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Moving to the Philippines 2015 version

When I moved to Philippines in 2012 all I had was my pay check from work and my Navy Retirement pay so all in all about 120,000p and that was it, no saving no nothing as a backup but for me it was a no brainer moving here because I knew I could make it without any problem on just my Navy pay.

I also knew I could not run wild like I did when I was getting paid twice a month a payday at 1,500US$ while in the Navy. But for me that was ok. I didnít plan to live like I did in the states and knew life here would be a lot different.

In my Life section under the year 2015 I talk about getting Permanent Residency (PR) here in the Philippines which cost 130,000P which is great if you have that kind of money to drop at one time. But if you donít a few things you may want to think about. [bookmark]

News On Courtesy Visa's For Veterans

At least 50 years old. Retired Military or any Veteran of the military from a country that has an existing treaty with the Philippines.
1. $1500 (USD) CD in a Development bank such as the Bank of Commerce. May be later used toward a permanent residence in the Philippines.
2. $1400 Processing and Visa fee.
3. $10 annually. Visa can be good for one year or 3 years ($30) before renewal with the PRA.
4. Medical examination
5. Any pension of $1000 or more per month or proof of existing income.
6. DD 214 or military ID or preferably both but only one is required.
7. Background check by the NBI or police where you live abroad.
8. All documents must be authenticated with the Philippine Embassy or US Embassy in Manila.

Carlos with the Philippine Retirement Authority in Angeles City in the Business Complex near Nepo Mall. Contact phone # Smart 09184480102 or Globe 09175406299.

Normal terminal exit fee as a tourist
No restrictions on travel abroad
If you cancel the Visa you may get your CD back.
90 days to get your household goods to the Philippines with a $7500 exemption on duty. Can apply for an additional 60 days.
No ACR card as the Visa exempts you from the requirement.
For those that want to convert the previous SRRV visa there is also a facilitator for that, as it is complicated.

Renewing your Tourist Visa

In the Immigration office you will need to renew you tourist Visa every 2 month up the 2 year mark then make a trip to Manila to get your 6 months extension to take you to the 3 year mark (yes you can stay in country for 3 years now) where you will need to depart the Philippines and start all over again with your Visa and getting you IRC cards

21 days to 59 days - P3030

59 days to 4 months

- P4830 extension fee

- USD $50 for an ACR-I card

- P500 express lane fee for ACR-I card

for a total of approximately P7600

4 months to 6 months - P2830

6 months to 8 months - P4240

Every 2 month extension from 8 months to 16 months - P2830

Every 2 month extension from 16 months to 24 months - P3840

ACR-I card at your 20th   (or whenever they process you) month P5800 with Visa Extension

6 month extension is close to 11,000, I have not gotten one so canít give you a fixed price but add in the trip to Manila and yes you have to go yourself you cannot get a travel agent to do it for you which really sucks.

If you should over stay pass your date it is 1000P penalty a month after you have overstayed, this is what i have told but not true. Added to being and over stayer may get you blacked listed and unable to enter to the country anymore.

So keep in mind if you decide to live someplace a long way from the immigrations office chances are you will be having a travel agent do it for you so that is an added cost.

Flights out of the Clarke (Angeles City) right now cost between 8,000 and 10,000P round trip with Tiger or Cebu Air Lines for you Visa run out of the country and something to keep in mind too is that you may need a ticket out of the Philippines when you get to the check-in counter, some travel agency can give you a though-away ticket to cover that so be sure to ask if they can help you cover that.

You will need 1 2inch by 2 inch picture picture for you application, most computer shops can do this for you.

A place to live

We have a 3 bedroom house and to get all we needed in the way of furniture cost right around 130,000P plus the other stuff you need when moving into a new house. The total cost of the house which is on a corner is 1.2 million Pesos or about 25,000 USD.

Since when you first get here chance are you will renting so to give you some idea of that cost, in Barrio Barretto you can get a 2 or 3 bedroom house from 7 to 8,000P that is unfurnished. In Barretto you donít find many furnished houses. In Baloy Beach the cost is from 10,000 to 20,000P for a furnished house that is 1 to 2 bedrooms. All of these places you need to get your own TV, internet service, pay water and electric bills. Average cost for the services:

TV, cable Ė 900P

Internet Ė 600P 4mbps

Water Ė 250 to 500P

Electric Ė 1800P average, maybe lower at time and can be higher if you use AC a lot.

A case of San Miguel with trade in bottles is 512P

Marlboroís soft pack - 501P a ream (10 packs)

Your price may be difference depending on your usage and service provider but this just give you an idea of the cost as of May 2015.

Buying a car

You when a use car ok cost about is about 200,000 to 500,000P depending on the year and make you want. You can get and PI driver License here but just showing you present licenses and taking the written test. But keep in mind if you are in an accident chances are you will be found at fault, which is just that way it is here, sorry!

