so what do I do with all the extra time in AC with out costing me a fortune.  The last time I spent anytime in Ac was back in 1991 and while I while I love to go there and check it out it is just out of the question now for me.

Buying more property, Bataan this time!

My GF's relatives in Bataan what to sell the land next to where her mom's house is. Right now the kids that live there only have the house and no land around it so if they want to expand any they can't. So for 40,000p I will be buying the land around the house, not sure of the square footage but it is enough to give then some room to expand the house and still have land for other things. I told my GF I wanted the land to be out in Shennel's because in 20 years it may be worth some serious cash and I need or should I say I am always thinking about her future here in the Philippines if this is where she decide to spend her life. But even if she should go the states at least she will have land here if she need to sell it, plus she has the house where we live now which I which I would say we can sell now for 2 million with the improvements we have made since moving in.

The only problem is can see and need tor check on is if the house is included in with the land if not I may back out if the deal. After all what would be the point if the house part of the deal right?

(update) Just talked with my girl while writing this she tells me the house is included so that is a good thing)



April 2016 – Living the Philippines

Living here for almost 4 years now I have gone thought my ups and downs with my GF which is normal when you did not have much if any of a dating period and then start living together. I have to say that even though we have had our problem we have stayed together and made it work and yes we still have a long way to go when it comes to understanding each other so we don’t have those little misunderstanding that can cause friction.

As I have I said before I don’t put restrictions or make rules from GF, I don’t feel that is anyway to be in a relationship, if you want a servant that is one thing and if that is what you seek get a maid with benefits and not a GF, of course this is my own feels and you’re my vary.

Since we had our baby my time out of the house has been cut by 80% so I don’t have many guys to hang out with now, plus living here I do where there are no other Expats the chances of meeting guys is slim to none. When we have a party most of the time I am the only Expat present and a large part of the people are from her family, then ex coworkers, and people my GF meet here. Most of them are ok but there are a few I would rather not have over at all because of the way they party.

We have worked hard to have a nice house but when others come over they don’t give a shit and treat the house as if it was theirs, so if the though beer bottles all over the yard at their l then they will also do it here, they don’t keep an eye on their kids so our girls toys get broken or stolen, they clime all over the furniture and piss where ever they find a place out of site just like they do at home in the hills where her family live.

Family staying over after the party

Several member of my GF’s family stayed over for 2 day after the party, the problem if when they do the act as if they live here which means anything in the house is there for them to use, eat or drink. Now I am pretty sure when they are back home they are not eating 4 meals a day but they are at my place. Noting is safe, if it is in the refrigerator or cabinet they will eat it and if there is something really good that will be the first to go with no regards to who it was for. Example I had some cake in he ref for my baby to eat the day after the party, she loves cakes. Will the morning after when I looked in the ref to give to her it was gone, grandmother was eating it!

My GF’s family lives in the mountains at Bataan so the since they are all squatters they only have a basic set up at the most of the house, meaning no running water so they need to go a well to get water. Now when they come to our house taking a shower a is luxury, yep 3 times a day and sometimes 4 and he girls are in there for a long time too. This month our water bill was almost double from what normally have and they were just here for 3 days.

The next thing is when they go to leave; no one has Jeepney fare to get them home, WTF?

Sometimes it is hard to understand what is going on in people heads when they grown up in a totally different way and place then you have, so how mad can you really get them, after all I chose to live here, right? So don’t think because you do think or do things one way others will also, even if it is simplest things.

Maybe this is why many expats keep to their own, I can see how this would make live a lot easier on you. But again, if you do this and have a girlfriend you will need to lay down rules for you house and your girl, if she is cool with it, great but at the same time think how happy she really is and could she have a hidden agenda?

Another issue here is the number of relationships some guys have and I would say the main reason is they fail to understand life in the Philippines for the Filipina and what it means to catch an Expat as a boyfriend. (again I am not talking about all Filipinas).

If you are in your 50’s let us say and have a 20 something year old girlfriend you have to think she is there with you to get as much as she can before you either find out what she is really like, has other boyfriends or you kick off. For some guys it is a hard lesson to learn and go through a lot of relationships until they find that one is real and truly in love with them.

