Old report updated about girls in the Philippines

It can be hard to share how you made mistakes in your life and we all have made them so learn from what happen to me and how it all trued out.

Aug 2011

I was seeing a girl in Subic (non-bar girl) and things were getting pretty serious between us. Now I was only going there every six months for a week at a time due to my work. When she ended up losing her job I offered to help her out until she found a new job. OK, I know mistake number one but when you think you have the real thing, well you step up and do what you need to do for the girl you love and thinks loves you.

I was sending 8,000 to 10,000p a month which covered everything she needed, there was a few times I sent extra for things that she said came up. Over all I ended sending in sending a total of 125,579 peso in a nine month period.

On my third trip (Jan 2011) to see her she no showed after 2 days of waiting for her with no contact from her at all. So I hit the bars pretty hard then since not seeing one, I mean no point feeling bad about it with too many other fun loving girls around.

So my Bar Girl and I hooked up with that I meet on my first trip back I can't give money too and I can’t  here!  After I bar fined her the first time I went to tip her and she refused to take it. I ended up take her for the next 5 days. When I left I have plenty of peso left over so thought I would give her 5000p for the trip and again she wouldn't take it. So I'm thinking, WTF? But ok just take it home for my next trip, ha ha!!

I took a trip in back in July 2011 that was 21 days and she took the whole time off from work so I didn't have to pay any bar fine. Sound great right? Well at the same time what a better way to snag a husband then not to take his money at the start, see what I'm saying? She is a great girl, really she is. Either I got damn lucky or it is a suckers trap.

The main thing is keeping your head clear about where you are, what these girls are like and the way they live as bar girls. If you are sending her money and she works in a bar still you know she is going out as much as she can to earn that cash. So no need to feel about it if that is what you want to do regardless of the about. So can afford to send 30,000p and more good for them, me, no way I just don't have it nor can I see myself doing it either even if I did have it.

And even if she stops working in the bar she can always freelance because all the other guys she knows that she can call up for a good time.

Now some bar girl will stop completely and be there waiting for your return but that are few and far between. Remember - “you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can't take the bar out of the girl!”

Update – Oct 2012

I never posted the above article and found it when i was cleaning up my port-a-drive so to give you some more on the story.

The first girl I was seeing and sent the money to got pregnant in 2 months after I left in  when we were suppose to meet and she never showed up which is why she never showed up in Jan 2011 when I returned. Now she had told me that she would be staying with me while I was there on vacation. Then a few months later I see on Facebook she is getting married, yeah WTF?? Oh so you know I was still sending money up to December of 2011, guess I was paying for the baby and her wedding.

Ok so shame on me is the way I see it, no hard feeling between us. I was a sucker and that I needed to face, time to move on.

Now my other girl is something to behold.  While we have had our ups and downs in our relationship due to her working in the bar and she needing to find what she wants in her life it has been hard on me, really hard sometime! I took a chance with her and it has worked out great. I know her past and some of what has happen to her. We talk a lot because I don’t want surprise but from time to time they still come up. Olongapo / Subic are small areas so in time you are bound to run in to someone from the past.

One thing a guy has to do is let her pass be the pass and that is hard for many man to do. But what I feel is that once you see the change in them as they are around you then you know what is the real deal and that is what matters.

Since I started coming back to Subic Bay in Jan 2010 I have meet a few girls and have seen some of their behaviors when around their boyfriends and when their man is away. In some case it is 2 totally stories. You know how it is, “when cats away the mice will play!” it all goes back to understanding the bar girls or any girl here and life in the Philippines.

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