Corruption is rampant here, everyone is on the take for a few Pesosí and being from another country makes you a prime target for all the scammers and cheats here.

Donít trust anyone is the best word of advice I can give you!

Beware of people coming to your house (they know you have money) wanting to pawn items, they will not be back to get what they left you, but you should decide to take the item make sure it works and you have all the attachments that go with it.

Always understand that the Philippines while a great to live here it is still a third world country with my poor people. So any chance they have to make and easy buck they will.

If you want work done in your house talk to a few different people to see how the price varies. This is where your Filipina GF can really help you out. For me I donít even show my face while she talking to them because once they see me all they see is Peso signs but at the same time (lucky for me) many think I am a Filipino just as long as I donít speaking, ha ha!

Donít let them cheat you!

Here in Subic Town I have had Trike drivers say it would be 60P to get me home when the normal price is only 30P, I donít get mad or yell at then I just say ďhay man I live here I know the price why you trying to do me like that?Ē and then I just move on to another driver or location and get a ride. No point getting to a fight which you will not with because the other Trike drivers will join in on his side you will get you ass kicked if not killed, act nice and just walk away is the best thing you can do.

Always remember you are not back at home and the same laws donít apply here so keep your wits about you all the time.

Iím a slow learner so picking up a second language is hard for me as I guess it would be for most older guys but try to learn as much as you can of the local language where you plan to live it will really pay off in the long run.

If you can speck the local language you can them that your dad was from some other country and that is where you grew up but you mom was Filipina and that could give you an edge on everything while you are where.

Make Friends with the Filipino

Making friends with the Filipino I feel is also a good option, there are many that you will meet that are good people, very friendly and not out to cheat you. They will help you with what every that can and become good friend to you. If you as a person have a good sense of people you will know who is real and who is not.

The girls:

When I moved over here I already had a GF but for those of you who donít it can get crazy for you because there are so many around and most are young (18 to 23) that are looking for a BF like you no matter how old you are these the girls here will be attached to be for several reasons.

  1. You have money
  2. You can help take care of the family
  3. You can give her a better life
  4. You may even take her to your country
  5. You can support her and if she has kids them too

But keep in mind not all Filipinas think this way it is just something to keep in mind and what you need to look out for, if you see certain thing happening like;

  1. Oh the family need a new roof on the house
  2. Then need to pay they pay for this or that but have no money
  3. Can you pay for schooling for kids that are not herís
  4. Can help support my family
  5. Dose she ask for gadgets she really does not need

Something else to look out for

  1. Where did you meet her, in a bar, on line, on a site like Facebook, Tagged, DIA or some other social media site if so do you think, really think you are the only one she is talking to and maybe getting support from? I have known girls that have many guys on a line all supporting then and all not knowing about the others and thinking they were the only one she was chatting to. Itís an easy trap to fall into so if you do donít feel bad just learn from it that is all I can say!


  1. Can you reach her on her phone or internet all the time, if not why? I knew a Filipina once and we planned to chat on line at noon but she was never there at that that time. I could see when she was on line and dumb ass me never caught me didnít see that signs so shame on me, she played me good and got 130,000P over 7 months. I guess I paid for her wedding to Filipino which she said she would not do, since she wanted a foreigner husband, ha ha joke on me.
  2. Keep in mind also that even if the girl is married or has a BF they will still do what they need to do to support the family and you will never be the wiser. That is just life here and what the girl has to do to survive for the family they have. Working in a bar and being taken out by the men is just a job to them and when you think about it why not? Every night is party, they get ot meet people and get gifts, taken out to dinner, taken places they would have never had the chance to see otherwise, travel to out countries and make a few Pesos along the way and all the have to do is spend some time with the guys. Hell sounds pretty good to me for job!

As I have written before Ė ďbelieve half of you see and nothing of what you hear and you may do alright!Ē

Clubbing in Barrio Barretto

It is real easy to spend money in clubs and it goes quick, you can spend 5,000P in one club just drinking if you are buying drinks for the girls that have joined you at your table, chances are you may have 2 or 3 with you and maybe even more if it is a slow night.

Midnight Rambler with friends

One thing to watch out for in the bars is the prices of Lady Drinks (LDs) a few clubs have double cost on some drinks so ask before ordering her drinks or make sure you say a ďsingle  onlyĒ.

Just in case you donít know most girls donít use their real names also.

Here in Barrio Barretto clubbing is pretty safe for you, the managers look out for you and can take of most problems you may have while in the bars. The locals are pretty good also to you, after all this is good for business but keep in mind shit still happens if you get in over you head while on the street.

Some bars donít have the Early Work Release (EWR) or what was known as a Bar Fine (BF) so in those bars you are the girl work out any deal you may want to make for her to depart with you from the club. Prices run from 1,500P to 2,000P for a girl to leave with you for the evening. If you just want to short time 2 or 3 hours it is about 1,000P. When making your deals with the girls make sure you tell her just what you want to do so there in no misunderstanding later in the night.

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