Even after you find that special one you may still have to deal with her sometime Childress reactions that could / can flare up. So this the test you yourself will have to deal with, how much do you love her and how much can you put up with from her actions? These girls can make a big deal out of the smallest things and will always keep bringing them up so over time it can really ware on you and get you thinking of finding another girl to stay with.

Those of us that moved here to the Philippines we are not looking for a hard life in any way, we come here to enjoy life with no hassle and if we don’t have that we can move on to another girl or place which will make us happy, with no problem at all.

When you look at the number of girls (Filipinas) that are married and are now living with another guy or have boyfriends on the side you have to ask why it is like this? I have talked about how married girl are working the bars and dating guys from the bars, ok it is just a job but God Damn WTF kind of marriage is that? It is all about the money and the only way she can support the family, it just takes some getting used to so you can understand it I guess, this is part of life in the Philippines in some part of the country.

It’s always about the money so keep that in mind first and foremost. If you fine one where money is less on her mind you MAY have a keeper and I stress MAY!

Bill KamalSki

Bill Kamalski and Warren

Bill was in the group of guys I met when I first move to Baloy Beach back in 2012 and lived just around the corner from my place. He was a big help to me on a few things I wasn’t sure of and always has a good word to say. We were connected in Facebook and thought a Forum we both were part of. I often ran into him at the bars and always had a good time with him.

It had been a while since I had heard from him or seen him around and was planning to send him a text or message on FB but when I got on the Forum I found that he a passed-a-way on April 1st and here it was the 27th already L sad news again for me.

The really messed up part is almost everyone I met when first moved here has died. Yes most were old than me but other were not. It not like I think about it much because everyone dies and here with such a small community of Expats in time you will hear about someone passing on that you knew and that is all I have to say about that, R.I.P Bill L

29 April 2016

Well it is finally happening, Catv is running their Cable/internet lines here in the area so soon I will have a good connection o the internet, well at least better the P.O.S (piece of shit) I am using now.

Bar news

Dust Till Dawn is moving to the old Club 1 location on 30 April 2016, I don’t have a any more information but will check it out soon and see how the lay is. So now all of the Drydens/Paradise bars will be in one building. DTD will still open at 1pm.

Arizona Floating bar closes on 30 April and Score bar will open at 12 noon again giving another girlie bar to visit in the day time.


Bruce and Warren at Dust Till Dawn Bar, Barrio Barretto, Philippines
May 2016

May 2016

On the 5th I made my 1 day Visa run to Singapore this time, the last time I went to Thailand for 3 days. It was going to be a short trip to Singapore arriving at 10pm and departing at 2pm. So the day before I went to immigrations paid my 500p for the exit clearance. At Clark I paid another 600p to leave. The round trip ticket from Tiger Air was 6,200p and the final cost was for my transportation to Clark and back which was 5,600p with a driver I have always used bringing the total to 12,900p.

I got 300S$ when I landed (11,000p) which I spent just about all of while there in Singapore. I was able to make it to the base there and get my new Navy Retirement ID card which is good and some important papers at I had at my house there which is why I made the trip there in the first place so we can get our girl her US Passport.

On the down side spending 24,000p on the trip really cut me short the month and I mean really short. So for the remainder of the month it was spent at home waiting for the Eagle to shit again on the first.

The airport at Clark is finished now if you haven’t been there for a long time my last time was back in October 2013 so it was good to see the finished product.

I meant to get some pictures of the Airport  and wish I had but oh well maybe next time in 2 or years.

For this month I added a list of the bars in the area, check it out [Here]


When I lived in Singapore I had a forum with my web site, this story was sent in my one of the members and I wanted to share it here since I found it today while clearing out some old files.

He stayed in Cebu back in 2007 and this is his story about "Living with a Bar Girl"

Filipina bar girl

I am not totally sure why I am sharing this, maybe it’s a form of self help or maybe it’s a way of helping the newbie’s come to grips with things but after reading Lots of post I thought I would share my life experience with a bar girl. I apologize upfront if my writing is rambled and sometimes without conclusion but it is what it is, just my story.

