Clubs and how they can work, of course my own idea

 (not to be stolen, Ha Ha!!)


During my last trip to the clubs in Subic Bay I had took the time to visit a lot of the clubs over my three week stay. While each one of the bars had it own unique way to set up the bar and run it over time I found that deep down they are all pretty much the same.


1. Packed full of girls where most are dancers in 2 shifts.

2.The stages are pretty fully when 1 shift is dancing which could last up

to 30 minutes or so.

3.Few of the girls really know how to put on a show while on the stage.

Those that do know how to put on a good show don't have the room to fully show all they have due to the over crowed stage.

4. The dancers don't mingle with the crowed unless called over to the table (this is both good and bad, I will speak more on this later)


Some clubs are a lot of fun while I found others kind of lacking the excitement they could have. I can understand when a club has 10 to 15 girls and only 2 or 3 customers there is a lack of motivation for the girls to do much while on stage. If the customers have girls keeping them company or even just sitting with them, then there is no motivation for the girls on the stage. With the number of girls on stage just standing around it ends up just be a flesh show and nothing more.


If you enter a bar just to enjoy the dancers and have a few beers over a short period time and make that point know that you don't plan to say long the dancing drops of quickly or if the same group are there just hanging out, not doing much but talking amongst themselves.


What is needed:


First the mind set of the owner has to be different in how to run the club. Don't run the club with the thinking that guys bar hopping is ok, the idea should be to get the guys in the bar and make it a place they want to say and never leave.


Build a pool of loyal customers that visit the bar often for just drinking and use the bar for parties, contest, events and other meeting functions.


Make the bar, “The Bar” to visit when out on the town and to see when in area if visiting, the bar that everyone has to visit because of it's reputation.


Web site, have to have a site that is updated at least 2 times a month if not more. In today's a world web site will put a bar on the map. GUEST BOOKs are good but take work to get them going to the point it is worth while but it is still an option to keep in mind and to start when the time is right.


So how to make the Super Bar as I will call it?


First thing would be to a find a place that is large enough and in a share that would allow the over all concept to work, next would be the ability to hold a large number of people and maximize the seating area but making sure not to over crowd it the same time. 



The management and manager has to be the kind of people that understand the customers and how they think and want, can handle different situation as they arise with staff and customers while keeping peace inside the bar at the same time, have an open mind on the club concept and how to keep the bar new with changes when needed to keep it new and lively. Will to take a risk and not follow the norm for others clubs in the area.


Guest Relation Officers:

As soon a customer walks into the bar they should be greeted by a GRO / assistant manager or some member of the staff who will see them to their seat and take their first order. If all GRO are busy then one of dancer should fill the void. Naturally this will depend on staff side, number of customers entering and other factors.


Next the décor of the club:

The interior of the club show reflect the name / theme of the club. It is vital to keep the interior of the club looking clean and not like some post-it board for anyone to do as they wish unless the name of the bar is something like “The Garage!”


Mirrors behind the dancer is always a good more because this girls a chance to see them selves dances when not facing the crowd and it gives the customers a full view of the dances no matter which way she is facing. What mirrors also do is make the bar look larger. 


Other walls can have something like painting  of girls dancing, having fun, scenery or again what fits the theme of the bar.


Pictures of the girls posted, like “This months best dancer”, past events or other items that may be of interest to the customers. The idea here is to show what a great place it is and why they should stay there.


The ceiling should be painted black and left bare or with a single picture that covers the entire ceiling.



Being able to see the stage is vital so either you raise the stage or you lower the seats closet to the stage then have higher table farther back and against the wall you have a raised seating area so the longest bar that you can fit into the club along one wall only. Round bars take up to much room unless you have dancers in the middle. While many customers like sitting at tables with they friends bars offer quicker service when the customer wants to order a drink. Plus some people will just be stopping in to see the place and this gives them a place to site without taking up a whole table that could be used by a group.



This is what will make the club naturally!


Without saying sexy dancer are what guys what to see all the time. Everyone has a different opinion of that a sexy dancer is and how she should look, but we all know them when we see them. But over all the dancers should have a well built body with only a slight tummy. The only exception would be those girls that are killer dancers regardless of the size. Recruiting and scouting for the dancers should be done to get the cream of the crop. 


Depending on the staff size and stage size only have 2 to 3 dancers dancing for 3 to 4 songs only on a rotation. By doing this when the girls are dancing they can give a good performance that the customers will want to watch. Once the dance is done the girls can leave the stage and mingle and sit with customer. Having the dancer mix with the customers is not to get drinks but to make the customer feel welcome in the club. 


Most guys would love the chance just to talk to the dancer even if only for a short time between her dances. If more should happen with the dancer sitting with the customer then both the customer and the bar makes out for the good.


There should never be a customer sitting in a bar alone for a long period (unless they request to be left a lone) even if they are not buying drinks!! In time they will cave in and buy at least one.



Different colors for different day, or even different out fits. The dancer of the month or Top 3 dancers should always stand out from the other dancers in a different color so everyone can identify here and hopefully will wait to see her / them dance which could be a while if you have 20 dancers. If Top 3 dancers’ concept is used then the wait between prime dancers is shorter and can also help to keep customers waiting to judge the other 2 dancers.



All dancers and GRO's need to be in some kind of heels or boots, flat sandals are not attractive. Bare feet dancing could be ok depending on the dancers routine.


Theme nights:

These always go over big

Monday – free for all (girls choice with management approval)

Tuesday – school girls

Wednesday – short shorts night

Thursday – bikini night

Friday – mini skirt and stocking

Saturday – sexy dress night

Sunday – Mix of all outfits



These are great ways to keep customers in the bar.


Some events can include;

1. Hourly pass and review of all the dancers where their names are

announced. (if a DJ is in the club) If the club as a large number of girls

then it could be made every 2 hours.

2. Dance routine by a group of girls after the review of the dancer with  

4 or 5 girls.

3. Dance routine by the GRO's, done 1 time each night at the same time 

every night like at the end of happy hour!

4. Weekly dance competition where the best 3 dance are picked, then the monthly “Best Dancer” contest from the weekly winners and the top 3 are picked.

5. If the club is open early in the day on weekends have a pool/dart 

tournaments open to everyone.


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