I have known my Filipino wife for about 9 years and been married for 7 years we have a 5 year old son who, as far as I am concerned, can walk on water (the parents out there will understand my sentiments).

When I first arrived in the Philippines I was incredibly naïve, I was here on vacation, had never done any research and did not know a single white guy. I did not know about the bar scene the KTV bars or street workers here, I was blind to everything that was going on. Quickly in to my vacation I met the girl who latter became my wife, she was a professional girl working in the offices of a large fast food business and came from a middle class family who accepted me quickly and without any demands or expectations of support. Quite simply she was a nice person with reasonably good looks and a great nature.

After we married I secured her a visa and we settled down to a life in Europe where she gave birth to my son; we travelled back to the Philippines on vacations as much as possible (pretty often).

Just less than 4 years ago I was offered voluntary redundancy which I took and with the money decided we would all live in the Philippines (risky with no job/business but I loved the country). We started a business and things were looking good; as time went on I began to meet more and more expats living in the country and as time went on my eyes began to notice everything that was going on around me. Whenever I was without my wife I was being approached by beautiful young ladies wanting to ‘know me better’. At first I resisted the temptations but as time went by it became more of a challenge to me.

I always remember the first night I met ‘my bar girl’ who latter became ‘my girl friend’. I had searched everywhere to find a place where I could watch an incredibly important football game with some fellow expats and I ended up at a bar in the local ‘hot spot’. I was introduced to her by an expat and I struck-up a conversation, instantly I liked her, she was beautiful and sexy and just a really nice person. However, I was married and I didn’t go there to meet a girl so I let her go; funny though because I spent most of the night watching her rather than this very important football game.

I went back to the bar the following night and spent as much time as possible with her, I found it impossible to stay away, as I said she was beautiful, sexy and fun, I was instantly attracted to her. I knew I was doing wrong but I knew I was enjoying myself and was able to block out the fact that I was married with a son (Does this make me a bastard? No, it makes me a liar and its not fair to my wife but it does not change the fact that I am actually a nice guy).

Well things progressed, I was seeing her as much as possible and making excuses back at home to see her even more; we even went away on a couple of weekends with me explaining it was a ‘business trip’ to the wife. I truly loved this girl and even though I knew her past and what I was doing to my family I just could not resist.

But the business back at home was failing and we needed to generate some money so with a heavy heart me and my family had to return back to Europe where I quickly secured work. Whilst there I maintained daily contact with the girl back in the Philippines and started sending her money so she could stop working in the bars (she did stop!).

Within 6 months we headed back to the Philippines where not only did I have money in my pocket again but I had also secured a job on Expat salary paid in dollars. I started seeing the girl again but with the inevitable conclusion that the wife found out about my affair. After a couple of months, I left the home and began living with my gf seeing my boy as much as possible in the evenings or weekends (never with the gf).

Well a lot happened during this time, money was obviously tight again as I had to support my wife, kid and myself independently (inc gf) that things became very stressful. There was even a time where the gf went back to work (about 1 week) to earn some extra money; but I found this impossible to cope with and stopped her as quickly as I could. I know she had some ST encounters during that time but again I managed to block out those episodes.

I went back to my wife shortly afterwards vowing not to see my gf again but so strong was the pull of this girl it never lasted and a few days latter we began seeing each other again culminating again in my wife leaving me to eventually go back to Europe. I loved this girl with all my heart and I had voluntarily gone in to a relationship that was destroying my marriage and hurting my son.

Now I will tell you about the real downside of living with a bar girl. They never trust you, they prefer to listen to there friends (normally jealous), they talk to third parties who actually know nothing and make conclusions based on nothing but misinformation. They also go through life not realizing what they are doing is not normal e.g. going to a disco with you and still flirting at the guys, going to a swimming pool without you and taking cell numbers, going to the mall and talking ‘white guys’ who show an interest and keeping in contact with there old customers ‘just in case’.

My girlfriend did all of this and, even though I was faithful for much of the relationship, and never ever trusted me. In the end I got tired of the accusations, of the fights, of the competition with other guys and started to do exactly what she accused me of and started seeing other girls. It was a downwards spiral of despair and mistrust. We used to argue like cats and dogs accusing each other of lies and cheating but the truth was that I had always loved her and if she had managed to change her attitude, her behavior and accusations I am sure we would have been together today.

Remember to live with a bar girl you need all of these attributes:
• Thick skin
• A short memory with the ability to block out past misdemeanors e.g. sex with other guys
• Total control of your feelings and a passion for forgiveness
• A deep and committed love
• Stupidity
• The ability to weed out the lies and deceit
• Money for support
• Patience of a monk letting the accusations pass from one ear to the other

Well as always we had a big fight and we decided to split with the gf going back to work and me living on my own for a while where I started to live the life of a single person. But you know what; it just wasn’t fun anymore, that doesn’t mean I never got laid or played around a little it just meant I missed my gf regardless of all the shit I missed her. But the wife was giving me pressure to get back together (which is something after what I had done) and the gf, although stopped working in the bar again, still was not being honest about things she was doing even though I caught her ‘red handed’ talking guys on Yahoo.

Well this brings us up to date.

The gf has gone to Singapore to work and I am living with my wife and son; I am as sad as hell at losing my gf, miss her every second of the day and wish things had been different. I wish she had not lied, cheated, texted, emailed, flirted etc and had shown some conviction in supporting me through a decision that in the end was never made. Yes, I did the same to her in the end but that is what it is like living with a bar girl that refuses to trust you and checks up on you throughout the day and the stupid thing is that for most of the relationship I was not having sex with anyone except her; not even the wife!

I have no expectations to hear from her again and at the moment it’s probably for the best. This is what you call a life experience, I have no regrets meeting my gf I love her to pieces and always will but the point of this email is to say to all you guys thinking about going into a relationship with a bar girl “You will need to be strong, you will need to forgive, you will need to compromise and to help the girl understand right from wrong and most of all you will need to be patient and have good luck”. It didn’t help I was married and with a kid, but for sure I would still have had the same problems. My gf was not all to blame, I accept responsibility for my own actions but lots of those were driven out of her behavior (something she never ever grasped). I don’t say this experience is the same for every guy but I hope it gives you one prospective. Have fun.


The house in Subic
June 2016

June 2016

On the 3rd of the month I headed to Immigrations to get my 2 month extension but was only given 1 month and when I asked why only 1 month they told me because next month (July) I would be renewing my IRC card which would cost about 7,000p, so this meant after being in country for only 60 days I would be getting a new IRC card. Now maybe it is me but I don’t recall getting the card issued to me so fast. Or there has been a change in rule on Visitor Visa’s. Trying to find up to date information on the PI Government web site is hard to do since the sites are not kept up to date by any means.

Another thing about the Immigrations in Olongapo is that they have started to enforce the long pants rule since most of the old staff have be replaced so that is something to keep in mind if you plan to go there for any reason.

Weather in the Philippines 2016

The rainy season has started again, not too bad for the first half of the month but we all know the worst it still to come. Now for me this bring a different set of problems because I don’t have a dryer when I do laundry and have to put the cloths outside to dry and if it is raining all the time and I hang the cloths in the wash area that cane take a few days to dry which sucks. This is life here, and if I had more cash it would be a lot easier because I buy all of the things I am use to back home in the states I don’t so I can’t and have to just make due the best I can.

Tourist season is well over

Go into the bars and there is not a lot happening since all the seasonal visit have returned to work and save for their trip back later in the year. There are ship pulling in from time to time, the number of males are greatly out numbers by the number of girls in the bars so as some would it is it a buyer’s market, if you see what I mean?

I wonder how the bars here manage to survive during the off season, I’m sure they are losing money big time which I would guess many of the new smaller bars don’t last long.

Update on the internet here in Fiesta homes by CatV

They started running the lines back in April of this year to as of now (12 June) they still are not done so no connection yet. Hopefully soon but I think it could still be a few months away.

If you have been with my site for a while you have read about my experiences with the Pocket Wifi for use with my laptop, while it works great with a phone it sucks for anything else if you ask me but since this was the only way I could have a chance to stay on line this is all I could use and I hate it so much. For a year plus I have been trapped in this low speed, can’t connect, always off line BS. Yeah before I complained about CatV when I lived in Baloy but I am looking forward to reconnecting with them again because “The grass wasn’t greener on the other side!”

Small party at our house in Magan Vaca, Subic
July 2015

July 2016

With the rainy season here now one lesson I have learned about having a Nipa hut is that it will get covered in a mold like film which you have to brush off to keep he hut looking good. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to clean the hut with 2 people working it which really sucks.

When the hut was finished being build the sprayed it with a chemical to keep the bugs that eat the bamboo, they are like a kind of termite but if it is not applied enough, like ours wasn’t the termites will soon be eating holes all over the hut. I found that spraying the hut with a heavy coat of Baygon with take care of the problem when I used 3 can to spray the hut.

Next the hut was varnished to give it a great look. What needs to be done is to have 3 or 4 coats of clear lacquer applied so mold can’t get on the bamboo and start to grow then for added protection have a plastic screens you can cover the sides this should protect your Nipa Hut that you have an investment in so it will last a long time and still be looking good.

16 July - Going away party for an old friend

Larry and Warren in Subic Bay, Philippines

One of my best friends that I have know from the Navy since 1990 will be taking is GF and baby back to the states in a few day so it is time to party and say our Good-Bye’s, Larry did live here in Subic but would visit a lot over the past few years and now that is GF is 7 months pregnant with their second child it is time for him to head home to start their lives in the states.

I asked my GF to come along but she didn’t want to go and told me to enjoy my time and of course not to get to drunk. The party started at 1pm, well for the American guys it did anyway, for everyone else only time would tell when they would show up being on Filipino time. When I arrived shortly after 1, another friend of my was there, Richard who I play pool with. After a short time another friend of Larry’s arrived, George who I had meet once before, so the 4 of us start in on the beer while waiting of everyone else to show up.

As time when on and we started to feel the beer kick in Larry calls my GF to ask why she wasn’t coming and to get her to change her mind which after a few calls she did.

Needless to say by the time I was ready to leave about 9pm I was pretty drunk and good time my Gf was there to get me home, I’m sure I could have made it be myself but the help was great to have since I could barely walk straight.

Shennel M. Carter and her stuffed toys 


Well this month got off to a flying start

On the first I get my pay so we go to the SM market here in Subic to do our monthly shopping for food. On average we spend about 30 to 40 minutes in the store. Well this month when we enter the store some of the lights are off which is no big deal at the time. As we are finishing our shopping and get in line not much movement is happening in the line, well this is strange.

It turns out that the power to the registers is out and everything has to be done by hand. What does that mean, well to start with as we all know there are no prices listed on the items now a days, it is all bar coded. Receipts are hand written then the girl at the counter will add it up on a calculator. For us we normally spend between 8 and 10kp when we do our food shopping which is 2 full large shopping carts of food. So you can see you write it all up by hand can take some time. So we have that done and slowly work our way to the counter. When we get close and elderly lady goes to the front of the lines saying, “This is a elderly priority line?” so they let her jump the line then another follows her. This is really pissing off the GF and she wants to just leave at this point. We stick it out a bit longer before we decide to pull out of line and leave, when she tell the workers we are not staying they do all they can to keep us there by saying they will have someone do our basket right away and then move us to an empty counter where they start to do the adding up of our food.

3 hours later are on our way home with a big saving since it only cost 3,500p when it should have been close to 8kp.


Our next dilemma is the visit of a rat in our laundry area, we first saw it running up the drain pipe then when I took the washer hose out of the drain they was a big hole crews in the, after that the rat ate one of our candles which I have pictures of as seen below.

The candle on the left is the one the rat ate, WTF!!!

The last time at least to this point is the rat ate the rubber tube on our kitchen screen; I found It when I came down stairs at 3am to get a drink of water and heard a nose by the sink. There is only one place where the rat can get into the laundry area which is thought the drainage pipes the lead out the street. All the water from the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower and room all drain out to the street though a single line that runs along the side of our house.



This month a lot more rain than in July making it hard to do just about anything outside of the house if you don’t have a car which is the main reason I fully stock the house when I do the shopping each month.

Warren, Jim, Larry at Sit-n-Bull for American Football game in Barrio Barretto, Subic Bay, Philippines

This month was pretty quiet, little cash on hand and it rained 21 out 30 days so little was done to write about, the only thing I did was to meet my friend Larry for a Football game one Monday morning.

Gary and Warren at Blue Rock Resort in Baloy Beach, Philippines


Wow, still a lot of rain so far this month, last year at this time I was having BBQ’s and enjoying being outside, now I’m trapped in the house for the most part.

On a happy note I had my friend (Gary) from the states come for a visit so had a chance to hang out with him and drink some beers which we had plenty of.

What to expect when living in the Philippines

Power outages here in Subic are just a way of life and something you get use to over time but still a pain in the ass. Sometimes the power can out 5 times a day, it may be for just a few minutes or can last for hours, you never know!

Flooding – depending on where you live this could be an issue too, so if you plan to get a place look around and see where any river are or if the place is in a low lands area where the water will flow to during storms or heavy rain.

Paying more – I talked about this before so as an Expat the locals will charge you more after all you are rich so let you girl doing to shopping for things you want to get or have done to your place you will save a lot of money, trust me.

Finding what you want – good luck on this one, there is no one place to find what you need and often the people in a store will not always understand what you are asking for. Example – I wanted to buy some plaster to do some repairs at the house, so I go to a store that sells all construction materiel. I ask the girl, yes the girl (all young and pretty) if they have any plaster and she has no clue what I am talking about, go figure?  Maybe that call it by a different name, I don’t know? Maybe in Manila it may be easier for shopping but here is the Subic area good luck. Also there are not stores to buy music CD or DVD movies (original) there is 1 stall in the Harbor Point Mall on SBMA but they only have about 100 movies if that, WTF?

Mail – I have had pretty good luck receiving my mail from my back – New ATM cards and Credit cards with only CC 1 being lost (not received) over the past 4 years but I would suggest getting with the ROA (Retired Affairs Office) and getting a mail box there at the cost of 70US$ if you are priory US Military so that you will still a US address if needed to keep you Credit Card which could be the case.

Riding the Jeepney – over the past year I heard of 2 guys that ride the Jeepney between Subic and Olongapo that are pick-pockets, my friend was almost taken by them and my girl told me of a girl that lost 40,000p. I know not many Expats ride the Jeepney but if you do keep your wits about you and what is going on around you. When riding in a Jeepney try to sit at the back as it will only leave one side of you exposed and if you can sit your wallet is not next to a passenger. I have never been ripped off anywhere I have traveled around the world, too much street smarts being from Los Angeles I guess or just plan common sense, call it what you will but no one ever got my cash unless I handed it to them.

More work on the house

We wanted to get the front and part of the side of the house covered to give us a shaded area while outside when having guest over so I talked to one man now the street who was installing a roof and asked him to stop by our place and give us an estimate on the cost to do ours. He told me the one he was working on cost 60,000p and while it was much bigger than what we wanted he give a ballpark figure of 40,000p to do our so I tell him to drop by anyway so he can show me the bill of materials and time to do the work.

Well he come by one day with everything I asked for and said it would take 2 weeks to do and cost 40,000p. 2 weeks, WTF! I then ask him about re-staining out Nipa hut and he says he can do it for 5,000p, well that is out of the question since it only cost me 13,000p to start with.

The next day I go to the construction supply store with the list and get a price of 10,000p of the materials. When I get home I do some estimating of my own I come up with 40 hours of work only for 1 man.

Now there is no way in hell I am going to him 30,000p in labor over 2 weeks to do a job that can be done in 3 or 4 days so I call him and say thanks but we will find someone else to do the work.

We contact my GF’s uncle that did our fence for us and he was free and could do the work for us. Her brother and another uncle showed up to start the work so we have 3 men working for 500p a day each.

The roof the built was a lot stronger than it need to be but looks a lot better than the plan the first man gave us even if it cost a bit more to build. Well it took 4 days to do the work mostly because of late deliveries of supplies otherwise they would have been done in 3 days. Total cost all in - 29,000p


Next we had our election come over and stall the lights and outlets under the roof area, wire the launder area with lights and outlets, connect our water heater for the shower and did some pluming work under the kitchen sick so we didn’t have the damn hose in a wall like the house came with all of which cost me 3000p, he said I didn’t need to pay so much but he did good work and it was worth it to me.

Highlight of the month

While walking though Pure Gold (a grocery store) in Subic Town when an American man by the name of Todd asked if I was the guy with the web site, I reply I was, Todd just wanted to say Hi and that he had seen the site. We talked for several minutes before heading out separate ways, he had just stopped in to get something to drink because he was riding his bicycle up north with his kids are in school.

It is always nice to meet someone that has seen the site and just wanted to say hi J

November 2016
New roof added to house in front and onside

Nipa Hun is re-finished

Ok so last month I told you about the guy who wanted to charge me 5000p to re-do the hut which was out of the question. So what happen is one of the workers here asked if I wanted my hut re-done? I told him “yes, and how much”. He said 800p and I get the material, cool no problem. So for 1600p I got the hut re-done and it looks great too it is a shade or 2 darker then it was before.


I got my new BBQ grill for 3000p at Ace Hardware in SM Olongapo mall, it is a lot bigger than my old one and I love it.


Rest of the month is quiet saving for Christmas next month.

December 2016
Onwer of Alley Cats and I hanging out in his bar

If you have been away from the site for while welcome back and time for some catch up on the months that have past. It is now 22 Feb 2017 so I will fill in the months that have gone by and all that has be going on with me here.

First off I want to thank the guys on the PI-addicts forum who wondered what happen to the site and why no updates. As we all know we meet people here and one day they are here and the next they are gone so when someone drops off the radar we all wonder if they are still with us. Well I am happy to say I am still around and kicking J

The reason for the late up dates is simple, with me little girl taking up so much of my time and need time to write the pages it is hard to find the time, she keeps me really busy playing with her and when I have time I am just not in the mood to write anything. Plus if I have been drinking well you can guess the rest, ok?

Ok so for December it is was a quiet month for the month part with us getting ready for Christmas, but Christmas day with interesting to say the least.

As normal we had her family over to give then their gift’s, yeah we never get any from them that is ok, we / I make a lot more than they do put together and there is 5 of them. So I planed to buy a case of Red Horse (12bottles), a case of San Miguel Lite and 2 cases of San Miguel along with ice of course.

So everyone shows up about 10am on the 24th ok cool no problem, my Gf is out buying stuff to cook for the night so I have to wait till she gets back to buy the beer. Once she gets back they start cooking Chicken Adobo, me and her brother head out to get the beer and ice.

Now when we get back everyone is eating and nothing is left, WTF I think to myself, you come over to my house cook my food and don’t have the common crudity to leave me any, well this is messed up to put it nicely. So from then on for the rest of the day I was in a pretty bad mood but keep it to myself.

So we did the Christmas thing giving the gifts to the kids and cash for the adults and about 1am we all when to sleep.

The next day the same shit happen, I don’t recall what I was doing while the cooking was going on but when I looked for food they was none to be found and I was pissed and the really messed up part of it all is that my Gf don’t even notice what was going on as she was too busy eating with family and talking with me. It is times like this when you start to look at the relationship and start to think WTF!

One thing I learned a long time ago you will never be closer to your Filipina GF as she is to her family and that is just the simple truth and something you need to deal with if you have a girl friend here.

[on a side note; it may just be my GF what that shit happen but I can only write about what has happen to me]

For New Year the family said they would be coming this year so that nice, just the family to enjoy the night and fireworks. New years was a good night for us

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